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The Business Benefits of a Data-Driven, Self-Service BI Organization

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Self-service Business intelligence software is bringing analysts and business users together and driving the fundamental cultural shift making organizations truly data-driven. Broader access to reliable and curated data can improve business performance with top- and bottom-line impact. And more businesses are seeing this benefit as interest in self-serve BI tools grows, according to TDWI research.

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The Business Benefits of a Data-Driven, Self-Service BI Organization

  1. 1. The Business Benefits of a Data-Driven, Self-Service BI Organization Fern Halper TDWI Research Director for Advanced Analytics @fhalper June 23, 2015
  2. 2. Agenda • Trends in data access and self-service • Twilio case study • Round table discussion • Audience Q&A 2
  3. 3. Analytics Drive Value 3
  4. 4. The situation in many businesses….. 4 IT
  5. 5. What is self-service BI? 5 Self-service BI allows users to access and analyze data with less dependence on IT
  6. 6. Part of democratization trend • Ease of use • The emergence of the business analyst as the user and even model builder • Data access and preparation • Analytic platforms 6
  7. 7. Benefits and issues of self-service BI • Benefits • Streamlines processes • Makes business and IT more productive • Opens up analytics to more users • Organization becomes more data-driven • Issues • Data management • Governance • Shadow IT • Training 7 pros issues
  8. 8. Self-service BI status 8 (source: TDWI ,2015 ETM BPR, subject to change, n=234)
  9. 9. Organizations want self-service • Self-service data “discovery” is very important to many organizations • Some organizations are even planning self-service data access on platforms like Hadoop 9
  10. 10. “We found that we’d add a lot more value back to the organization if we gave it to everyone.” TODD LEHR DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB 2012 2013 2014 “Good Lookers” 300+ A better way to explore complex data Agile data modeling; Transform Data at Query ETL ELT A single set of data and definitions An analytics app server that doesn’t move your data Hosted on-premise or in the cloud
  11. 11. Additional Questions?
  12. 12. what is twilio? Twilio provides a communications API that enables phones, messaging, and VoIP to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software.
  13. 13. what is twilio? Developer purchases phone number Calls and messages are routed into Twilio Developer’s app responds
  14. 14. data use at twilio • Incredibly rich dataset • calls / messages / communications! • lots of different dimensions • Data needs diverse across the company • financial reporting • engineering - performance, reliability, quality • carrier analysis • marketing, sales, product, etc.
  15. 15. evolution • 0 - data need determined, engineer writes query and web interface (slow turnaround) • 1 - data shipped to 3rd party vendors promising one stop reporting and insights (inflexible tool) • 2 - data generally available in s3 / sql data warehouse (good if you know what you’re querying) • 3 - modeling layer to reuse logic on underlying data
  16. 16. ETL twilio Data Warehouse LookML manual download vlookup SalesForce csv Optimizely csv mixpanel csv Before After
  17. 17. current day arch