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Computer Literacy Program


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Computer Literacy Program for Senior citizens.

Published in: Education
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Computer Literacy Program

  1. 1. Tell me and I forget !! Teach me and I remember.. INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN !! Computer Literacy Program for Senior Citizens A Project by Mahir Bathija
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE Aim of the Project • TO BRING SENIOR CITIZENS CLOSER TO NEW TECHNOLOGY: To contribute to the reduction of the digital and social divide that exists across. • TO SEEK INFORMATION WITH REDUCED DEPENDENCY Learning about computers is certainly something that will help occupy them during their old age. For the elderly, learning the basic use of computer can help them do important tasks such as paying their own bills, making business letters and communicating with their love ones that are far from them. • TO PLAY A SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Senior citizens have the potential to contribute to cultural and social dialogue through technology.
  3. 3. KEY PROBLEMS Biggest Challenges TECHNICAL SKILLS • Understanding Computer Terminology • Using The Hardware & Software ADAPTABILITY • User Interface • Changing Environment • Visual Accessibility • Qwerty Keyboard HEALTH PROBLEMS • Recollection Information • Reduced Motor Skills • Stiff Hands e.g. Arthritis • Reading/Hearing Difficulty COMMUNICATION • Language Barrier • Effective Listening • Limited Attention Span • Medium Of Instruction • Constant Repetition
  4. 4. KEY SOLUTIONS Tools Implemented ADAPTABILITY MAKING THE COMPUTER EASIER TO USE • Reducing Screen Resolu0on to 800 x 600px • Contrast Appearance for Enhancing Readability • Increasing Font Sizes and Icon Sizes • Reducing Mo0on Speed of Mouse FAMILIARIZING THEM WITH COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY AND TERMINOLOGY • Making the Keyboard Easy to Use e.g. RED = Wrong = Backspace GREEN = Right/Go = Enter • Highligh0ng Alphabets of their name to improving typing
  6. 6. KEY SOLUTIONS Tools Implemented HEALTH PROBLEMS IMPROVING POSTURE TO PREVENT JOINT PROBLEMS EXERCISES TO IMPROVE MOTOR SKILLS THAT HELP USING THE COMPUTER E.g. Beading, Play Dough, Shooting Marbles, Fixing the Peg, Squeezing the Ball, Stretching Exercises etc
  7. 7. KEY SOLUTIONS Tools Implemented COMMUNICATION PROCESS OF COMPOSING AND SENDING AND EMAIL Crea0ng acronyms to help in Recollec0on of process DRAWING LIFE PARALLELS TO EXPLAIN CONCEPTS BETTER Comparing the process of writing an email to writing a letter
  8. 8. ACHIEVEMENTS BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS • Switching on/off the Computer with the help of teaching aid • Improved Eye-­‐Hand Co-­‐ordina0on and Motor Skills • Typing slowly using hunt and peck method • Fluent with basic computer terminology USING SKYPE/GMAIL • Remembering Username/Password • Logging in and out of Skype using Flowcharts • Successfully making Skype Calls • Wri0ng Basic E-­‐mails and sharing photos Case Studies
  9. 9. ACHIEVEMENTS Case Studies BEFORE Initially the options were limited to Audio Players and prayer books which were difficult to source and inconvenient for the aged. AFTER • Successfully using YouTube and other applications • Ordering music and books through unlimited resources online • Listening to prayers online and downloading them easily • Positively accepting and adapting to the new technology
  10. 10. ACHIEVEMENTS Case Studies BEFORE • Initially the options were limited to Manual Accounts which were cumbersome. • Options were restricted to the recipes in cookery books AFTER • Efficiently maintains accounts using Microsoft Excel database. • Refers to online resources for new recipes • Shares personal recipes on online blogs
  11. 11. KEY TAKEAWAYS While we Teach, We Learn! • SMALL EFFORT -­‐ BIG DIFFERENCE: Tiny Steps in the right direc0on had an impact in their daily lives. • SENSE OF SATISFACTION U0lizing my 0me produc0vely to do something useful. • IMPARTING KNOWLEDGE Sharing my passion and knowledge to enable them with computer skills. • PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE Built on my endurance levels • ORGANISATION: Taught me to be systema0c and methodical. • FEELING OF JOY: Gave me immense happiness to see a smile on their faces