Sophie, Ali, Alex- Idea keynote 1


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Sophie, Ali, Alex- Idea keynote 1

  1. 1. Webisode Ideas Sophie Watson, Alison Murphy and Alex Shaw
  2. 2. Our hybrid idea A student becomes one to one with their mind. They discover their true reality of existence and gift. At peace with themselves, they discover they have supernatural powers, and study the philosophy of existence. And they learn how to value their supernatural powers until it become far beyond their belief and they begin to abuse their gift. They are a normal student who attends college, meanwhile another student (female) passes by the (year 13 male student who has hidden powers). The year 12 catches sight of the year 13 flashing their fangs. Now the year 12 student is the only person who realises there is something abnormal about the year 13 student. However the year 13 student stalks the year 12 around college because he is drawn to the scent of her blood. We have combined both of ideas together, to make a hybrid. Alison’s idea is a psychological thriller, and Sophie’s idea is vampire.
  3. 3. Alison’s romance idea Two men compete for one woman s love, she has to decide who she will devote her love to. And which one will she give her hand in marriage to.
  4. 4. Sophie’s sci-fi idea A student falls unconscious for no reason. When they awake they think they are feeling fine, but they realise they have super powers. They think they are the only one but they are not.
  5. 5. Alison’s psychological thriller idea A student travels in time between two realties, the student has to decide which one is the real existence and which one is a dream. The student has to believe in their instincts and accept the true reality and whether it is a dream or not.
  6. 6. Alex’s mystery idea A Best Friend goes missing from college grounds between a lesson change over. The best friend finds themselves walking amongst the woods located at the college grounds. The best friend is drawn to the two tall tree’s that are not like the others, as the best friend walks through them they disappear. The best friend returns from a different time with a different appearance. The episode ends with a cliff hanger, the audience will not be told what happened to the best friend.
  7. 7. Audience Feedback
  8. 8. Audience’s Preferred Genre 15 11 8 4 0 Romance Vampire Psychological thrillers Sci-fi
  9. 9. What would you expect from a webisode? Isolated Locations Moody Setting Two Characters Crime Great Climax Tense Gets to the point Originality Heroic Character Realism
  10. 10. What wouldn't you expect in a webisode? Relationships Misuse of characters (correct plot) Too much action Complicated Long Story Too many characters
  11. 11. What do you want from a Webisode? Make Sense Good Story Line (Like Eastenders online series, E20) Related to TV Shows Twist Easy to Download Fast Pace Cliff Hanger To be keen for next episode
  12. 12. How long would you expect to watch a webisode? Five people prefer to watch a webisode between 5-10 minutes long. Six people prefer to watch a webisode between 10 -15 minutes long.
  13. 13. Generic Conventions
  14. 14. Psychological Thrillers Main character (one). Storyline involves the character’s life. Something about that character the audience can’t understand (concludes easily). They are hard to identify (psychological problems). Mad house, normal daily lives, hotels, isolated places. Iconography- identification of the character is normally portrayed. Setting of the place/country where it’s filmed.
  15. 15. Vampire Genres (A group of vampires) One main character (vampire), another main character (human). Storyline- Main character vampire (male), and female character (human). A love story builds between these two characters. Obstacles- The vampire gang and, humans who hunt the vampires. Characters- Vampires look normal, like everyday people . Fangs, pale skin, special effects to manipulate the eyes.
  16. 16. SWOT Analysis
  17. 17. Strengths Our idea is based upon a psychological thriller and Vampire genre. Through our research we discovered that the audience of ages 16-18, prefer these genres and would be interested in watching our webisode. The audience will be able to relate to our main character because, the character in the webisode is a student and our audience are students themselves. We found out that people of our age group like to watch supernatural shows, and our webisode idea crosses over with supernatural experiences.
  18. 18. Weaknesses Not many students who we approached with our questionnaire, knew about webiseries online, therefore our chosen target audience might not view our finished webisode.
  19. 19. Opportunities Our webisode will give students around the college to take part in performing. Viewers might become inspired to create their own webisodes.
  20. 20. Threats If the episode is too long and repetitive, then our webisode will lose the audiences’ interest. Not many people are familiar with webseries online.