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Chloe evaluation presentation group 16


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Chloe evaluation presentation group 16

  1. 1. Using Split Screens• While coming up with initial ideas for making our music video, we looked at examples of real music videos for inspiration, such as Make Her Say by Kid Cudi, Countdown by Beyonce and Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill. Looking at these videos helped us lots and gave us some very clear ideas on the style in which we wanted to shoot our music video and which conventions would work best.• We came up with the idea of using a split screen, which is featured in videos Make Her Say and Countdown. We thought that using a split screen from the urban setting to the studio setting would be really diverse and show the two fighting parts in the story line (the war in the song lyrics) as well as introducing the two different settings without making the change too abrupt.
  2. 2. Using Split Screens• Split screen in Make Her Say:• This example of a split screen is very relevant to our video ideas as it features half a screen shot in a studio and half a screen shot of an outside setting - exactly what we are hoping to achieve with our video except with a more urban outdoor setting. We also liked the bright colours of the balloons here because we wanted our video to feature a plain white studio filled with lots of bright colours, to really make them stand out. (This also symbolises the fighting in our storyline as it almost shows a battle between colour and black and white).
  3. 3. Using Split Screens• Split Screen in Countdown:• We liked this idea from Beyonces video as the split screen is again featured in a white studio, which we really wanted to try and recreate. Watching Beyonces videos were also a big influence for us as she is a contemporary pop artist who has very relevant and popular videos at the moment and she is portrayed as a powerful woman in her music videos, which we wanted to show ourselves as in our video because the lyrics of our chosen song portray a woman fighting a war and trying to regain control.
  4. 4. Using Split Screens• Split Screen in our music video:• I think that we did well in creating a power struggle between the urban setting and the studio setting in our video. Here the studio is being pushed off the screen by the urban setting, which signifies the war between two different sides in the story of our song and switches the music video up to keep it interesting.
  5. 5. Using Mise En Scene• - Beyonces Countdown video helped to influence our mise en scene ideas and studio location setting ideas.• Costumes and studio location in Countdown:• We really liked the aesthetically pleasing studio setting in this music video and we thought that if we could find a dance studio similar to this for our music video then it would be perfect as the white colour is not distracting and the idea of dance is linked with female empowerment. We were going to use a beauty spa studio but then realised that our college had a dance studio which was completely white and would work really well, so we filmed some parts of our music video here. We also took inspiration from the mise en scene here because the black costumes make the popstar stand out from the white walls as the main focus, and the high heels Beyonce is wearing and power stance that she is standing in, in each section show her power as a woman.
  6. 6. Using Mise En Scene• White studio setting and costumes in our music video:• I think that the white background here teamed with the bright colours of the beanbags and our black clothing really makes us stand out and shows that we are the main focus as we are the pop stars of our music video. We used the beanbags as sitting on one different colour each symbolises our different personalities. We dressed all in black to contrast with the white studio, except from Sabrina is wearing a white top as she is in the middle and we thought that this would make us look like a co-ordinatedgirlband. We are all wearing high heels to show our power as we are taller than we would usually be which is a symbol of power and control, and our body language of crossing our legs shows our strong attitude which fits with the lyrics of the song.
  7. 7. Using Mise En Scene• Here we are wearing black and white outfits again, but we went with a black studio for this part to switch up the video and contrast with the all white background. Looking back, I think that the white studio had a stronger contrast with our outfits and maybe we should have stayed in the white studio as the camera hasnt picked up as much detail in our faces in the black studio due to the darker lighting. However, this is only a short scene in our video and I think the fact that we are still symmetrical with a white top in the middle works well.
  8. 8. Using the Ghosting Effect• Ghosting in Countdown:• We liked the idea of recreating the ghosting effect in our music video because we thought that it made this video look very professional. Also, it is featured during the dancing section of this music video in the studio, which is something we wanted to try for our music video. The natural lighting here also looks good and makes the quality of the music video look better.
  9. 9. Using the Ghosting Effect• The ghosting effect in our music video:• We recreated the ghosting effect in the studio here, but we put our own personal stamp on it by using the multicoloured beanbags. We came up with the idea of throwing the bean bags to signify the war in the song, so we lined the music video up so that we threw them at the same time as the parts of the song where J.Cole says hate. We also slowed down the pace of this part so that it looked more dramatic.
  10. 10. Using the Ghosting Effect• More ghosting in our video:• We also used the ghosting effect in some of our outdoor urban scenes, because we were singing big chunks of the chorus in these parts and it got a little repetitive, so we made it more interesting by layering more than one of us singing at once and ghosting it.
  11. 11. Using the Mirroring Effect• Mirroring effect in the Countdown video:• We took inspiration from this effect in Beyonces video because we liked the idea of having a few people mirrored at once, as it creates a very interesting and dynamic look when theres lots going on at the same time. Here she is wearing a black outfit with a black top, leggings and high heels, much like our costumes.
  12. 12. Using the Mirroring Effect• Mirror effect in our music video:• Here we recreated the mirror effect in the dance studio. I really like how we have almost created a pattern here by standing in this formation. The mise en scene here - our stances and expressions also show our attitude and power.
  13. 13. Using the Mirroring Effect• More mirroring effects in our music video:• We also used some mirroring effects outside in the urban setting, to make the video more interesting than if we were just standing in the middle of the screen and singing. I really like the symmetrical features of this effect as it makes the shot look well framed.
  14. 14. Using Screens, Close Ups and Body Language• Multiple screens, close ups and facial expressions in the Countdown video:• When watching this Beyonce video, we really liked the effect of having multiple screens with a different action happening in each one and the old film strip style it created. We also liked the close ups here teamed with the hand actions over the pop stars face, as this drew the focus to her well while at the same time keeping the viewer interested with lots of different things going on at once. We recreated similar effects to all of these things in our music video.
  15. 15. Using Screens, Close Ups and Body Language• Example of us using the film strip boxes (teamed with mirroring) in our music video:• We liked the effect that these two boxes opposite to each other with the mirroring effect created.
  16. 16. Using Screens, Close Ups and Body Language• Examples of us using the close ups/hand movements around our face effects in our music video:
  17. 17. Urban Location Ideas• We really wanted to use a setting that looked typically urban for half of our music video and this Lauryn Hill music video was good inspiration to watch as it features around an urban outdoor setting and also uses a split screen throughout.• Urban setting in Doo-Wop (That Thing):• The setting in this music video looks typically urban because of the buildings, the concrete, the dark colours of the surroundings that look quite faded and old rather than modern and shiny, and the outdoor location.
  18. 18. Urban Location Ideas• Urban settings in our music videos:• The locations we have chosen here look typically urban because they feature graffiti, faded walls, dark underground places and unclean floors around us. I think we did well in choosing urban looking locations because they contrast completely with the bright clean studios, and this put together with our dark, co-ordinated outfits in the studio and our bright, mismatched outfits in the outdoor setting symbolises the war between two different sides (much like the fighting coupless opposite personalities in the lyrics of the song.
  19. 19. How Our Magazine Advert and Digipak Relate to Real Pop Products• Examples of how our magazine advert compares to real pop artists magazine adverts:• Our groups album advert and Katy Perrys relevant pop album advert both feature female pop artists looking straight towards the camera, to make eye contact and show their importance as an artist. Both of these adverts also feature the artists/bands name at the top of the advert to introduce the artist(s) and the font is in a style that relates to the style of the artist(s) personality (Katy Perrys is a swirly font that relates to candy which is one of her branding points and ours is in an urban/graffiti font which relates to the theme of our music video and album). Both of these adverts also feature lots of bright, popping colours that draw your eye to the advert straight away.
  20. 20. How Our Magazine Advert and Digipak Relate to Real Pop Products• Examples of how our digipak/album front cover relates to relevant pop artists album covers:All three of these album cover examples from Lana Del Ray, Alicia Keys and Rita Ora are from strong female figures which are in the charts in modern times. They all feature the women looking straight towards the camera, much like the photograph of our band on our album cover and all three of these women have strong facial expressions that show attitude and power, like how we are not smiling on our album cover but instead look quite strong and like we have attitude. Both Alicia Keys and Rita Oras album covers feature themselves in black and white and their surroundings in colour which is exactly what we have done with our front cover, singled ourselves out in black and white and made everything around us colourful to make sure we dont blend into the background. In Lana Del Rays album cover the mise en scene of her outfit is very similar to ours as a couple of our band members have curly/wavy styled hair like she does, one of our band members is wearing gold hoop earrings like hers and all three of our band members are wearing red lipstick like she is, so this shows that our costume choices are relevant to popular clothing for pop stars in modern times.