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Myth Cracker Challenge


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The briefing of the Myth Cracker Challenge, an online quiz which enables corporate to engage their staff to raise awareness of climate change and energy issue.

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Myth Cracker Challenge

  1. 1. WWF-Hong Kong March 2015
  2. 2. Individual Challenge Corporate Challenge • To facilitate corporate to engage employees to support the Earth Hour. • To increase employees’ awareness on climate change and low carbon lifestyle
  3. 3. • 10 myth questions will be available online (URL) on 2 March 2015. • Participants must answer all questions (True or False) • Optional to provide explanation to justify the answer • Each correct myth answer = 1 point • Each correct myth answer + correct explanation = 2 points • Max = 20 points • Result and suggested answers will be announced on 25 March 2015 on LOOP website.
  4. 4. 2 March Myth Cracker questions available 2-20 March Invite your colleagues to take part in the challenge 25 March Announce competition result & answer 28 March Earth Hour countdown
  5. 5. • Form a group of 2-4 members. • Each group provides three myth questions with correct answer (True or False) and explanation or reference to WWF for advance fact check. • Enroll your participation and submit the myth questions on or before 18 March 2015 here. • Groups will challenge each other, e.g. Group A vs Group B; Group C vs Group D, and so on. And the grouping will be announced on 20 March 2015. • Corporate challenge will take place via webex between 23-26 March 2015. Each team will have 10 minutes to answer three questions. • Result will be announced on 27 March 2015.
  6. 6. 2-18 March Group Enrolment + submit myth questions 20 March Announce- ment of grouping and competition date 23-26 March Corporate Myth Cracker competition 27 March Result announce- ment 28 March Earth Hour countdown
  7. 7. • Myth – Use screensavers can reduce carbon emission • Answer – False • Explanation – “Although screensavers are a way to personalize your PC, when they are triggered, they can keep the both the computer and monitor active. No power savings are realized”. • Reference – computing-carbon-footprint/