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Hamdard business review: may 2010


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Hamdard business review is the monthly newletter of the Hamdard business school, jamia hamdard university, new delhi

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Hamdard business review: may 2010

  1. 1. MAY 2010 PAGES 4 VOL 3 Hamdard Business Review India’s business foray Project Management Nehru Place IT-Hub: into Africa -The way of life A report P3 P3 P4 F a c u t g a u d e a m “Never be bullied into si- lence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept Hamdard scores high on placements no one's definition of your Students from batch 2008-10 are placed in many reputed companies. Some of them got lu- life; define yourself.” crative salary packages like 6.69 lakhs and whereas others got placed directly as operations managers with various MNCs. Investment banking also witnessed astronomic packages. ~Harvey Fierstein M onths be- fore the last semester, nearly years of experi- ence. expertise required to compete in the area of manage- ment and I strongly Academics are just a part of B-Schools, the entire gradu- believe Hamdard is whereas a sound ating batch has Dr. Altaf on its way to becom- network of alumni received the final Meer de- ing one of the top B- has a significant placement offers scribes schools in future. role in success of from various his suc- Lastly, I would to any institution. The NEWS BYTES MNCs. The cess to leave a message to Department of Man- Bharti Airtel faces profit drop of bonus is that his strong my kind and dear jun- agement Studies at many students conviction iors to never shy Hamdard University 8% after 3 yrs. According to offi- have received and dis- away from healthy is focusing on de- cials at Bharti it was because of cost more than one (Left - Reyazat with Mr.Shahnawaz Abdin (faculty) tinct vi- competition and always keep them- veloping an effective network with associated with the acquisition of job offer. s i o n , selves updated with business activ- its alumni. “There are three impor- Zain and Bangladesh’s Warid Tele- saying,“It is my strong conviction ities taking place both at the tant things that lead to the success Reyazat Ali Khan tops the list with and distinct vision as well my effi- National and Global level.” of a B-School – stringent admission com. “If we exclude the acquisition best package of INR 6.69 lakhs as norms, rigorous academics and ciency which has made cost, the profit margin is 39% ” - Mr. a divisional head of a marketing my dreams come The placement process saw the sound network of alumni.” – Areeb Gupta (deputy chief executive officer) firm. Dr. Altaf Meer and Dr. Ehte- true. I assure you participation of various organisa- Khan, Person In-charge - Final sham Ansari have been appointed that there cannot be tions. Among them were many for- Placements, Hamdard Business as Operations Managers in Apollo any Everest that can- tune 500 companies like KPMG, School. LOUIS Philippe enters into Group. Prior to his MBA, Dr. Altaf not be conquered if MetLife, Deutsche Bank, Barclays footwear business. LOUIS Meer has majored in unani medi- you have the will to do Bank, etc. The placement process was a stu- Philippe, premium wear brand of cine from Jamia Hamdard . it. I would also like to pendous success, not only in terms Being freshers, it is a add that Ham- Keeping in mind the profile that of pay packages offered but also Aditya Birla Group, has entered stupendous achieve- dard Business companies look for in a fresh MBA the range of companies that came into mens footwear. The footwear ment to be appointed School gives graduate, students at Hamdard to campus. range will be available in price as Operations man- its students University are given classes in range of Rs 2, 999 - 4,999 in 30 agers, as the position the necessary corporate grooming, case study - B.P.S Kalra & S. Ashraf usually requires five Dr. Altaf Meer grooming and analyses, etc. Louis Philippe stores across India. Admissions 2010 @ Hamdard Management Visionary Dies at 68 T Life insurers must reveal com- he admissions for MBA course student to find out the motivating mission on policies. Life insurance at Jamia Hamdard went really factor for the candidate for choos- 16th April 2010: CK Prahalad, Inter- years from the Harvard Business firms will now have to spell out to well. With thousands of applica- ing MBA and Hamdard University. national Management Guru died School. He taught at the IIM tions from deserving candidates, it Candidates were also assessed on battling lung disease in the US Ahmedabad for a short while and customers the commission they pay where he teaches at the Ross was appointed as the Professor of Photo: Basit Alvi other criteria to agents on each policy. “WE are like commu- School of Business. He was 68. Corporate Strategy at the Ross maturing as an industry and this nication skills Prominent companies around the School of Business in the Univer- and body lan- world sought his advice in access- sity of Michigan. will further help establish insurance guage. ing the function of top management products as a viable long-term in- and in formulating corporate strat- His book “The Fortune at vestment option,” said Rajesh Relan, While the egy. the Bottom of the Pyramid” managing director, MetLife panel was focuses on eliminating busy taking He worked for 4 years with Union poverty through profits. interviews, Carbide after completing his B.Sc. His concern for the Ranbaxy hires 1,500 sales execu- student vol- in Physics from the University of problem of global tives. DRUGMAKER Ranbaxy unteers took Madras. This, ac- poverty and his idea of Laboratories has hired 1,500 sales feedback cording to him, looking at the poor as Candidates appearing for group discussion and personal interview from candi- was a period of value-conscious con- executives, its first major recruit- dates to find dramatic change in his sumers rather than vic- ment in 15 years, and will also was a difficult affair for the faculty out their expectations from MBA at intellectual development. He then tims turned him into a visionary. launch new drugs, as part of an ag- and the panel members, to choose Hamdard University, which came did his post graduation in manage- The Government of India bestowed gressive plan to wrest the number the best. The day started with the out to be “good placement and ment from the IIM Ahmedabad. In on him the Padma Bhushan in 1975, he completed his doctoral 2009. one position in India from Mumbai- thesis on multinational manage- based Cipla by 2012. ment in a mere two and a half - Parul Bhadoo and Vivek Parashar Govt rules out hike in export duty on iron ore fines. The government Strategy is about stretch- has ruled out any increase in export ing limited resources to fit ambitious aspirations. duties on iron ore fines, but could -C. K. Prahalad allow a marginal rise in the levy on iron ore lumps to discourage ex- Promoting Safe Motherhood ports. Presently government, levies Photo: Basit Alvi an export duty of 10% on iron ore Candidates appearing for group discussion and personal interview lumps and 5% on iron ore fines. Restrictions on foreign funds’ Group Discussion (GD), where stu- dents were given a topic to discuss. Many Students got topics related to salary package”, while some de- sired to have “industry exposure”. S unday, April 11 2010: Jamia Hamdard and The White Rib- bon Alliance (WRA) organised the Down and Aleph local noisemakers of the area. debt entry may not be relaxed. current affairs while others got top- National Safe Motherhood Day. The WRA is an international al- ics related to management and The evening began with speeches liance of organisations and individ- ll k to a THE Reserve Bank of India is un- leadership. by dignitaries that stunned every- uals to increase awareness of safe likely to relax restrictions on invest- o f Luc s for “B e s t n d i d a t e ” one present (with the possible ex- childbirth and pregnancy. If you are ments made by foreign funds in the After the GD process, the candi- the ca head. ception of the speakers interested in safe P & C (Preg- dates were interviewed one after car eer a themselves) into a respectful (I nancy and Childbirth) and can debt market, as it prepares to tackle another. Every candidate was inter- their think) silence, which was followed commit yourself to the cause of excessive capital inflows in the viewed for about 30 minutes which by the forming of the Human Chain preventing pre and post natal mor- country, governor Duvvuri Sub- was the most challenging and cru- BA to express solidarity for safe moth- bidity, join the call to action on their 9-11, M barao hinted on Monday. cial time for candidates during the - Batch 200 erhood. Several sweaty hands later website admission process. In Personal in- life began to chill a bit with a terview, the panel probed every rock(ing) show put up by Half Step - Pinky & Brain
  2. 2. MAY 2010 HAMDARD BUSINESS REVIEW 2 Reach for the Moon – But stand up first! MBAs Vs. non-MBAs Y ou and I, rather were to do ground realities. We attempt to, so every being, at some human that, would there have to say, swallow the whole elephant rather than pieces. We get dazzled T oday MBAs are being recruited in increasingly large numbers across India and the world despite their own. They deal with crème de la crème The training at B-Schools directly point, must have dreamt of been no inven- by the total picture and miss on being somebody big / tions, no inno- smaller parts. Startled by the ex- the fact that MBAs are twice costly creates value. someone extraordinarily vations, and panse of journey, we fail to take the as non-MBAs. and amazingly successful, no break- very first step. YES, the first step The case method mimics real life of being prosperous and throughs in gets missed and, naturally there- Why not? They bring concrete and clearly distinguishes an MBA affluent, of being a through human being’s fore, the entire journey. value to organisation curriculum from and through triumphant. triumph. Most they serve. It is not most other pro- of us get struck The moral here is to dream big, not that MBAs have a grams. It better We dream massive by the belief 'I to block actions towards what is 100% success rate or equips students to dreams and have enor- can't do this / It doable for what we consider impos- that non-MBAs have a handle real life mous aspirations. Unluck- is too hard / It sible and to begin working towards 100% failure rate, but business prob- ily, most of our dreams stay put just is impossible / No one can do this.' that goal bit by bit. Dreaming with chances of success lems. that - dreams. And our aspirations Then we just sit comfortably on our no efforts to realize the dreams, are much higher in simply collect dust in our garret. As beloved beautiful couch in front of dreaming with no actions to trans- case of an MBA grad- Networking is also a result, our dreams get wrecked, our beloved television watching late the dreams into visible realities uate. One distinguish- an important fac- demolished and scattered. Our as- somebody else climbing the Ever- is inviting disillusionment and frus- ing quality of MBAs, it tor. To remain pirations get ripped, slashed and est, somebody else making millions tration. is their ability to struc- connected with torn. And we stick to our monoto- of money while we sit still on the ture unstructured situations. your batch mates creates value nous life, scarcely living; function- couch! And the irony is that 'those' Our dream to touch the moon is not and contacts which helps in one ing like a slave with no feelings, who really make it are no different too big. But mere dream will not Business schools create value by way or another. sentiments and emotions, always from us - so far as appearance make the Moon fall on our lap. We filtering in the bright and filtering out complaining about one or the other goes - so far as God's precious will need to build a rocket and then the not so bright.In fact MBAs are The combination of these factors thing and blaming other people for gifts go (perfect body, working actually fly to the moon. double filtered having gone through can potentially create immense all nuisances. This is a heartbreak- brain). rigorous selection processes. value which justifies the premium ing twist of events in our existence. and the importance that the corpo- The comfort, however, is that it's We get thwarted by the massive The IIMs/ IITs/ Stephens/ Loyolas/ rate attach to MBAs. not universally true. If everyone size of our dreams vis-à-vis the - Aman Kukereja Hamdard or any premier b-school have very tough entrance criteria of - Saud I khan BRAIN-DRAIN Overworked, O kay, so the moment you saw courage you to ask questions like ter of money. The salaries are A U workaholic is defined as a •It can also lead to a host of the header above, you must ‘What is the big deal about going amazing out there, and especially person who works way too mental and emotional prob- have rolled your eyes, expecting out West or to the Middle East and for professionals endowed with much and enjoys it. Is today’s lems another boring brain-drain lecture! getting a job?’ ‘Why can’t I go high profile portfolios, it sure pays generation becoming a worka- n Another prosy and patronising abroad to work after my educa- every bit you spent on your educa- holic and enjoying it? •Various psychosomatic prob- drivel exhorting you to stay in India tion?’ tion and then some! lems may also surface in such after a MBA, Ph.D., whatever!! Study reveals that late nights a situation. But surprise, surprise! This is not Here’s why. For starters, and the d Contd. P4.... and long hours at work are •Work-Life balance is com- one of those.In fact, this will en- most basic one at that…it’s a mat- NOT a good idea if you want to pletely altered Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish ! stay healthy and happy. Over- In order to make sure you don’t worked people suffer from fall a prey to it DO NOT: e weight gain, constant back- aches and joint pain. •Skip breakfast, this will cause Excerpts from the Commencement address at the class you to starve through the day of 2009-2011, Stanford University by Steve Jobs, CEO r The real perils of overwork are: and lower your metabolic ca- pacity of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios. •People who fall in this cate- I am honoured to be with you made all the difference in my life. wonderful family together. Don't gory might develop symptoms •Have too much tea/coffee, it p today at your commencement My second story is about love ever lose faith. I'm convinced that of diseases like hypertension, increases acidity. from one of the finest universities in and loss. the only thing that kept me going cholesterol and depression, the world. I never graduated from I was lucky — I found what I loved was that I loved what I did. You've with increased chances of •Snack Away, many snacks es- college. This is the closest I've ever to do, early in life. S t e v e Wozniak got to find what you love. heart attack. pecially the fried ones are a gotten to a college graduation. and I started Apple in my parents’ loaded with hidden fats. Today I want to tell you three sto- garage when I was 20. We worked My third story is about death. •Overworked people generally ries from my life. That's it. hard, and in 10 years Apple had When I was 17, I read a quote that complain of headaches, fa- •Have a heavy, late dinner, dif- grown from just the two of us in a went something like: "If you live i tigue, irritability and lack of ficult to digest piles up calories. The first story is about connect- garage into a $2 billion company each day as if it was your last, sleep. ing the dots. with over 4000 employees. We had someday you'll most certainly be •Little or no fibre, leads to build I dropped out of Reed College after just released our finest creation — right." In 2005, I was diagnosed •They also suffer from weight up of toxins. d the first 6 months, but then stayed the Macintosh — a year with cancer. My doctor advised me gain and poor posture leads to around for a while before I really earlier, and I had just to go home and get my affairs in backaches. quit. So why did I drop out? I had turned 30. And then I order, which is doctor's code for -Pankaj naively chosen a college that was got fired. It was dev- prepare to die. It means to say CROSSWORD so expensive that all of my work- astating. I had been your goodbyes. But on Biopsy, ing-class parents' savings were rejected, but I was they came to know it’s a rare form being spent on my college tuition. still in love. So I de- of cancer, but curable. I had the After six months, I couldn't see the cided to start over. It surgery and I am fine now. No one value in it. So I decided to drop out. turned out that getting wants to die. What I did instead was attend the fired from Apple was the courses that seemed interesting. A best thing that could have Even people who want to particular o n e c a u g h t my atten- ever happened to me. go to heaven don't tion: calligraphy instruction. It was The heaviness of want to die to get beautiful, historical artistically sub- being successful there. And yet death tle in a way that science can't cap- was replaced by is the destination ture, and I found it fascinating. But the lightness of we all share. It things weren’t all romantic. I didn't being a begin- clears out the old have a dorm room, so I slept on the ner again, less to make way for floor in friends' rooms; sure about the new. Right I returned coke bottles everything. now the new is for the 5¢ deposits to you, but buy food with, and I would someday not walk the 7 miles across town too long from every Sunday night to get one good Dur- now, you will meal a week at the Hare Krishna ing the next gradually be- temple. I loved it. Ten years later, five years, I come the old and be when we were designing the first started a cleared away. Your time Macintosh computer, it all came company is limited, so don't waste it back to me. And we designed it all named NeXT, living someone else's life. Across Down into the Mac - the first computer another company named Pixar, Don't be trapped by dogma — with beautiful typography – all and fell in love with an amazing which is living with the results of 1. Records of business transactions 2. Discussion thanks to the calligraphy lesson I woman who would become my other people's thinking. Don't let 4. A place where books are kept for bor- 3.Try to get better by repeating. had. You can't connect the dots wife. Pixar went on to create the the noise of others' opinions drown rowings 5. World famous playwright looking forward; you can only con- world’s first computer animated out your own inner voice. And most 8. To divide 6. Reduction in value of asset by time 9. A code of behavior or courtesy 7. Waived-off price nect them looking backwards. So feature film, Toy Story, and is now importantly, have the courage to 10. Complete and without flaw 11. Deception for gain. you have to trust that the dots…you the most successful animation stu- follow your heart and intuition. 12. Amount of income paid to the gov- have to trust in something — your dio in the world. Then, Apple ernment gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. bought NeXT and I returned to 13. Correcting It will never let you down and it has Apple. And Laurene and I have a - Compiled by Anismita Ghosh Solution in June issue
  3. 3. MAY 2010 HAMDARD BUSINESS REVIEW 3 Project Management- The Way of Life Part I India’s African Safari O ne day my wife argued over a cup of tea, that you study so What is a project? What are its characteristics? According to Proj- answer is that each time we ven- ture to see a movie, we plan differ- T here is a growing interest in the burgeoning African market. The African continent is emerging as a Indian companies are using similar strategies to enter Africa. South Africa is emerging as a base sta- many management books; does it ect Management Body of Knowl- ently, and we may go to a different have any relevance to our daily edge ( PMBOK), a project is a location, with different friends on highly rewarding market tion; companies are developing life? temporary endeavour undertaken different date or at a different time. even though prima facie products exclusively for African to create a unique product, service So every time we go out for a several business pundits markets; they realise the need for My reply was that the most relevant or result. Now some would argue movie with our friends the process might shake their local partners, but want to be in the field is Project Management. that these routine tasks are a part comes under the purview of project heads sagaciously. driver’s seat; and they are explor- Everybody uses some form of the of life, how can they be treated as management. India fortunately is ing acquisitions for faster penetra- project management in their daily a project? one of the coun- tion. India’s automobile companies life. Every day, we try our best to In PMBOK, there are five Project tries that is trying most notably Tata and Mahindra complete the task we have to the As every project is a temporary en- Management process groups, nine to capitalise on the and Mahindra(M&M) have used best satisfaction of all concerned deavour, it means that it has a def- project management knowledge enormous oppor- South Africa as the Hub for their whether it is acquiring admission inite beginning and a definite end. areas. Through this regular feature tunities that African expansion, South Africa’s forms for a younger brother or Similarly going to a movie has a we will discuss each of these abound in this easy accessibility and its important going out for a movie with friends. definite beginning and a definite knowledge areas and its relevance rough diamond in place in Africa’s economic progress As a student of management, one ending. The second argument is to our routine life to make our lives the market. Africa has has made it a launch pad for these should be able to plan, organise, about its uniqueness. One would happier and smoother. not been unexplored automobile giants. There are plans coordinate, and control these tasks argue that we go to watch a movie (Part-II in june issue) by India, In Africa for to gradually expand into other effectively and efficiently. But the with our friends so many times so decades albeit in lim- countries. question arises, how can we do what is so unique about it and how - Anil Prabhakar ited numbers through this? Project Management! it correlates with the definition? My companies like TATA On the FMCG front Emami has de- and Mahindra. India is veloped a very innovative product H@ckers Lliskoe heavselroyo pshyos lteesm. ,I ft h ee dIonnt e’tr nf iext now making a fresh (a hair straightener for curly ‘hard’ push to make significant inroads African hair), Cars and many other a w into the African market through companies like Emami, Punj Lloyd, products are being produced to suit the taste and qualities of the African Exposed! e n d u p l o s i n g i m p o r t a n t d a t a . them or take precautions, we may Marico, Godrej, UB group and most significantly Bharti Airtel. people in varying geographic zones. There are several Indian companies enter- B reaking cyber laws and getting into someone’s computer or e- mail account becomes a compul- about making it best by updating it frequently. now very easy to crack therefore now, WPA passwords are used. Approximately 900 million peo- ing the African Market and to date ple live in the 54 there seems to be sion for hackers and that is why Hackers create new viruses and Hackers also use other ways to get countries of USD 17 billion. they update their methods and the Trojans all the time. If you aren’t passwords for your mail and e- Africa. While no Africa is a difficult, technology frequently. To protect updating your antivirus that simply Banking accounts. Phishing is most African nation even hostile ter- ourselves from hacking attacks we means that hackers are a step often adopted and effective way of can be com- rain. Political in- should not only update our PCs but ahead of your antivirus software. doing it. In phishing, a hacker de- pared to the de- stability and also our knowledge of IT failing velops a page which is similar to v e l o p e d violence have which we should be ready to share login page of your mail account. As countries, it is scared many confidential information with them. soon as user enters his username untrue that the multinationals and password, he/she is redirected entire continent away (though One sure way to protect data is not to his/her mail account but in the is impoverished. Taking Africa as a some like Unilever and Shell still to go online. But Hey! Is this a pos- process a copy of username and whole represents an enormous have substantial operations). But itive approach? Who doesn’t go on- password is also mailed to hacker market for any investor. India has things are improving, Africa is now line nowadays? The right sitting in a remote location. To been playing second fiddle to moving towards peace and stability approach is to defend your-self avoid this, you should always type China in this market, but it is now with dynamic leaders who are more from hackers while online using the domain name in address bar in- waking up and trying its level best concerned towards development, precautions. stead of opening it from link pro- to bridge the gap as much as it can. this has translated into investments vided by some other external which are seemingly alien to the Avoid using public or someone sources like spam mails, etc. And India has not capitalised on its ad- continent with India taking a sub- else’s computer which may have same address bar should be veri- vantage of having had a long his- stantial slice of the cake. The re- spy-ware installed on it. Spy-ware fied to check whether the page you tory with Africa. The previous cent plunge into Africa by Bharti is software that silently records have opened is a fake page or not. relationship was only based on In- Airtel(acquiring Zain Africa for over everything you type and sends it to dians settling across the world to USD10billion) is by far the largest a remote user. They are designed Never use proxy websites to login escape the previously entrepre- investment of any Indian company to run undetected. Many of into your mail accounts. It’s almost neur-unfriendly state of the country. in Africa. It is a testament of the them aren’t detected by like telling your password to Indians went to all nooks and cran- growing belief of India Inc. in the antivirus software and a stranger to help you nies of the world including Africa to profitability and sustainability of the others are setup with login into your mail ac- seek livelihoods which was prefer- African continent with more deals required permissions to count. There are many able to the competition and the lack and investments und to follow. This run. It is suggested to fake proxy websites that of an encouraging productive sec- investment (Bharti Airtel) which use public computers records all the informa- tor of India in the past. The massive constitutes a significant chunk of only in urgent cases or when tion you type being a in- development and growth of the India’s investment in Africa is the you don’t need to type termediary. economy has now given India the harbinger of larger investments. As confidential informa- impetus to continue expanding its India wants to add more fuel to its tion like passwords. Always keep chang- economic success story across the development on all fronts and also Also, don’t allow your ing passwords for African continent. close in on countries that are friends to use your Do not download soft- your mail and other ahead of it in investment in the computer in your ab- ware from any source other than online accounts. It is Besides being an emerging mar- promising African market. It will sence; you will never get to the manufacturers. If you down- highly recommended to ket, Africa is also rich in oil and min- take a while for India to catch up know if there is any spy-ware in- load software from unreliable have an alphanumeric password erals. Its oil markets are open to with these countries particularly stalled on your computer even if sources, they might have been in- as it is difficult to guess by some- foreign participation, unlike some China, but with the right strategy, you have an antivirus. tegrated with spy-ware, this is ap- one else. Select your passwords Gulf countries, and are attractive to zeal and determination, it is bound plicable on antivirus software as and answers to secret questions Indian oil companies. ONGC to get there. Don’t let a stranger to connect well. Just ask- why would someone smartly keeping in mind that people Videsh Limited (OVL), ONGC’s his/her external storage media to else, will make that software avail- who know you may guess it. overseas investment arm, has al- your computer. Hackers often able to you free of cost. ready acquired stakes in oil explo- setup Viruses and Trojans on exter- If you take these precautions you - Abdulrahman Gafai ration in Libya and Nigeria. It also nal media like pen-drives in such a If you are using a password se- are secure, but not for ever be- has big investments in Sudan. way that they infect the computer cured wireless router to access the cause as I said you will need to up- system with viruses and Trojans network don’t be amazed to find a date yourself time to time as every time they are connected. These Trojans send information from your computer to a remote user. stranger accessing your network. Cracking the password for wireless router is not a rocket science. One way to protect your-self from this is hackers are not going to stop in- venting. Gain all the knowledge that hackers have but keep your in- tentions good and develop yourself Ten MS-Excel tips To edit active cell, press F2 To remove unnecessary spaces, The major reason behind the fail- to make the network hidden, or use as an ethical Hacker. use =trim(text) ure of antivirus software lies at the the latest password encryption To hide current row, press ctrl+9 user’s end. Remember, it’s not methodology like, earlier WEP COUNT() only counts number of about getting the best antivirus; it is passwords were used which are - B . P. S . K . To hide current column, press cells with numbers in them, if you ctrl+0 want to count number of cells with anything in them, use COUNTA() ADVERTISE HERE SUBSCRIBE To go to the next worksheet, press ctrl+shift+pg down To move a chart and align it with cells, hold down ALT key while Contact: “Hamdard Business Review” To go to the previous worksheet, moving the chart Faheem 9873463556 press ctrl+shift+pg up for your office or college To insert current date, press ctrl+; Faiziab 9310967857 To copy value from above cell, and to insert current time, press send your request to press ctrl+’ ctrl+shift+; - Psyche
  4. 4. MAY 2010 HAMDARD BUSINESS REVIEW 4 Nehru Place IT-Hub Indian Curry to lose weight They say “the harder you work the humble haldi will lead to reduced A Paradise of paradoxes luckier you get”, and all of us are on weight gain than one without the the roller coaster of the workplace golden powder. switchback trying to work long and hard, pushing the limits, trying to This is because turmeric contains forge our own destiny, but do we a plant-based chemical called cur- By Bhupinder Pal Singh actually get any luckier? Meeting cumin which suppresses the At Nehru Place, the person selling the click of mouse people can with the boss, conference with the growth of fat tissue in mice and you computer hardware may not choose the best buy. This project client, dealing with the customers, but no smile - and our bathroom human cell cultures, according to a have used a computer in his life; has been set up with the active replying mail, filing reports, crank- scales sneers our weight and Body study by Tufts University in Boston, the person who refills your printer’s support of traders. NehruPlaceI- ing up the server-room guy, Black- mass Index back at us when we published in the Journal of Nutri- cartridges may not be sufficiently Thub.Com is a unique combination berry…It never ends step on it every morning. The fact tion. Turmeric is effective when literate to read a news pare, much of B2B and B2C selling. One cus- is we need nutrition, and balance added to a high-fat meal, suggest- less the in- tomer support In all this maelstrom of frenetic ac- and good wholesome sustenance ing it could help fight obesity. struction sheet person is as- tivity did we miss anything? Yes. to keep ourselves going and stay of his equip- signed to ten Lunch. And breakfast and perhaps healthy. So, grab your spoons and dig in to ment. dealers to up- we’ll miss out on dinner too. that oil-rich, haldi-rich moghlai date the prices Seems like life can’t even slow Scientists and researchers believe korma, because this tasty curry has At first glance, and products down for a wholesome meal. This that [Curcuma longa], or turmeric, a major fringe benefit. Your health! the c o m p u t frequently. In “missing meals and snacking busi- used in most Indian meals, has an e r hardware future, Softalk ness” doesn’t get a smile from our active ingredient that can help fight market at Lakhotia Info- shrink - a derisive laugh perhaps obesity. A meal that includes our - Ankita Ahuja Nehru Place com Ltd is A welcome hand seems disor- planning to Nothing kill a bad product faster than great pro- ganised. As you enter the market launch state-wise IT hubs like Delhi you will find hawkers, tobacconists, IT hub, Mumbai IT hub, etc and motion. conversely, to ensure that a great prod- garment shops and other Non-IT then linking all to launch a national uct never delivers its potential; do ensure that product dealers. There are how- IT-hub which will be Encouraging foreign film makers your promotions are benchmarked in disgrace! ever, around 800 IT hardware deal- IndiaIThub.Com. So now instead ers located in an area of 8000 sq. meters who require a tool to com- of wasting hours in Nehru place and struggling to get the best price, T he product in question is India. I mean as a destination in movie countries are also devising strategies to lure movie makers. The Singapore There is no doubt that India is hot spot as Barbra Mori worked with In- dian film “Kites”, recently. municate with each other for up- you can now let your fingers do the production. In this re- Tourism Board invested dated prices. In these days of walking online. An online auction is gard, our slow $6.5 million under its “film Slumdog Millionaire has been the demand and supply, a new net- another unique feature of this hub, progress is quite sur- in Singapore” scheme most successful foreign film foray working website has been which will allow dealers or any reg- prising since the coun- and will subsidise interna- in India, but not for the right rea- launched dedicated to computer istered user to put any computer try is known far and tional film production by as sons. Rather than being restricted hardware at Nehru Place called hardware up for auction. wide for its natural beauty much as 50%. Fiji is ready to global image of widespread NehruplaceIThub.Com. Interest- as well as for its diver- to give a payback %. poverty and destitution. It’s time ingly, this website is launched by Nehru Place IT hardware market sity. We have that India stands for much more on Softalk Lakhotia Infocom Ltd is considered to be the cheap- had a lot Unfor- global front. And making it easier of which Subhash Lakhotia is est and the largest in terms of to do tunately In- for foreign film makers could be a one of the board members volume in Asia. By putting it on with the credible vital step in that direction. who happens to be a tax con- internet through a website, increase India contin- sultant referred to be a Softalk Lakhotia Infocom in Indian tourist traffic to Switzer- ues to lag in this regard. Just And also restoration of old mon- “Tax Guru”. Ltd has brought the land by almost 30%. Even Rakesh around 90 foreign film productions uments should be done in such a power of Internet to the Roshan is honored by the New have been cleared for shooting in way that we can spread our natural This IT hardware hub is small traders to widen Zealand PM for promoting tourism; India over the last three years. The and aesthetic beauty of world class created for the traders retailing var- their market and their profits. also Tarun Mansukhani director of biggest predicament is the lengthy architecture and diversified culture ious products. This is one hub “Dostana” was invited by the Gov- paper work required by Ministry of worldwide. Government’s lack- which sets up an intranet for the (This article is sponsored by ernment of Thailand to be a part of Information & Broadcasting. Multi- adaisical attitude towards our mon- dealers in the area. This intranet is association of unlicensed hawkers of Thailand entertainment expo. ple clearances with different de- uments is the main problem and then put on the internet and with Nehru place ) partments continue to discourage because of this a lot of these silent King Khan himself has been signed foreign film producers in spite of monuments still wait for restoration. ...BRAIN DRAIN Here’s a reality check for you… There are some implicit benefits on as a cultural ambassador by the Korean tourism organisation to pro- mote tourism and lure movie mak- having one primary department for all formalities. Also, local authorities create hurdles and demand bribes -Md. Anwarul Haque ers. Numerous South Asian for clearances at the local level. even as we compare the average too. Ever noticed the movies shot HORRORSCOPE salaries between India and the at exotic locations in Europe or Find out which zodiac is Com- countries abroad, North America America, the places are so beauti- patible with yours and prosper- and Europe scored an all time high ful, spic and span with white roads! ous specialisation for you of $93,400; within Europe itself, I’m not kidding! White roads! Can Aries ( March 21 - Virgo ( August 23 - Aquarius ( Jan 20 - salaries in the UK are coming in at you think of a white road in India? April 20 ) Sept. 22 ) Feb 18 ) 180,000 USD a year whereas in Absolutely not! It makes you won- France it’s $97,000, Germany der, don’t Indians live in those Suggested Special- Suggested Special- Suggested special- $89,000. Here comes the big one countries? It’s actually funny saying isation: Marketing isation: Operations isation: Marketing now, the average salary of an MBA this, but Indians have such high Compatible Boss: Compatible Boss: Compatible Boss: in India went up to just a mere moral and civic sense there, you’ll Leo Taurus Gemini 25,000 USD. I admit that the never catch them throwing cost of living in coun- a scrap of paper, or toffee Taurus ( April 20 - Libra ( Sept. 23 - Pisces ( Feb 18 - tries abroad are quite wrapper, anything! May 20 ) Oct. 22 ) March 20 ) high, despite that, the income received has Besides, Suggested Special- Suggested Special- Suggested Special- been serving the em- coming from isation: Finance isation: Marketing isation: HR igrants well. abroad, people Compatible Boss: Compatible Boss: Compatible Boss: also get more tech-savvy Virgo Gemini Cancer The money that and alert to trends. I re- emigrants send member when the iPhone Gemini ( May 21 - Scorpio ( Oct. 22 - HBR Editorial Board back home helps in re- was launched, initially in June 20 ) Nov. 21 ) ducing the poverty in the US, one of my friend’s Asgar Ali Shah families. This has reduced the brothers had sent it to him in Suggested Special- Suggested Special- Bhupinder Pal Singh isation: Marketing isation:Finance severity and level of poverty, other Bhopal. Honestly, for about 3 and a Faheem Ahmed than reducing the various other half months, he was actually Compatible Boss: Compatible Boss: evils attached to it. The results are treated like some sort of celebrity Libra Pisces Faiziab Farooqui decreased child labour, greater for possessing Parul Bhadoo child schooling and for those peo- Cancer ( June 21 - Sagittarius ( Nov. Sana Ashraf ple starting their own businesses - it even though the service provider july 22 ) 22 - Dec. 21 ) more hours worked in self employ- was not compatible with the the Vivek Parashar Suggested Special- Suggested Special- ment. phone. So people! Every cloud has isation: HR isation: Operations a silver lining. Brain drain does Special Thanks From an economic point of view, come with its disadvantages, but Compatible Boss: Compatible Boss: the money that is generated when we consider the advantages; Pisces Cancer Dr. Abhimanyu Acharya abroad is usually spent in India, they outweigh the disadvantages. Mr. Areeb Khan which increases the National In- That’s why the next time they ask Leo ( July 23 - Au- Capricorn ( Dec. gust 22 ) 22 - jan 19 ) Prof. Shibu John come. It’s a common practice with your views on brain drain, you NREs (non-residential emigrants), should be saying, ‘Baby its all Suggested Special- Suggested Special- that they invest the money they good!’ isation: Finance isation: HR Please direct your earned in the Gulf or elsewhere in feedback at their hometowns in India.. Compatible Boss: Compatible Boss: - Jimmy Aries Taurus F O R A D V E RT I S E M E N T   O N   H B R   C A L L   :   F a h e e m 9 8 7 3 4 6 3 5 5 6 / F a i z i a b 9 3 1 0 9 6 7 8 5 7