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Media question 4


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Media question 4

  1. 1. 4) Who would be the audience for your media product? The main audience that our media product is aimed at is mostly men, aged 15 and upwards, due to the fact it has a lot of features that men typically find appealing in films: violence, action and fight-scenes. A publication that would be likely to carry out reviews of adverts for our film would be Empire magazine. It’s aimed mainly at men and film fanatics, both of which I think would be able to appreciate our film. Although Empire reviews many genres of film, it seems to favour action/thriller films with complex plot lines and male heroes. For the majority of the rom- coms reviewed by the magazine, few got more than three stars. On the cover of the magazine, there is typically a picture of a hero from the latest blockbuster, action movie, which could be the main character from our film. Due to the fact our film is apsychological thriller with a complex plot, lots of violence and has a male hero, I think it would beideal for Empire. I think their female readers would appreciate the film because of its complex plot-line and they may also feel sympathy towards the main character as he has no idea what’s happenedto him. The male readers will appreciate all the drama, action and fight scenes, as well as the plot.Film ReviewWith atmospheric special effects and an intriguing plot-line, Dead Tone tells the story of Dan Smith(Dan Bannister), as he tries to recover what happened to him, after a party from the night before.Described as “The Hangover” of the thriller world, Dead Tone depicts a typical teen in an untypicalsituation. Dan has to figure out what happened to him from the night before, but with a phonenumber as his only clue he faces a gruelling challenge. From chases to explosive fight scenes, Dan’sexperience is incredibly gripping, not only because of the thrilling action sequences, but because ofthe incredible journey Dan goes on throughout the film. The film has the viewer hooked from thestart because of the mystery surrounding Dan’s situation – there are so many questions that need tobe answered. Also, I’m sure many of the people watching the film have been in a similar situation –you’ve had too much to drink and you can’t remember exactly what happened the night before, butnot like this. As Dan’s story unfolds, you realise there is so much more to this boy than just aconfused teenager. His family problems and his past represent what so many people go through butin a way that all people can feel empathy towards him, which makes this film appealing to a wideraudience. Moreover the film’s intriguing special effects make it unique and the standout soundeffect of the dead tone sums up the film in a memorable way.