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Evaluation q1 emily

  1. 1. Evaluation Q1In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Here is the opening shot for our music video. As you can see, there is yellow dye falling into water. As a group, we found this shot extremely effective and different. Using this to open our music video works well as straight away the audience are intrigued; want to find out more. We found it very important that the music relates to the visuals throughout our music video. So, in this very first shot when the ink separates into an ‘’M’’ shape as show in the still image the music has a slow tempo beat. We found this matched the ink shot very well.For this shot, we were influenced by thisYouTube clip. As a group, we found this videoextremely interesting and original. As wewanted our music video to come acrossoriginal and slightly random we thoughtusing this idea would fit very well in ourmusic video.
  3. 3. Here is another still shot which was taken from the beginning of our musicvideo. As you can see, our star persona, Josh, is placed in the middle of thecamera shot with only his upper half of his body on show. Voyeurism is a veryimportant point to think about when making a music video. We thought a lotabout this. So as you can see in this shot we have shown our star rapping. Wewant a variety of shots, some with Josh rapping to the camera and some himseemingly unaware of the camera. Here, we have made josh rap to the camera.Using this near the start of the music works well i find as it draws our audiencein; wanting to find out more.
  4. 4. With our music video, we wanted some of the lyrics to relate to what is seen oncamera; mise en scene. Above is an example of how we did this. As you can seethere is some interesting pattern which is on a huge piece of paper. Also you cansee a small flame , which is crossing the paper. To achieve this, we held thepatterned paper up close to the camera. We then added in the flame later on inPhotoshop by fading in two shots together. This clip relates to a certain lyric inthe song, ‘break lights’. Instead of using actual car lights, we wanted to think out-side the box and thought what else we could to represent the word ‘light’ wedecided to use a flame produced by a lighter. This all helps attract our targetaudience (teenage).
  5. 5. As we wanted our music to involve some ‘random’ and ‘quirky’ shots we found using theidea shown above very effective. Here, we used the technique ‘stop motion’. As Imentioned in the last slide, we wanted the lyrics to relate to the visuals. As shownabove there is a shark drawn on a piece of paper. There is part of the song where itmentions a ‘great white’. So to make our video come across more interesting andoriginal we decided to use this fun technique.
  6. 6. Above is another shot of our star persona rapping. As the genre of our musicvideo is rap/hip-hop we wanted to obviously add some shots of our starperforming as this is one of the most common elements to a rap video. Wealso found it important to focus on what our star was wearing/materialpossessions. This is because we want our star to come across stylish , fresh,cool and dressed what our target audience would be interested in.For this shot, we zoomed in slowly on our star, to vary our shots. This wouldhelp avoid our shots coming across repetitive.
  7. 7. Throughout our music video we found it very important to attempt to edit it to the beat.Above is an example of how we did this. As you can see in this still shot , there is a girl inthe middle of dancing. To make this shot come across more interesting we used a yellowgel which we put up to the camera. At this point, the song has an average beat; not toorapid or slow. To match the visuals to the music we rewound the shot and sped it up veryslightly. This worked very well as now the girls dancing matches perfectly to the beat inthe background. By matching the visuals and music makes it a lot more enjoyable for theour audience to watch as it comes across very professional.The music is rather chilled out but also at a danceable tempo, so amongst our abstractshots (linking to calm music) we also wanted to feature people dancing (as shownabove) and generally having a good time.
  8. 8. As we want our music video to be quite unconventional throughout, adding in someabstract shots really worked well. This keeps our audience on their toes throughout.Also, our abstract shots should add to the inspiring, uplifting message of the song.Instead of just having our star rapping the whole time, we wanted to break it up abit by adding a variety of different interesting and original shots. Above is a clearexample of this. As you can see there is a broken egg in a glass jar. As Ive saidbefore, relating the music to the visuals is very important, we have chosen to showthis a lot. In this particular shot the music is gradually building up (crescendo) untilit reaches a slight drop; greater beat. To emphasize this we have made the eggslowly re-wind, so it comes across the egg is slowly lifting upwards. Then, when itcomes to the drop, the egg drops to the ground at a very fast and emphasized way.
  9. 9. Here, is another shot from our music video. I found that this particular shot workedvery well and came across quite random and interesting when watching. We haveused another ink shot as in the very first shot. By re-using an idea throughout amusic video it helps link everything together and come across a lot more tight andprofessional. To emphasize the fact our genre is hip/hop and rap we wanted to use avariety of different dance shots in. As you can see here, we are only shown thepersons feet dancing. This worked well as it breaks up the dance shots which makes itmore interesting when watching. To achieve this shot, we layered the two shotstogether. As we want to relate the visuals to the music throughout, here we cut upthe dancing feet shot so once played it comes across it’s flashing at a very fast rate.
  10. 10. To make sure the shots of Josh rapping didn’t come across too repetitive we used avariety of different camera angles when filming him. For example, above is a stillimage of a particular moment in our music video when he is rapping. For this shot wedecided to hand hold the camera. As we wanted our shots of josh to come across in a‘behind-the-scenes’ kind of manner, using a hand held shot helped us achieve thisgreatly. For this shot we didn’t want Josh to look at the camera to make it comeacross more natural. Also, for this shot we used a high angle shot. We found this veryuseful as it shows our audience an overview of our star persona and shooting area(behind-the-scene look)
  11. 11. The demands of the record label, and the selling of our artist is very important whenmaking a music video. To help achieve this, our star persona is dressed in his freshestclothes, and acting in a very cool manner. This helps appeal to our target audience. Asyou can see in this shot we have mainly focused on Josh’s top which is clearly a trendytop and well known to many teenagers; our target audience. This all relates back toour song as it has a very cool and hip feel to it when it’s being listened to.
  12. 12. MAGAZINE ADVERT: Here is our magazine advert we produced by using Photoshop. When making our magazine advert it was very important thinking about our target audience and also how would it fit in with our music video itself. As you can see our main imagine is hand drawn. We thought that by hand drawing our image, it would add to the ‘quirkiness’ and ‘originality’. Also, the person who is the main attention of the magazine advert is young like our target audience and our star persona. This all links back to our music video. Also, we thought that by using bold and bright fonts would also be very useful when attracting our target audience. This is mainly because it’s simple, yet very effective; simple is more. Also the font isn’t very fancy; it comes across quite hip and fresh.
  13. 13. DIGIPAK:I find that our digipak relates to our music video greatly. This is due to a fewreasons. Firstly, the digipak comes across very random as there is a variety ofdifferent, very random, images shown. I find that by using these fun and randomimages will really draw in our target audience as the bright colours andinteresting pictures will stand out; very bold. As you know, our genre to our musicvideo is hip/hop and rap. By using these quirky and different images, i think thatit really emphasizes the fresh and cool side to rap.