Over the counter bacterial vaginosis treatments


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Find out what over the counter treatment options are available for relieving bacterial vaginosis symptoms.

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Over the counter bacterial vaginosis treatments

  1. 1. Over the Counter Treatment Options for Bacterial Vaginosis By: Serena Loo www.bvremedytoday.comBacterial vaginosis is the result of an upset in the vaginal flora balance. A plethora of overthe counter bacterial vaginosis products have been made available to women on drugstoreshelves.According to a survey, 73% of women with recurrent vulvovaginitis, including bacterialvaginosis, resorted to over-the-counter medications to relieve their symptoms, in hope toreduce health care cost and avoid expensive clinic visits.OTC bacterial vaginosis treatment optionsVaginal anti-itch creams that are available in drugstores include Vagisil, Vagi-gard,Summers Eve, and Equate. They are usually grouped on the shelves next to the vaginalyeast infection treatments.These creams contain ingredients including anesthetics, external analgesics, and anti-pruritics. However, these creams only relieve minor itching and have no antimicrobialeffects. They may relieve symptoms, but do not treat the root cause of infection.If you are using vaginal anti-itch creams, you may experience only temporary alleviation ofsymptoms. To some women, these creams may even act as an irritant or worsen theirsymptoms.The truth is, no over the counter treatment for bacterial vaginosis alone can eliminate thecondition completely. Often, these creams are used in combination with prescribedantibiotic treatment, and they add up to the cost.Nevertheless, there are a few over the counter items that can help to treat bacterialvaginosis by maintaining the vaginal pH and replenishing lactobacilli in the body. Some ofthese items include tea tree oil pessaries, lactate vaginal gel, and probiotic supplements.Tea tree oil pessaries can be used inside the vagina and their natural antibacterialproperties can help to control the harmful bacteria, which is present in the vagina when awoman has bacterial vaginosis.Lactate vaginal gels work as pH balancing gel. RepHresh, for example, is used to treat BVby encouraging a positive pH balance in the vagina. RepHresh is inserted into the vaginawith an applicator and used every three days to maintain vaginal balance.
  2. 2. Probiotic supplements are such as powder or capsules containing acidophilus orlactobacillus. The product Fem-Dophilus is an over the counter bacterial vaginosissupplements ingested orally. It contains two lactobacillus strains that help to enhance ahealthy supply of the good bacteria and eventually improve the body’s ability to eliminateBV.Femanol is also an oral supplement containing lactobacillus acidophilus. In addition, itcontains garlic and several immune system enhancing nutrients (e.g. vitamins B1, B2, B5,and B6).Natural treatments for BV appear to have a much better success rate than conventionalover the counter bacterial vaginosis treatments and antibiotics. You are able to find onlinemany tips and solutions for dealing with bacterial vaginosis naturally.However, they are unlikely to provide a complete cure if used individually. Only when themethods are employed through a systematic and strategic approach, the natural remedieswill then work optimally to get rid of BV permanently.Click here if you want to get rid of bacterial vaginosis permanently in 3 dayswith a proven 3-step plan.