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Online Marketing - performance tracking - FPTOnline


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Vietnam Online Advertising 2012 seminar presentation by Binh Le, FPT Online.

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Online Marketing - performance tracking - FPTOnline

  1. 1. Online MarketingPerformance Tracking Mr. Le An Binh Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Agenda• Why Online Marketing?• Why you need performance tracking?• How to track the online channels performance?• How to optimize?
  3. 3. Why Online Marketing Low cost and can do with small budget Measurable Results Are Instantaneous New Levels of Customer Interaction: attract and engage Instant Global Market
  4. 4. Why performance tracking What Cannot Be Measured Cannot Be Improved Online MKT Channels Your Website
  5. 5. Why performance tracking Determine which is the best channels in Online MKT campaigns User behavior of each traffic channels CPC Ads: Banner Ads: Email: Your Website
  6. 6. How to track?Traffic tracking tools:
  7. 7. What you can do with Google Analytics
  8. 8. How to track the traffic from URL?Create URL tracking code with URL Builder from Google
  9. 9. How to track the conversion?Traffic is nothing without conversion• Setting the Goals and Ecommerce in Google Analytics accounts
  10. 10. Bounce rate X =$1,000 70% $700
  11. 11. Landing Page OptimizationChoose the right landing pages Homepage Category page Product pageDo the A/B testing as much as you can
  12. 12. Optimization for CPC Ads CR CiR Order/ Impression Clicks Cost Revenue Conversion CTR CPA / CPO Historic CTR CPC Quality Score Historic CTR CPC Cost
  13. 13. Optimization for CPC Ads CTR Chart Replace the ads right after it reach the CTR peak