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How to build a content marketing strategy?


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How to build a content marketing strategy?

  1. 1. AM Outsourcing Services Agency Website: Contact with us! Email: How to build a Content Marketing Strategy? Content Marketing is a marketing technique relating to creating content, allocating related content, having attractive content and creating a place to interact target customers. Content marketing has many advantages in remaining the reader’s attention and increasing the loyalty of customers with goods, services, brands. Basically, content marketing is an art of contacting with potential customers; target customers make the marketing process continuous. Instead of directly selling goods or services to customers, you will provide information to the customers; make them believe in the products. The nature of content marketing strategy is to build your customers’ belief in your products by articles, evidence; and they will trust and love your goods, services. Content marketing actually plays a key role in Internet marketing. Content marketing help enterprises, companies can easily develop and boost the effectiveness of online marketing channels. By more than 3-year experience in Internet Marketing, we can provide you the ways to increase the potency of Content Marketing Strategy. 1. What is your target customer? - Identify clearly your target customers in order to create proper contents. - When considering the content, take the customer needs, customer interests and customer benefits into account. - What is information that your target customers often search in the Internet? - What is the trend that affect to the customer’s habit, behavior when searching information? 2. Control the current content: - Control the current content will help you find out more new ideas for content.
  2. 2. AM Outsourcing Services Agency Website: Contact with us! Email: - What is the most attractive content to the customers? 3. Build Content Marketing Strategy: - Identify the topics and forms that need to be created: There are some approaches to help you think about the content. + Tell a story about your products, services. + Q&A (Question and Answer) + Articles that provide suggestions, advices, consultative information to customers. + Specifications of your products, services. + Using a short clip, podcast or slide. + News, events in your companies. + Video, images, pictures updated in social network sites. - Content map: Contents are usually different in different periods. Internet Marketer should remember this to create proper contents in each “customer buying period”. There are 4 stages in customer buying period: + Awareness: (when a customer first becomes aware of your product. Or could also refer to the point where a customer first becomes aware of a need that they want to fulfill): For instance: You are so exhausted with your workload; you realize that you need to hire a Virtual Assistant to support you. + Information search (when a customer seeks alternative products, services): Continuing with above this example, after searching information in the Internet, you know that there are 2 countries that you can hire a good Virtual Assistant are Vietnam and Philippine. + Evaluation of alternatives: For example: you are considering between hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant and hire a Vietnamese Virtual Assistant, you will compare the costs and the capabilities between them. + Purchase: (customer makes decision buying a product, service): You made the decision that hires a Virtual Assistant from Vietnamese Virtual Assistant company.
  3. 3. AM Outsourcing Services Agency Website: Contact with us! Email: 4. Schedule the time to create ideas and contents: - It is the roadmap of content creation, focus on interested topics that serve the goals. - Make a plan to update the content. - Pay attention to the SEO keywords. - Reproduce and reuse the content: For example: You can make Powerpoint file or video for a content that you had created on your website. 5. Choose the marketing channel to develop content: - Content on your company’s website. - Content on blog. - Content on social network sites. - Content used to send to customers in Email marketing. - Content on e-newspapers.
  4. 4. AM Outsourcing Services Agency Website: Contact with us! Email: Actually, now many companies and organizations hire a freelance writer (Virtual Assistant for Content Writing) instead of hire a permanent employees to reduce the costs. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is not only cost-saving, but also having more ideas from outside organizations.