Jess, Keri and Charlotte's History Of Music Presentation


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Jess, Keri and Charlotte's History Of Music Presentation

  1. 1. The History of MusicVideoBy Charlotte, Jess and Keri
  2. 2. Queen: “I Want To Break Free”
  3. 3. Queen: “I Want To Break Free”Queen is represented as a band who likes to have a laugh, whodoesn‟t mind joking aroundThere isn‟t as many cuts and shots in Queen as modern bands.Freddie is good at lip syncing but some of the other band members donot do it as well.The lighting seems to be out of time.They have good ideas in their music video but don‟t seem to linktogether.The band get into the roles of their characters well, when dressed aswomen and set in the house.Technicolor has improved over the years. The colours in the modernvideos have a higher quality and sharpness, compared to the old oneswith a paler and softer hue.In one stage of the music video, a group of people are in thebackground “dancing” however they are out of sync. Freddie dances tomusic and doesn‟t appear to have a particular dance routine.
  4. 4. The have a very strange range of costumes and go fromone extreme to the other. Starting out with them alldressed as women to wearing leotards.They also have a range of locations from the house, onstage and in a large area.Queen are being stereotypical in this video of women withexaggerated hair and make-up and seen as a typical„house-wife‟.They are using a more abstract idea to emphasis the ideaof „breaking free‟ – such as representing themselves ascows (wearing skin tight patterned leotards) wanting tobreak free from being cooped up. This is also shown whenthey are dressed as a house-wife.
  5. 5. Lawson: Taking Over Me
  6. 6. Lawson: Taking Over MeCostumes in today‟s boy bands are very fashionableto fit in with the latest trend and to gain more fans.The band are all up to date with modern technologyas they are shown with microphones andinstruments.They break up the story with them playing theirinstruments to engage with the audience.They all appear to be having fun – Not many dancemoves – relaxing.There are a lot of cuts in the music video to engagethe audience and making it more exciting andinteresting.Some of the location is set in an isolated area in the
  7. 7. Some of the camerawork is handheld but itdoesn‟t create camera shake – which couldemphasis the adrenaline of their emotions aswell as the movement of themselves.Slow-motion is also being used to emphasis aparticular moment – as it makes you look forlonger therefore being memorable.The time of day, as the sun is setting creates arelaxing atmosphere which links to theirmovement in the video.
  8. 8. SimilaritiesIn both music videos the lead singers have morecamera presence compared to other members of theband- including more close-ups.In both videos the stories and lyrics link together.They both use a range of shots including group shots,close-ups, long shots etc.Both videos use a range of different locations andincludes props that fit in with the particular scene.Both bands use direct address towards the camera tomake us feel involved.
  9. 9. DifferencesQueen use artificial lighting such as colorful stage lights,while Lawson use lightning to portray natural light thatmakes the scene look real.Queen use professional dancers to re-create somethingthat would look like it were performed on a stage. WhereasLawson creates a „life in the day of‟ their characters that weas the audience can relate to.Queen do not appear together playing as a band on theirmusic video whereas Lawson does.How both bands are portrayed are very different from oneanother. For instance, their clothes as Lawson are casualand up to date whereas Queen are dressed exaggerated.