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Camboo optimizes the company's recruitment process by providing a pre-interview video screening site.

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Camboo slides

  1. 1. Phone Interviews: 27Surveys: 90Early Adopters: 2 Camboo Camboo optimizes the companys recruitment process by providing a pre-interview video screening site.
  2. 2. Describing the problem• Traditional hiring process is highly inefficient and rudimentary• Up to 90% of the in-person interviews made for an open position are discarded• Companies recruiters only use text (Resumes) to decide if the bring someone to the in-person interviews o Resumes is a poor channel to get to know soft skills aptitudes of the potential candidate• Reduce Job-seeker expectations!
  3. 3. Journey through idea evolution• We started Camboo as a site to upload Videos as a way to boost your resume• Customer validation took us to a new idea: A video site to connects job seekers to HR companies• Many surveys and interviews over the phone after took us to our final idea: A way to improve companys recruitment process by means of a pre-interview question guided video
  4. 4. First idea: Site to upload CV Videos Big assumption tested 30+ surveys and 5 phone calls to People liked, but they Bigger Pain Video capabilities Video CV will potential users don’t know how to needed. definitively helpyoung professionals record a video and Speech guided they don’t know that also needed. to find a job to say! 80% positive response T ! IV O P
  5. 5. 2nd try: Connecting HR departments with people This time we tested two big assumptions 20+ more surveys and 5 phone callsWill you pay for a to potential users People liked it. But Bigger Painsite with recording they still don’t know Solution has to capabilities that what to say and they be free for the don’t want to pay tohelp you to record be a member! people. T! CV videos. VO 40% positive response 6 phone calls to HR PI department They don’t see real Bigger Pain Video capabilities HR companies will managers use a new way to value on having yet needed. connect to the another tool to find Companies wants people. But they like tools to improve people T! the video CV feature their productivity IVO P
  6. 6. Last try: Site to optimize recruitment process Again, we tested two big assumptions 40+ more surveys and 5 phone callsWill you live record to same potential They said yes! They Bigger Pain Validated!your self answering users would love to havequestions to apply something to answers and use that for a job? to pitch themselves! 90% positive response 6 phone calls to same HR They loved it! They Bigger Pain Validated! Recruiters will send department questions to managers see that they can candidates. They will watch the video and use these answers to evaluate soft and decide who to call hard skills Two of them said they want to try the site right away! Early adopters found!
  7. 7. Validated product pitch• Our company,, is developing a pre- interview video screening site, that helps hiring companies to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on in-person interviews.• We achieve this by providing companies with a set of questions-guided videos made by the candidates through our site, with the purpose of allowing companies recruiters to evaluate candidates hard and soft skills before investing time and effort on the actual interviews.
  8. 8. MVP Validation• Working on it! o User experience from the Recruiters point of view  Do they want to download the videos?  Do they want to send more than 4 customs questions?  Do they like our Linkedin connection as a way to search for potential candidates? o User experience from the Candidates point of view  Do they like more than one possibility to record the video?  Are they comfortable with the live recording?
  9. 9. Revenue streamsHappy Job Seekers Fee for better Usage license ranking on Exploring alternative models searchs like Quality of Recruitment Insurance, Tailored solution and Partnership
  10. 10. Go to Market Strategy Iterate on theFind Early Adopters Release the MVP Iterate again on feedback to Iterate more on theto try our MVP and publicly over the the feedback to refine the MVP feedback gave us feedback web and find new refine the MVP early adopters Did we say we need iterate on Engage HR agencies Look for through targeted potential Evolve the site and the feedback? look for a new ways marketing and partners to differentiate from salesforce the competition
  11. 11. Size of the Market N Billion of Companies that needed TAM recruitment tools SAM N Billion of IT Companies worlwide SOM 100K IT Companies in Latin America Parking Local 40 IT companies in Industry Córdoba, Argentina
  12. 12. Competitors How we differentiate? •They all lacked from Social integration as a way to look for new candidates •We are going to replicate proved models and customize them for the LAR region first •We are driving our product with Customer Development from Day Zero!
  13. 13. The team 3 Dev guys (lot of experience working for big corps), 1 jedi UX guy, 1 Crazy Sweeden CEO, 2 Custdev fans BIZ guys and even 1 Accountant! (Accountants do run Startups!)
  14. 14. THANKS!www.camboo.cojoin@camboo.coStartup Weekend 2012 - Cordoba, Argentina