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GuaridaAzul Community Platform


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Guarida Azul -users activity ,Social Network, Platform,Tools and Applications

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GuaridaAzul Community Platform

  1. 1. Guarida Azul Guarida Azul Social Network Guarida Azul
  2. 2. Guarida Azul What is Guarida Azul? Guarida Azul is the official community of the successful IsaTK+ tv show. Unlike all the other social networks out there, Guarida Azul is unique because it stays attached to the tv show in every aspect, and the show’s characters themselves take part in the website and interact with the viewers. This allows the users to become friends with the caste members, see their photos, videos and notes, leave them messages and many other things. Also the users can upload their own photos, videos and notes, find another friends and participate in special promotions like filming their room or answer tests written by the show’s characters. What does the cast members do? • They participate in the social network with their own characters form the tv show, with their own user space. • This allows to translate the fantasy of the show into the community. • The talk about the events that happen in the fiction and shares them with the fans. • Also, each one of them has a Flip camera that allows them to film videos and take pictures into the community on a daily basis. What can users do? • Upload their photos and videos. • Write notes in a blog style. • Find new friends and fans of the show. • Became friends with the cast members of the show. • Show the community their own bedroom via webcam with the special feature “Tu Guarida”. • Answer the tests specially made by the show’s characters.
  3. 3. Guarida Azul Home Page • The main page of the community. Here users can access the latest videos and photos, check the most popular users, register, log-in and enter the special features “Tu Guarida” and “Tests”. The users can use Facebook Connect.
  4. 4. Guarida Azul User space • In the user space we can find the different actions that the users and their friends have made. Also it provides access to all the content of the users.
  5. 5. Guarida Azul Photos List • Allows to view all the photo galleries the user has created.
  6. 6. Guarida Azul Photos Gallery • Allows to organize and sort a user’s photos.
  7. 7. Guarida Azul Photo’s Detail • Allows to view the picture in a larger size, send by e-mail and share on the main social Networks, like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. • They can also be voted and commented by logged-in users.
  8. 8. Guarida Azul Videos List • Allows to view all the user’s videos.
  9. 9. Guarida Azul Video’s Detail • Allows to play the video the picture in a larger size, send by e-mail and share on the main social Networks, like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc; and can be embedded to. At the end are shown the related videos. • They can also be voted and commented by logged-in users.
  10. 10. Guarida Azul Notes List • Allows to view all the user’s notes, in a blog-like way.
  11. 11. Guarida Azul Note’s Detail • Allows to read the note, send by e-mail and share on the main social Networks, like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. • They can also be voted and commented by logged-in users.
  12. 12. Guarida Azul Special Feature “Tu Guarida” • This is a special feature where users can show the community members their own bedroom with a webcam or uploading a video. (Online recording) • The other users can vote for the best one.
  13. 13. Guarida Azul Special Feature “Tu Guarida” – Video Detail • Allows other users to vote the video and define a winner. • It also has all the other features a standard video has, like sharing, sending by e-mail and embedding.
  14. 14. Guarida Azul Special Feature “Tests” • In this area, users can answer a series of questions made by the cast members to check their knowledge of the series, the likelihood with other characters or their preferences in general life.
  15. 15. Guarida Azul Special Feature “Tests” – Detail • Here they answer the test, and a result is shown. That result appear in the comments below, and the others users can see it and try it out for themselves.
  16. 16. Guarida Azul Community Moderation As it was stated before, this is a community for kids, based on a kid’s tv show. So the control over what users do, what is uploaded and what is shown in the community is one of the most important parts of the project. It is very important to protect the users, and to let know their parents that this is a safe and fun environment where they can not be harmed. Because of that, an advanced moderation module is implemented to assure that nothing gets into the community without specific approval of some of the moderators. Moderation Panel • This is the main page of the moderation panel, where all the contents that are waiting for approval are shown, including comments and user’s pictures.
  17. 17. Guarida Azul Moderation Panel – Photos • Each uploaded photo is submitted for moderation, where they can be rejected by a series of different reasons. • Clicking over an image allows to enlarge it and inspect it more closely.
  18. 18. Guarida Azul Moderation Panel – Videos • Like the photos, each uploaded video is watched carefully to be approved.
  19. 19. Guarida Azul Moderation Panel –Notes • The notes moderation panel ensures that no one writes any offensive texts.
  20. 20. Guarida Azul Moderation Panel – Comments • This is one of the most important part of the moderation panel. By monitoring all the comments we ensure that no one tries to offend other user or make any comment inappropriate or abusive.
  21. 21. Guarida Azul Moderation Panel –Avatar’s • Trying to assure the communities safety, it is important to monitor everything users upload. That’s why we also moderate user’s avatars, so we can be sure they fit into the communities regulations.
  22. 22. Guarida Azul For more information, please visit Thank you!