Why Custom Choice Realty


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A new innovative Real Estate Brokerage is in business !

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Why Custom Choice Realty

  1. 1.  Custom Choice Realty is a newly launched business  Owned and managed by Lonne Clark  Lonne is a licensed Managing Broker, licensed Realtor, has 7 years experience in Real Estate, 20 years experience as a Management Consultant, and has lived in Pemberton since 1994 Who Are We
  2. 2.  We offer our clients CHOICE  The Real Estate industry is facing major changes, and Custom Choice Realty is at the forefront and supportive of the change  The Competition Bureau has successfully challenged rules imposed by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) that limit consumer choice and prevent innovation in the market for residential real estate services.  Custom Choice Realty has embraced this opportunity to provide a new and innovative business model  Custom Choice Realty allows our clients to CHOOSE exactly what services they want from a Realtor, and also to choose from a variety of financial models  Our model allows our clients to save significant money, while still getting the key exposure associated with a fully listed property What Do We Offer
  3. 3.  Fee for Service ◦ You choose exactly what you want and only what your want ◦ Services are paid for at time of delivery depending on ‘bundling’ ◦ There is NO LISTING COMMISSION applicable to the sale of your property  Products ◦ The Listing Launch ◦ Open House Promotions ◦ Listing Management and Maintenance ◦ Navigating the Negotiation Process Fee for Service Product Choices
  4. 4.  Includes ◦ Market analysis & pricing consultation ◦ Property listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) ◦ Property listed on the Whistler Lisiitng System (WLS) ◦ Dedicated property website i.e. www.123anystreet.com ◦ High quality property photography and online digital photo album ◦ Property feature sheet in PDF format ◦ Signage and lockbox if desired  Fee for this service is $1995 The Listing Launch
  5. 5.  Includes ◦ Realtor / Brokers tour representation ◦ 2 x 2 hour public open house sessions with advertisement, signage & follow up with prospects after the Open House  Fee for this service - $1000 Open House Promotions
  6. 6.  Includes ◦ Updates to the MLS /WLS and custom property websites as and when required ◦ Schedule and management of viewing appointment requests ◦ Follow up on viewing appointments with all Realtors and prospective purchasers  Fee for this service - $250 / month Listing Management and Maintenance
  7. 7.  Includes ◦ 6 hours for the price of 4 – when purchased in advance ◦ Dedicated to supporting your interests throughout the complex negotiation and property completion process  Fee for this service - $1000 Navigating the Negotiation Process
  8. 8.  FSBO – For Sale By Owner ◦ You know you want to sell your home yourself ◦ You know that you can control the process process yourself ? ◦ GOOD FOR YOU !  Put your FSBO strategy on Steroids !  Use the Custom Choice Listing Launch product and save yourself thousands of dollars FSBO on STEROIDS
  9. 9.  Can you really save money you ask – the answer is simply ABSOLUTELY !  Listing commission on a $500,000 home will likely cost you approximately $9000  Pick the products you want from Custom Choice Realty and calculate the savings.  Example ◦ Listing Launch $1995 ◦ Navigating the Negotiation Process $1000 ◦ Total Investment $2995  Your Savings = $6005 Get Out Your Calculator
  10. 10.  If I want to go the traditional full commission route with Custom Choice Realty, can I? And if so, what is the difference between Custom Choice Realtys’ full commission model versus others? ◦ Yes - you can definitely choose a full commission approach ! I have an extremely competitive pricing model for this option as well, and I’m sure I can save you money.  How do I know which is the best choice for me? ◦ You need to evaluate if you have the time and the desire to be truly engaged in the process. If you want to own some, most, or all of it, then of course you can. If that is the case, then Fee For Service may be a perfect fit for you.  Is there any difference between your insurance coverage and that of other Realtors, because of your different business model? ◦ No, there is no difference. As a licensed Brokerage and a Realtor, I have the exact same insurance coverage as other Realtors you may speak with.  Why is this model available now when for years I didn’t think I could do this? ◦ In some places in Canada, you have in fact, been able to do this before now. Unfortunately, Realtors were generally reluctant to let that be known. However, the recent pressure applied by the Competition Bureau has resulted in 2 very promising things. One – it has changed the rules for Realtors across the country (in favor of the consumer); and two – it has resulted in significant press coverage that has helped to educate and inform the consumers. Both are good things. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. 11.  I’m unclear, what does “Fee for Service” really mean? ◦ Fee-for-service is a standard business model where services are unbundled and paid for separately. ◦ Two important distinctions between a “fee for service" listing and "full service" listing should be noted: first, the flat fee agent is usually acting in a limited capacity on behalf of the seller; and second, compensation is generally paid "up front" to the agent for the contracted services, as opposed to a commission paid at closing based on the sales price of the property. The purpose of flat fee MLS is to reduce the overall cost of selling real estate for the seller.  What is the biggest advantage of “Fee-for-Service”? ◦ A significant advantage to paying a flat Fee-For-Service is that if you find your own buyer, without the use of a buyer's agent, then the buyer's agent commission is eliminated, and the seller owes no agent a commission. This, of course, is HUGE savings for you.  What might a disadvantage of “Fee for Service” be ? ◦ A potential downside of using a flat fee listing service is that you may need to represent yourself through the negotiation process to sell your home. However, you can avoid this by signing up for our Negotiation Navigator product ! ◦ Flat Fee may not be the best choice for sellers who have moved away from the area where their home is located. While it happens successfully from time to time, it can be difficult and frustrating for a home owner to negotiate a long-distance contract and smoothly navigate to a closing. But for Custom Choice Realty customers, there are addition services offered that mitigate these potential risks !  Bottom Line -- Sellers should realize that Flat Fee programs are not a panacea for problems or issues they may have experienced in trying to sell their home. No real estate agent - limited or full service - can guarantee a property owner's home will sell at the desired price and terms. Frequently Asked Questions
  12. 12.  Email lonne@telus.net Toll Free 1.800.328.1007 Direct 1.604.902.4208 Contact Us for Further Information