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Danitra Brown Vocabulary PPT

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Danitra Brown

  1. 1. When you surrender, you stop fighting something or someone. Why might you surrender to your mom’s request to see a movie, even though you don’t want to see it?
  2. 2. Something that is particular is one specific thing of its kind. Name a particular place that you think is relaxing.
  3. 3. Something that is sparkling is shining, clear, and bright. What might cause a lake or river to be sparkling?
  4. 4. Clusters are small groups of people or things that are close together. Where might you see clusters of grapes?
  5. 5. If something sizzles, it is very hot and makes a hissing sound. Which one sizzles- an egg in a hot frying pan or an egg inside an egg carton?
  6. 6. To stroll is to walk in a slow, relaxed way. If you stroll someplace, are you in a hurry?