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Task 4


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Task 4

  1. 1. The audience we are aiming to appeal to is probably young people, bothmale and female, aged 18-35. I think that our film would appeal to bothgenders because the genre thriller isnt majorly dominated by eithergender. I think that the film magazine ‘TOTAL FILM’ would be mostlikely to carry reviews and adverts for our film as it is highly diverse inthe sense that displays feature stories from a wide range of genres. Thiswould allow us to advertise to a larger audience, and not only wouldcatch the attention of thriller fans but may also be of interest to othergenres, such as horror and action. Whereas magazines such as ‘empire’seems to be mostly aimed towards men and does not offer the variety ofgenres that ‘TOTAL FILM’ does. The magazine tends to focus on aspecific audience each issue, therefore changing its content to appeal tothat audience. For example, as you can see below the front page of themagazine is advertising the feature article as being about the film‘inception’ which is a science fiction thriller; the article is thereforeaccompanied by various other articles based on genres such as fantasyand adventure, which may also appeal to the science fiction thrillergenre. Also due to the magazine being so popular it would allow our filmto reach a larger audience as well as a more varied audience. Thismagazine doesnt specifically advertise and review for blockbuster films,however this does apply for the majority of films featured, it has beenknown to review lower budget releases.Review: it’s been a while since a truly nerving and slightly disturbingfilm was on the big screen, so it has come to no surprise that uspsychological thriller loving fans jumped at the chance to see the filmthat is known as ‘the investigation’. Now do not be put off by the clichétitle and the low budget, for this film offers a new look on the ‘worn out’genre. A hidden storyline adds new elements to the film and despite itnot being the easiest film to follow, it provides you with that satisfiedand rewarding feeling you get when you solve a brainteaser. Obviouslynot everyone wants to be mentally challenged when they go to watch afilm; however that’s what makes this film so appealing to thepsychological thriller fan base.The films unusual storyline is not the only aspect of the film, whichmakes it so enjoyable to watch. Now like most low budget films, they
  2. 2. often use this fact to their advantage. We are all familiar with the worksof paranormal activity and their home video styled footage; well imaginethat but from the perspective of the ‘baddie’. The shaky cameras andeerie camera angles make the subject of voyeurism even moreunsettling. As for the cast they were able to give a truly believableperformance, they reflected the terror and frustration that the storylinebrings to the table, and I was shocked to see that the actress, LoisBaker, was able to adapt so quickly to her new role. To give you an ideaof the initial plot, the film follows the on-going investigation of an‘abducted’ child, unfortunately that is all I am able to say withoutspoiling the film for you, therefore to find out why I highly recommendthis film, you’ll just have to go see for yourself.