Section A: Question 1b help


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Section A: Question 1b help

  1. 1. G235: Critical Perspectives inMediaTheoretical Evaluation ofProduction: Q 1a and Q 1b
  2. 2. Rubric for 1b)Evaluate one production piece (AS or A2 mainproject or either of the A2 ancillaries) againstone of the below theoretical concepts:• Genre• Narrative• Representation• Audience• Media LanguageAnswers can demonstrate how work supportsor challenges ideas within the areas.
  3. 3. Q1b) GuidanceStudents need to be equipped to take one of theirProductions and apply it to ideas/theory about one ofthe five concepts.It is possible to pick one of your productionsand work through all the concepts as part of your preparation.
  4. 4. Q1b) Guidance• Introductions - could follow 3 part structure: 1. Define the concept 2. Outline the production you will evaluate. 3. Tell the examiner you are going to discuss (X number of ideas about the concept in the essay).• The emphasis is on examples (D) from your work to support or challenge a theory/idea about the concept.
  5. 5. Q1b) Breakdown of the Concepts• Genre• Generally, this should cover not just generic conventions of the particular sub-genre of your product but should include ideas about how genres develop/evolve (in relation to your particular product (e.g. Changing sub-genres of music video, magazines) and how institutions use genre to target audiences.
  6. 6. Q1b) Breakdown of the Concepts• Narrative• Essentially, the basic and familiar narrative theories can be applied to all media productions.• Consider the structure of your narrative, your use of characters and the relationship between audience expectations and narrative.
  7. 7. Q1b) Breakdown of the Concepts• Representation• There are numerous theories about representation of gender, age, ethnicity, regional identity etc. which may have already been covered at AS.• Evaluate how your product has mediated certain representations about social groups/artists/characters.• You can also evaluate how certain subcultures have been represented within the product.
  8. 8. Q1b) Breakdown of the Concepts• Audience• Again, there are numerous ways to tackle this and an idea about each will allow you to fully show you understand the concept.• How the audience is represented, how the product can be applied to audience effects/reception/pleasures theories, how the product is a reflection of ideas about changing audience consumption habits, how the audience for the text was constructed and researched.
  9. 9. Q1b) Breakdown of the Concepts• Media Language• This is all about the specific medium and how the language of the medium has been used to create meaning for the audience. The meanings generally are a synoptic round up of other options covered (genre, narrative/stories, representations).• As part of this it is important to include terminology about how signs work in the media.• Essentially, however, this is one where a generic approach is more difficult and the language of the medium needs careful revision to encourage students to textually analyse their own essay against medium specific theory (e.g. Goodwin and music videos).