Media literacy presentation!!!!!!<3


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Media Presentation
Savannah Thomas & Marissa Lopez

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Media literacy presentation!!!!!!<3

  1. 1. Media Literacy Presentation Marissa Lopez Savannah Thomas Mr. Adams English 11 AP 12 Nov 2010
  2. 2. Nook ColorNook Color Barnes and Noble created this advertisement to promote their new Nook Color, which may appeal to the avid reader or technology fiend. This ad claims the Nook Color to be the “ultimate reading experience” however, this ad fails to mention its limited battery life, lagging touch screen, and lousy software. This ad lacks these details to entrance a consumer with the idea that the nook is perfect for them. Barnes and Noble persuades their buyers that they have never really read a book until they have read one on a nook.
  3. 3. Star bucks
  4. 4. Best looking Beverage This photo represents propaganda 100%. It has the basic female vibe whether women are working or just want a place to study. Star bucks gives people the illusion of being in style similar to people and usually women in Hollywood who have photos taken of them drinking this name brand coffe with the latest fashion. Star bucks is the it coffe and wants others to feel that they need this coffe to feel excited happy and basically famous. When people drink this they usually carry it around in busy work areas such as L.A. or chicago where its lively, chaotic and where everything is happening. This brand name coffe could appeal to various ages because it enhances the youth. In reality its just coffe that you could buy at regular cafes but what people are going to respond is “ its not starbucks” meaning its not the coffe that everyone gets and its not the famous one.
  5. 5. Celebrity EndorsementsCelebrity Endorsements These are two advertisements for Ann Taylor and Victoria’s Secret. These two clothing companies used Hiedi Klum’s star power to persuade women to buy their products. Victoria’s Secret features Heidi Klum looking seductive in a bra, marketing her sex appeal. It convinces women that they will look and feel like a supermodel if they buy this bra. The Ann Taylor ad shows Hedi smiling brightly while sporting their latest designs, implying that wearing Ann Taylor will make you happy and feel fulfilled and look as trendy as this former model. This ad fails to remind American women that statistically more than half of them are overweight or obese, far from supermodel standards. Omitting this important fact benefits the clothing companies since some gullible women will succumb to this avenue of propaganda.
  6. 6. Victorias Secret
  7. 7. Must have bra because. . . This is a store window at a mall for victorias secret. This ad is selling because it appeals to women such as teenage girls, there is sexuality in the add, the girl wearing the bra appears to be an average girl making faces, displaying her excitement and entertainment. The ad as well says “ A million ways to wear it” this gives the teenage girl the impression that you could wear this bra whenever and how ever and still look good. In reality the bra probably can only be worn maybe 7 different ways, so what happened to the other 993,000 ways? Victorias secret is known for their sex drive towards women and even men. Men have the best influence towards women who shop frequently at victorias secret, because their opinion on how beautiful the models look makes the women want the product more. These women want to look good for the opposite sex usually and want to have that supermodel, seductive, sexy look that makes them wanted and praised like the models are. These ads say if you want to have fun and look this good, you buy victorias secret because thats what life is all about.
  8. 8. iPadiPad This advertisement was created by Apple, featuring their new iPad. This ad targets the Apple consumer as well as those who love to have the latest and greatest. Apple claims the iPad to be “magical” and “revolutionary”. This exaggeration leads the consumer to believe that the iPad will change their lives, bettering it for the “unbelievable” price of $499, making $500 sound like chump change. Apple fails to mention the iPad’s inability to multitask and support Flash to name a few issues. They allow the consumer to figure this out on their own after they have already purchased it.