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The acidic nature of vinegar will help to neutralize the alkaline condition that causesvaginal itching.Tea tree oilTea tre...
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Stop vaginal itching with home remedies


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Discover simple home remedies to stop vaginal itching caused by bacterial vaginosis.

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  • I've had yeast infections problem over 2 years. I tried everything, of course I went to the DR. about a hundred times, probably not that many, but it sure seems like it. It never did any good for long and caused all kinds of other issues having to do with taking too many antibiotics. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the information on this site
    ( ), that my life changed completely. I'm feeling so much better now, my quality of life returned and every one of the symptoms had gone.
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Stop vaginal itching with home remedies

  1. 1. Stop Vaginal Itching With Home Remedies By Serena Loo www.bvremedytoday.comPopular natural remedies that you can use at home to stop vaginal itching are yogurt, garlic,tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar. These ingredients have been successfully used bymany women suffering from bacterial vaginosis to relieve their vaginal itching and burningsymptoms.Below are some of the ways to use these ingredients as suggested by women who hadbacterial vaginosis before. You will be amazed by the results if you try it.YogurtYou can put a stop to unbearable vaginal itchingby using a yogurt tampon. Yogurt contains thelactobacilli bacteria, and it is able to replenish themissing lactobacilli in the vaginal flora.Dip the tampon into plain yogurt (unsweetened)and then insert into the vagina. Another way ofapplying yogurt to the vagina is by freezing someyogurt. Alternately you can freeze some yogurt inthe fingers of disposable gloves. You then insert the frozen yogurt tampon into your vagina.This yogurt method works, but it can get rather messy. Garlic Garlic has anti-bacterial properties. This method also involves using a ‘garlic tampon’. First, peel the whole garlic, then make a few tiny cuts on it. Next, wrap the garlic in a cheesecloth or gauze and tie it with a piece of string. Insert it into the vagina like a regular tampon, with the string outside to remove the garlic a couple of hours later.Apple cider vinegarUse apple cider vinegar in a sitz bath to stop vaginal itching and burning. Add ½ cup ofapple cider vinegar to a bathtub with about hip-deep warm water. Sit in the bath, legsspread wide, until the water has cooled. You can also add ½ cup of salt to the apple cidervinegar warm bath, but you must add water up to the level at least three quarters of the tub.
  2. 2. The acidic nature of vinegar will help to neutralize the alkaline condition that causesvaginal itching.Tea tree oilTea tree oil has potent antibacterial properties. You can use teatree oil on a tampon. First, cover the top half of the tampon with alubricant, next add a few drops of tea tree oil onto it, then insertthe tampon into the vagina. The purpose of the lubricant is toprevent the tea tree oil from infusing into the tampon.Alternatively, you can buy ready to use tea tree oil pessaries.Adding 10-12 drops of tea tree oil to a warm bath is also a goodway to relieve BV-related vaginal symptoms.Aloe veraAloe vera juice (extracted from the aloe vera gel) has been used to treat minor skin injuries,such as minor burns, sunburn, rashes, and insect bites. Thanks to its soothing and coolingproperties. It is also believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to itshealing effects.If you have fresh aloe vera juice, you may try to apply it to the affected area by either usingyour fingers or a piece of cotton wool pre-soaked with the juice. But watch out for allergicreactions. If a rash appears on contact, you should stop using aloe vera juice.All of these home remedies have worked for many women to stop vaginal itching due tobacterial vaginosis or other types of vaginal infections, but results may vary from oneperson to another. If you feel the need, please consult your doctor before begin to use anyof these remedies.For more information on bacterial vaginosis, visit click HERE to learn to stop vaginal itching and fishy odor immediately!