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Medical Courses Harriet Ellis Supply to individuals and companies

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He Course Prosp

  1. 1. Course Prospectus
  2. 2. Harriet Ellis Recruitment Group - Training Courses ____________________________________________________________________________________ Harriet Ellis Training Solutions offers a selection of professionally run Training Courses for a number of different industries. All of our courses are designed and delivered by highly skilled tutors who are knowledgeable and passionate about helping others learn. Each tutor has great experience in the subjects they teach as well as having the necessary qualifications to ensure a complete learning process. At Harriet Ellis we enable individuals to think beyond the acquisition of knowledge and skills, to their successful application in the workplace. By treating everyone as an individual and tailoring our approach, we are able to help our students excel beyond their own high standards. Harriet Ellis Approach to learning • Practical and hands-on - we focus on providing learning and putting it into practice. Through this approach participants' confidence is increased in a risk free environment. • Interactive Classes - all class sizes are optimised to allow a high level of interaction. Maximum class sizes on Harriet Ellis training courses vary between 10 and 15 students per event. • Challenge and stimulate - through interactive classes, we create a safe and risk-free environment in which the consultant can challenge participants to enable them to confront skill gap areas and develop confidence. • Self-analysis - helping individuals understand their current strengths and weaknesses is key to enabling effective learning. Through a range of activities, including surveys, trainer assisted discussion groups and video role-plays, we help to increase participants ’ own self-awareness. • Effective learning materials - our expert consultants use the highest quality training materials to assist the learning experience. • Appropriate materials to the learning need - these include, use of video, tutorials, role-play, case studies, self-analysis surveys and use of relevant technologies. • Action plans - during the course participants develop action plans to enable them to transfer their learning back to the work place. • Feedback on progression - Our course tutors continually keep you updated on your progress and will then identify and address your strengths and weaknesses. 1 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  3. 3. First Aid Appointed persons 1 Day Course This course is suitable for an appointed person, as defined by Health and Safety Executive. Also it benefits residential or domiciliary care workers undertaking the Skills for Care Common Induction Standards or NVQ Mandatory units in Health and Safety as well as Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists along with all AHP staff. Our First Aid for Appointed Persons Training Course Content • The contents of a first aid kit • Reporting and recording accident details • Summoning help • Choking • The recovery position • Shock; Haemorrhage; Fractures; Burns • Spotting early signs of various conditions The Health and Safety Executive define the appointed person, as an individual who can take charge when someone is injured or ill, maybe spotting early signs to an illness or basically calling an ambulance if required; and look after the first aid equipment. The course includes: the contents of a first aid kit; reporting and recording accident details; summoning help; choking; the recovery position, shock; haemorrhage; fractures; burns and spotting early warning signs for some other medical conditions etc. The course is not intended as a substitute for designated first aid training. However, residential or domiciliary care workers who are undertaking the Skills for Care Common Induction Standards or NVQ mandatory units in Health and Safety will benefit from this course and in line with CSCI guidelines for mandatory training should repeat the course annually. It is also recommended that all Medical staff should be at least trained to the appointed person standard. Course Duration: Full Day Course Fees Prices on application, please call our office for details 2 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  4. 4. Harriet Ellis Automated External Defibrillation Course (AED) Harriet Ellis Training Solutions are currently enrolling candidates that wish to train for and be competent to use an external defibrillator. First Aiders who have access to an AED at work or wish to hold the qualification successfully will be issued with a certificate valid for one year. Ventricular fibrillation is the most common cause of cardiac arrest. It is a rapid, chaotic, lethal rhythm of the heart. In the common event of a person suffering this condition, the heart is unable to contract and therefore unable to pump life sustaining oxygenated blood to the brain and other vital organs. Defibrillation is defined as the termination of fibrillation. It is a controlled electrical shock, which may restore an organised rhythm in the heart to enable it to contract and pump blood. Harriet Ellis offers a 4 hour course in our facilitated classrooms with an experienced qualified instructor to guide you through the important steps of how to apply and operate the AED safely and efficiently to maximise the chances in such an unfortunate event. The course fees for this are £49 + vat and all course materials and a certificate of attendance valid for 1 year is included. Course Syllabus • Revision and if necessary update on CPR • Introduction to the AED • The need for defibrillation • Demonstrations from the course trainer • Candidate participation in the use of the AED Duration Half Day Course Fees Prices on application, please call our office for details 3 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  5. 5. Cardiopulmonary Resucitation (CPR) Training Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR as it is commonly known is an essential life skill that has the potential of saving lives. It is an emergency medical procedure for a victim of Cardiac Arrest or in some circumstances respiratory arrest. CPR is unlikely to restart the heart, but rather its purpose is to maintain a flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and the heart. This is essential in delaying tissue death and extending the brief window of opportunity for a possible resuscitation and thus avoids permanent brain damage. Needless to say all of us need to possess the necessary skills to prolong life in an emergency however for those wishing to work as Medical professionals, care workers, Dentists, Fitness professionals etc this is a mandatory requirement of health and safety in the workplace. Harriet Ellis Recruitment Group provide effective and affordable CPR training for individuals and organisations wishing to receive a certificate in Basic CPR. BASIC CPR COURSE Course Programme The Aims of First Aid and CPR The Chain of Survival Treatment Priorities Emergency Action Plan (Primary Survey DRAB) Doing CPR Recovery Position (Secondary Survey) Duration Half day Course Fee £85.00 4 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  6. 6. 2 DAY OFSTED APPROVED PAEDIATRIC FIRST AID COURSE Harriet Ellis Training Solutions are pleased to announce our latest addition to our course schedule. The 2 day OFSTED approved Paediatric First Aid course. This is an essential course for all those wishing to work with children. This is the official first aid course fully endorsed by OFSTED and will be suitable for those who are employed as or seeking employment as Nannies. The course will cover special CPR techniques for children under 1 year old. Syllabus First Aid Priorities Life support (Child and Baby) Choking Casualty Examination Unconsciousness Anaphylaxis Fractures Control of Bleeding Shock Asthma Eye and Ear injuries Burns and Scalds Meningitis and Febrile Convulsions Regulations Recording and Reporting. First Aid Kits Course Duration 2 days Course fee POA 5 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  7. 7. CIEH LEVEL 1, 2, 3 HEALTH AND SAFETY If you are responsible for health and safety compliancy within your organisation or you have been nominated as the companies health and safety officer these courses are for you. Harriet Ellis Training solutions Health and Safety courses cover risk control, hazardous substances, accident, fire hazards and control, and legal implications. On completion of an exam, candidates will gain a CIEH award (Chartered institute of environmental health.) Level 1, 2, 3 courses available Level 1 Syllabus plus CIEH examination Introduction to Health & Safety What is Health and Safety Health and Safety Law RIDDOR and Accident Reporting Who can administer First Aid Workplace Equipment – Electricity – Electric Shock Occupational Factors Welfare Facilities & Personal Protective Equipment Fire Protection Fire Evacuation Procedures Level 1 Exam (15 multiple choice questions ) Duration Half Day Course fee POA 6 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  8. 8. Moving, Handling And Risk Assessment Training This is an essential course for Employers wishing to comply with The Health and Safety Act of 1994 and The RCN Code of Practice 1996 ,The Provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 (PUWER), Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998 ( LOLER ) It is also a mandatory requirement for working Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Care workers, Medical staff, and anyone who wishes to lift patients and objects with minimum risk to themselves. This is an extremely valuable and much needed course. Moving, Handling and Risk Assessment Training Course Programme Introduction and course objectives Spinal mechanics and awareness Back injury and back care awareness The law Risk assessment Using handling aids and equipment Principles of handling people Communication and co-operation Course Duration 1 day Course Fee Prices on application, please call our office for details Special Note:- The use of any equipment on this course is for demonstration only and care staff managers are responsible to ensure that their staff are trained on the equipment used within their organisation. 7 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  9. 9. Examination for Overseas Qualified Dentists The Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) tests the clinical skills and knowledge of dentists from outside the EEA whose qualifications are not recognised for full registration with the General Dental Council. Candidates are tested against the standard expected of graduate dentists on first registration with the GDC. This means that UK graduates and overseas dentists are expected to have the same basic level of knowledge and skills. The examination is based on the UK dental curriculum and uses modern assessment methods to ensure a robust and consistent examination. Dentists who pass this examination become eligible to apply for full registration to practise in the UK. Outline of the ORE The ORE has two parts which must be taken – and passed – in order. The purpose of Part 1 is to test the candidates’ application of knowledge to clinical practice and Part 2 is designed for candidates to demonstrate practical clinical skills. Why a revision course? Sometimes a revision course is necessary in order to pick up the latest hints and tips especially when the course is delivered for recognized and experienced teachers We run two days short course revision (Saturday and Sunday) especially designed to help dentists for part A of ORE Our speakers are experienced dentists with experience in UK examinations as they teach at King’s College London Dental Institute. Outline of the ORE revision course • Human Diseases • Oral Medicine • Oral Surgery • Biomedical Science and Oral Biology • Medical Emergencies • Restorative Dentistry • Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology • Pain and Anxiety Control Course Duration 2 Days Course Fees Prices on application, please call our office for details 8 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  10. 10. The National Certificate Course for Dental Nurses Dental nurses are dental care professionals and work as part of the dental team. A dental nurse supports the dentists in all aspects of patient care, this includes getting the appropriate instruments ready, mixing materials and ensuring patient comfort. Working as a Dental Nurse in the UK In general practice, sometimes the dental nurse may help with reception work, making appointments, taking payments, dealing with paperwork and meeting and reassuring patients. Career Prospects Gaining the dental nurse qualification is the first step in a career within dentistry. There are many different specialist Careers within dentistry and dental nursing is usually a requirement for those wishing to become a Dental Hygienist or Dental Therapist. Skills and Qualities required for Dental Nursing. Be genuinely interested in the welfare of your patients and have a friendly and sympathetic disposition. Have a high level of manual dexterity Good eyesight and good physical health Have a confident and reassuring manner and be able to relate well to a wide range of people including children and people with special needs Have a flexible approach to work in order to cope with frequent changes in a busy environment. Be able to work well in a team Have good organisation skills to manage the administrative aspects of the job. The Syllabus 1. Health and safety in the workplace 2. Emergencies in the dental surgery 3. Legal and Ethical issues in the Provision of Dental Care 4. Anatomical Structures and Systems Relative to Dental Treatment. 5. Oral Disease and Pathology 6. Patient Care and Management 7. Assessing Patients Oral Health Needs and Treating Planning 8. Oral Health Promotion and Preventive Dentistry 9. Restorative Dentistry 10. Oral Surgery 9 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  11. 11. 11. Orthodontic Procedures 12. Dental Drugs,Materials,Instruments and equipment 13. Pain and Anxiety Control in dentistry 14. Radiography 15. Communication This syllabus follows the strict guidelines outlined by the National Examination Board of Dental Nursing. The Examination Structure The National certificate examination consists of 5 sections and candidates are required to pass all 5 sections. However a borderline failure in one section can be compensated by a good pass in another section. 1. WRITTEN PAPER – PART A 2. WRITTEN PAPER – PART B 3. SPOTTER TESTS 4. PRACTICAL 5. ORAL What we can offer you? We will provide you with professional tuition from a qualified instructor for 10 – 12 months Study material will be provided Specialist lessons in how to find work as a trainee dental nurse Course fees are realistic and affordable. Only 1 day’s study each week required in the class room Purpose built facilities to aid the learning process. We are based only 25 minutes from London Liverpool Street Advice to Students Students are advised that we do not guarantee employment. However our consultants will assist you in your own efforts to locate suitable employment. All students should expect to undergo a basic literacy and numeracy test before given a place on the course. It is advisable that students take the time to visit our college in order to discuss what they need to do to qualify as a dental nurse. Course fee POA Exam fee £135.00 Record of experience £20.00 10 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  12. 12. Continuing Professional Development Courses Compulsory continuing professional development (CPD) maintains public confidence in the dentists register by showing that dentists keep up to date so that they give their patients the best possible treatment and care. What is CPD? We define CPD as ‘study, training, courses, seminars, reading and other activities undertaken by a dentist, Dental Nurses, and Hygienists which could reasonably be expected to advance his or her professional development. CPD activities Activities which could count as CPD include: courses and lectures; vocational training or general professional training; study days; educational parts of professional and specialist society meetings; peer review and clinical audit; distance learning; multimedia learning (for example, web-based learning and using a CD-ROM); staff training; going to educational workshops at conferences; reading journals; background research; and private study. Harriet Ellis Training Solutions CPD Courses are all verifiable courses contributing towards your overall hours of CPD. We have identified three areas of CPD that all dentists should do as part of the overall 75-hour minimum verifiable CPD requirement. These are: • Medical emergencies at least 10 hours in every CPD cycle • Disinfection and decontamination at least five hours in every CPD cycle and radiography • Radiation protection at least five hours in every CPD cycle Our courses have experienced expert speakers from Kings College Hospital trained in the different areas of the core subjects within Dentistry. Harriet Ellis Training Solutions have joined arms with these speakers to offer an informative value for money course to enhance your knowledge and skills in these areas. Course Duration: 1 day Course fees Prices on application, please call our office for details 11 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  13. 13. Food Safety In Catering CIEH Level 1 Exam The CIEH Level 1 food safety in catering course is an essential course for anyone working in a capacity where food handling is part of their working day. Current UK regulations require all food handlers to receive adequate supervision, instruction or training in food hygiene therefore this course is vital for food handlers Across all industry sectors. Syllabus Introduction to Food Safety What is Food Safety? Who is Responsible Benefits Food Poisoning and Causes Temperature Control List Temperature Requirements Food Contamination Stock Control Personal Hygiene Food Handlers Fitness to Work and First Aid Work Area Design – Construction Pest Control Cleaning Level 1 Exam (15 multiple choice questions) Duration 1 day Course Fee POA 12 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  14. 14. Sales Training Harriet Ellis Sales Training workshops are run fortnightly at our training offices in Ilford, Essex. The course covers all of the essential elements of the sales process including how to overcome objections and how to close down your prospect. You will attend the course with sales people from other organisations so it is also a great opportunity to learn from others and share experiences too. Networking ideas and creating new relationships has been a common feature of the courses. From learning about how buying decisions are made and the sales process through to learning how to understand your prospect and effective communication skills, this course will equip you with the skills, the knowledge and the tools to close more sales and generally be more successful in your working environment. The course will help you understand and teach you new concepts as well as working and fine tuning your own skills, furthering your overall sales development. On completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate to demonstrate to current or future employers that you have attended a recent training course to keep up your skills and signalling your intent on furthering your selling abilities. For a placement on the course you can choose from our calendar on our website for the next available dates we have. Each course runs on a Saturday starting at 10.30am and finishing at 4:30pm. The course price includes refreshments and vat. You can book using our secure site by debit/credit card. You will then receive final confirmation of your course details. Course Duration Full Day Course Price Prices on application, please call our office for details 13 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  15. 15. How To Win Your Dream Job What is your dream job? Manny people go through life and never realise this dream. However there are many that do. What strategies and techniques do they use, could you perhaps learn to employ similar techniques and strategies in order to achieve success? Harriet Ellis Training solutions have a tried and tested formula that we have used for our trainee dental nurses to help them find work. We are now pleased to make this course available to anyone looking for work. It will be especially beneficial to those who have either been out of work for some time or have been to numerous interviews and have been unsuccessfull. It will also greatly benefit those who have very specific job roles in Mind. We will teach you how to master 3 vital steps you need to take to win your Ideal Job. This Course will benefit EVERYONE! WINNING YOUR DREAM JOB Syllabus Good and Bad Attitudes to Job Hunting Planning for Success Unlock the real secret to letting your C.V. talk for you Discover techniques for approaching employers and winning interviews How to really prepare for an interview 3 Vital things you must do on an interview Duration: Half Day Course Fee: £25.00 excluding VAT 14 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  16. 16. Qualifications that lead to employment On this page we have listed some of the jobs that are open to you once you have completed the training courses that we currently offer. Most of our training courses are nationally recognised qualifications leading to professional careers within chosen industries. To assist you in knowing what course to take to start what career we have listed some opportunities that could lead on from the completion of our courses. First Aid Course Appointed Person – suitable for all employment as completion of this course enables the successful applicant to administer First Aid and register as a qualified First Aider at work CPR and Manual Handling – Mandatory courses needed if you are in the profession of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Care, etc. National Certificate for Dental Nursing – Once attending this course it will enable you to work as a dental nurse. Once qualified this course will enable you to work in the dental field and progress through to dentistry. ORE Course – The overseas registration exam is targeted towards overseas experienced dental staff wishing to practise dentistry in the UK. On successfully passing this exam you can become registered with the GDC to start practising as a Dentist in the UK. Defibrillator Course – Having this course along with First Aid can lead you into a career for paramedics and other medical related fields. Sales Course- After taking these courses it will open up a career in the Sales Industry, jobs in Estate Agents, Recruitment, Commercial Sales, Retails Sales, Etc. For further information about job availability, please visit our website www.harrietellis.com 15 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  17. 17. Harriet Ellis Training Solutions New Courses - Coming Soon Along with our current selection of courses we continue to offer a wider selection of new courses from various different industries. Please find below a list of courses that will shortly be available for you to book. For further information on these courses please contact the office on 020 8911 0100 Dental Industry Post Graduate Qualification in Oral Health Post Graduate Qualification in Dental Radiography Post Graduate Qualification in Dental Sedation Dental Implants Hygienist Qualification Care Industry Dementia Dignity in Care Care Plans Falls Prevention Adult Protection Infection Control Health and Safety Health and Safety Fire Safety Risk Assessment General Courses Conflict Resolution English Language 16 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  18. 18. HARRIET ELLIS TRAINING OFFICE HARRIET ELLIS TRAINING SOLUTIONS LTD 7th FLOOR CHARTER HOUSE 450 HIGH ROAD ILFORD ESSEX IG1 1UF TEL 020 8911 0100 FAX 020 8911 9090 Info@harrietellis.com WWW.HARRIETELLIS.COM 17 CALL 020 8911 0100 NOW to reserve your place
  19. 19. 7th Floor, Charter House, 450 High Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1UF Tel 0870 242 0925 or 020 8911 0100 · Fax 020 8911 9090 info@harrietellis.com www.harrietellis.com