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Differences between pop and reggae


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Differences between pop and reggae

  1. 1. Investigation Into Two Different Genres Main Differences
  2. 2. &
  3. 3. In comparison, music videos in the pop genre, theimages featured on the left in previous slides, tend tohave artificial lighting. Whereas, music videos in thereggae genre, the images featured on the right inprevious slides, have natural lighting. This appears tobe a main difference between the two genres. Popmusic videos also use special effects as seen in thefirst image on slide 5, otherwise they would notsimply stand out. Reggae music videos can get awaywith not using special effects, but still look just aseffective due to the scenery and locations in whichthey tend to use. Typically, you see nice beaches withpalm trees and bright blue sea. This rarely appears inpop videos. They stick to staged locations normally.
  4. 4. Songs Used:Nicki Minaj featuring. Cassie – The Boys Images on the left Blue Lagoon – Break My Stride Images on the right
  5. 5. Further differences between music videos in the popgenre and the reggae genre are, reggae videos showwomen or in some cases men in a very intimatemanner. Whereas, pop videos are either just acollaboration of both sexes or romance is shown in amore casual way. This is visible in the previous 3slides, you can tell this by the camera shots that wereused to represent the females. Pop music videosappear to be there to impress people, with the use ofeffects and lighting. Reggae music videos are morerealistic and often get a community involved, as seenon slide 10. The pop music genre continues to have aset like feel, instead of the beautiful scenery wewitness in the reggae genre. However, both work well.
  6. 6. Songs Used:Maroon 5 featuring. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger Images on the left Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl Images on the right