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Forget the old MLS print outs, the iPad was made for real estate and the buyer tour! Real estate agents can impress their buyer clients by using Evernote and creating notebooks for each client to organize notes and photos on the properties they tour.

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  • great tips. Evernote is such a great app.
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  • There are many real estate experts who promote their business by using the communities but using tablet is the best way to show your work appropriately. You can also show the photos and location and you can convince the viewers in a short time regarding real estate business instead of going to location for survey.
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Evernote For Real Estate

  1. Evernote For Real Estate Show homes to buyers with your iPad!Lindsay Oparowskiloparowski@prudentialpreferred.com
  2. “Real estate is not done in the office, it is done out in the field.Click here to see the iPad in action for real estate iPad is made for real estate”
  3. This Presentation Covers:• Setting up your tablet to: – Buyers can flip through homes on tour – Buyers taking notes & photos of the home with your tablet – Emailing their notes to them after the tour – Keeping track of emails and other documents for that buyer – Overview of a few real estate apps for iPad
  4. Download Evernote& create your account Download links: iPad – App Store Android – Marketplace On your computer
  5. “I used to carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere I went,but have now completely transitioned to having my entire life in Evernote.” -Kristina Wise , Goodlife team
  6. Create a notebook for every single customer• Create a notebook for every customer they work with• With Evernote, it’s easy to store all types of information including – notes on maps – recorded seller interviews (captured with Evernote’s audio feature), – photos of houses, and – PDF MLS sheets of houses hat customers like.• Agents can send everything to customers right out of Evernote.
  7. How To Create A Notebook 11. Create a New Note2. Tap the blue arrow on 2 the notebook line3. Type in the name of the client as the name of the notebook4. tap Add 3
  8. Find your Evernote Email Address1. Tap the Settings icon (wheel bottom right)2. Under Settings choose “Evernote email address”3. Here is your unique email address so you can email whatever you want and it will appear in your Evernote!4. tap Reveal in Contacts, tap Done and it is now added to your contacts.
  9. Accessing MLX on Your iPad 3 21. On your laptop log into MLX and under Resources choose MLX Wireless and sign up2. After you register go to the following site on your iPad wpn.mlxwireless.com3. Once there click Send to button and place link on home screen
  10. Find Homes & Email Them to Evernote1. Search MLX for the a property you want to tour2. On the property detail page 2 tap Mail Display3. Double tap to paste your Evernote email address4. Press Send 3
  11. Organize in Evernote1. Tap the Settings icon wheel and tap synchronize now 22. When the new note appears, tap it to select3. Tap the text in the note to edit the words or add others 44. Tap the i button in the top right and choose the notebook for the buyer this should be associated with or type a Notebook name to create a new one
  12. Buyers & Agents cantake notes,take pictureseven record voice notesusing Evernote
  13. Client Notetaking1. Launch Evernote on your iPad2. Tap to select the Note for the property or Tap the +New note to create a new note3. Tap in the text of the note to add more text notes4. Hand iPad to your client and let them take notes with the keyboard on that property
  14. Client Phototaking• If your tablet has a camera, your client can take photos while you are in the property of memorable features• You can add multiple photos to one note with text• Press the Camera button
  15. Client Voice Recording Interview your client about what they thought about the house and record their voice in this note1. Tap the microphone 12. Rotate iPad horizontally3. Speak with the iPad close 4 to your mouth4. Press Done when you are finished5. Recording is saved with your note
  16. Email it to them Directly• So they can never forget exactly what they loved about that home!• Tap the note you want to email, tap the Send to button at the bottom and choose Email
  17. Making a habit of saving everything to Evernote is the first step to knowing exactly where you’ll be able to find information at a moment’s notice.
  18. A FewGreat AppsFor Buyers
  19. Prudential Preferred Realty App Features: all MLX listings with all photos, all PPR Open houses, GPS Search (3G service required)Download the PPR App, visit m.prudentialpreferred.com and Press , then add to Home screen
  20. Realtor.comDownload the Realtor.com App for free for iPad or for the Android
  21. Personalize Your Realtor.com App Video Instructions: http://www.realtor.com/collaborate
  22. Clients can look up paymentsDownload the Mortgage Payment Calculator App for free for iPad or for the Android
  23. They aren’t carryingaround notebooksor MLS sheets orpaper contracts…it’s all on the iPad