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Rayo: Real-Time Cloud Communications

Cloud Communications are a hot topic. Carriers and Service Providers are scrambling to stay relevant and recognize that "apps", and the developers that create them, are just what the doctor ordered. In this presentation I challenge current cloud comm business models and present an alternative architecture that will bring "real-time" back into communications!

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Rayo: Real-Time Cloud Communications

  1. 1. Real-TimeCloud Communications
  2. 2. Voxeo Labs Innovate Invest Protocols | APIs | Business Models Partnerships | Sponsorship | Education Open Source Tropo | Phono | Moho | Rayo © Voxeo Corporation2
  3. 3. The next 30 minutes... A Bit of History Current State of Cloud Communications Where Are We Headed? Going Real-Time... © Voxeo Corporation3
  4. 4. Highlights since 1999 VoiceXML Asterisk 1.0 Twilio 1999 2011 CCXML Ribbit Tropo © Voxeo Corporation4
  5. 5. We’ve Stopped Evolving Two Reasons Tech Limit Carriers © Voxeo Corporation5
  6. 6. The Web has gone Real-Time Web Cloud Comm Node.js WebSockets WebRTC XMPP / BOSH © Voxeo Corporation6
  7. 7. Why not Communications? © Voxeo Corporation7
  8. 8. But First: A word about carriers... They’re not the enemy! © Voxeo Corporation8
  9. 9. OAuth for SMS Streams Awesome App © Voxeo Corporation9
  10. 10. What’s better than free? Getting paid! Model © Voxeo Corporation10
  11. 11. So what’s next? © Voxeo Corporation11
  12. 12. The Real-Time Cloud © Voxeo Corporation12
  13. 13. The Real-Time Cloud XMPP Extension Make + Receive Calls = Media Control Geo Location Messaging Device Registration © Voxeo Corporation13
  14. 14. Man in the Middle Your App© Voxeo Corporation
  15. 15. What’s Possible? Call Control Signal Detector Dial, Answer, Reject... Detect beep, silence, fax, etc. Call Recording Messaging WAV/MP3, PGP Encryption SMS, Push Notification, IM Speech Recognition Presence High Quality. >30 Languages. Real-time subscriber presence Text to Speech Geo Location High Quality. >30 Languages. Real-Time Location Services Mixer API Device Registration Connect Calls Together Register VoIP Phones © Voxeo Corporation15
  16. 16. Wow! © Voxeo Corporation16
  17. 17. Open Source © Voxeo Corporation17
  18. 18. More Info @VoxeoLabs © Voxeo Corporation18
  19. 19. Thank You @loopingrage