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Looppa for print


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Looppa for print

  1. 1. 1Looppa enables content publishers to regain control over readership, Contact us to request acontent, and revenue by creating an unparalleled online community demo!experience that captivates your audience and builds value for 1-(888)-581-7858everyone!The problemWith the Web2.0 and Social movements, traditional and online publishers are losing readers, adrevenues, and the ability to monetize consumption of their content. Publishers’ online communitypresence significantly lags behind and is typically limited to discussion threads, comments, and topassive observation of content flow. While some publishers attempt to create online communitiesusing blogging software, social networks, widgets, Facebook fan pages, or agency-drivencampaigns—these rarely deliver continuous value and require a deep commitment on your end tooperational expenses and personnel with no guarantee of results, ownership of the relationshipwith your readers, or revenue.The SolutionLooppa is the only comprehensive online communityplatform created specifically for content publishers tohelp you monetize your content and better serve yourreaders. With Looppa, content publishers can have theindustry’s best online community features in a simple touse, customized, branded online community. Integratedwith your CMS, Looppa gives you the flexibility to offeryour readers a rich community experience whilepreserving your existing technology investments.With Looppa you will create an online experience yourreaders want to have. You will:  Form stronger bonds with your audiences, extending the time they engages with your content and your advertisers  Turn your audience from passive consumers to co-creators of content for your brand  Significantly grow your revenue and increase the value of your media assets  Enable your readers to share breaking news via iReports  Offer dedicated online spaces to companies who wish to present their business in a community ecosystem
  2. 2. 2What You Get with LooppaLooppa provides the technology and services you need to create a Every Looppa community isvibrant online community that your audiences want to be part of. custom-designed to meetThe Looppa solution includes: your need and includes:  blog posts  A robust platform that can integrate with your existing online properties  videos  User profiles  photo galleries  Community concept creation  iReport  Design and programming  custom modules  Community management  music  Content moderation  groups  Content analysis and recommendations  polls & surveys  Full media integration (video, images)  comments  Intuitive backend for users and administrators  Looppa will also  Marketing and advertising services customize features to fit your business needs!Taking Social to the Next Level: The Looppa CosmosAs social network and online community sites proliferate, a new social challenge is arising: Theproliferation of independent communities is disintegrating your audienceship, leaving it toFacebook and a handful of others to pick up the pieces and capitalize on them. The result: isolatedislands of people, content, and an ever loosening relationship between branded media companiesand their audiences.Looppa Cosmos tackles this problem and effectively helps media companies win the distributedsocial network battle by linking the social graphs of individual community members across all ofyour networks where that person participates.With Looppa Cosmos, you can create as many communities as you like—each residingon your preferred URL Members can see and share content with each other no matter whichLooppa community they’re in. This results in the promotion of interaction between people, content,and the content producers; members organically “recruit” members to join their communities; andcontent can be easily shared between communities—all leading to a vibrant, dynamic, communityexperience for your existing audiences and generating greater ROI for you. It works the way thereal world works: Looppa allows soccer fanatics to share their travel photos from the World Cup inboth their sports and travel communities—the communities you have created for them. Theoutcome: More sharing, stronger relationships, and higher rates of participation, all of whichtranslates into increased return and value from your social media investment.The Looppa ProcessLooppa starts by working with you to identify your priorities and objectives for audienceengagement. The Looppa team then gets to work building a complete and custom online communitydeployed on its world-class software platform. The platform incorporates your branded contentand activates feedback systems that enable your producers to leverage content across your onlinemedia channels as well as to enhance offline programming. Once launched, Looppa’s expert
  3. 3. 3community managers and analysts monitor the community and enhance engagement points forgreater value to your audiences—all while meeting your standards.Looppa communitiesMTV, SONY, Televisa, and Greenpeace have all discovered the Looppa advantage. Each communitywas launched within weeks and was populated with hundreds of thousands of content interactionswithin the first month.Looppa Communities outperform current publications’ metrics. Looppa measures over 30different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and will customize its analytics to fit your desiredKPIs. Below is an example of MTV’s Guarida Azul Looppa online Community 2 weeks and 3months after the community was launched as comparison to social networks benchmarks. *based on google analytics for similar social networksContactYou too can create a Looppa community for your audiences! To learn more about how Looppa canhelp you create an ROI-driven online social community, contact us at or bydialing 1-(888)-581-7858.