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  1. 1. We lco m e Gue st ! Asus F8 0 S Battery : 30 day mo ney back ! 1 year warranty ! Buy no w save up to 30 % ! E--m ail Shipping Re t urns Abo ut Us What Are Yo u Lo o king Fo r :Ace r Bat t e ry Apple Bat t e ry Asus Bat t e ry HP/Co m paq Bat t e ry Le no vo /IBM Bat t e ry De ll Bat t e ry So ny Bat t e ry Fujit su Bat t e ry To shiba Bat t e rySam sung Bat t e ry Ho m eHo m e >>Asus>>Asus F80 S Bat t e ry HOT BAT T ERY Asus F8 0 S Battery Pro duct Name : Asus F80 S Bat t e ry ASUS W9 0 Battery The replacement Asus F8 0 S battery is specially designed fo r Asus K50 A Battery the o riginal 12-Cell Asus F8 0 S battery.These high quality Asus K50 AB Battery replacement batteries are engineered to meet o r exceed Asus K50 AD Battery o riginal specificatio ns assuring better perfo rmance and lo nger Asus K50 AF Battery life. The quality o f this asus lapto p battery is in high grade Asus K50 C Battery quality and certified by CE and Ro HS. Yo u can reassure o f Asus K50 I Battery purchasing it! Asus K50 ID Battery Capacity : 4 80 0 m Ah Eee PC 10 0 5 Battery Vo ltage : 11.1 V Eee PC 10 0 8 Battery Cell Type : Li-io n Eee PC 10 0 5H Battery Co lo r : Black Eee PC 10 0 5HA Battery Weight : 315.5 g Eee PC 10 0 5HAB Battery Dimensio ns : 129 .9 8 x 71.0 8 x 19 .6 0 mm Asus F80 S Bat t e ry Eee PC 10 0 5HAD Battery 30 day m o ne y back ! 1 ye ar warrant y ! Price : £ 35.99 Eee PC 10 0 5HAG Battery Sho pping Cart : ASUS W7J Battery ASUS W7SBattery Pro duct Name : Asus F80 S Charge r/Adapt e r ASUS W7SG Battery Online sho pping fo r Asus F8 0 S Adapter fro m a great selectio n Asus A6 E Battery PDFmyURL.com
  2. 2. o f Electro nics; & mo re at everyday lo w prices. Asus A6 F Battery High perfo rmance ! Asus A6 G Battery lightweight ! Asus A6 J Battery Co lo r : Black Descriptio n : AC adapter and po wer co rd fo r no tebo o k co mputer To p Links Guarantee : 30 day mo ney back Aspire 5100 battery ,Acer Aspire 510 1 battery Guarantee : 1 year warranty ,Aspire 36 9 0 Series Price : £ 19.99 battery Latitude Sho pping Cart : E5420 battery , DELL E5520 battery , Latitude E6 120 battery , Latitude E6 220 battery , DELL Latitude Asus F80 S Charge r E6 320 battery , DELL E6 520 b atte ry , Latitude E6 420 battery So ny VGP-BPS9 /S ,Sony VGP-Asus F80 S Bat t e ry - Pro duct Warrant y BPS9A/S ,So ny VGP- BPS9 /B ,So ny VGP-10 0 % co mpatible with OEM asus lapto p battery . BPS9 A/B ,So ny VGP- BPS9 ,So ny VGP-BPS10We are facto ry direct, yo u will get great pro ducts at lo w, lo w prices .All items built brand new with the highest quality standards, safety features and have o ne year warranty .30 day mo ney back guarantee .1 year quality warranty .Co m pat ible Part sAsus 70 -NF51B10 0 0 , Asus 9 0 -NF51B10 0 0 , Asus A32-A8 ,Co m pat ible Mo de lsAsus A8 Series , Asus A8 0 0 0 , Asus A8 0 0 0 F , Asus A8 0 0 0 J , Asus A8 0 0 0 Ja , Asus A8 0 0 0 Jc , Asus A8 0 0 0 Jm , Asus A8 A , Asus A8 Dc ,Asus A8 E , Asus A8 F , Asus A8 Fm , Asus A8 H , Asus A8 He , Asus A8 J , Asus A8 Ja , Asus A8 Jc , Asus A8 Je , Asus A8 Jm , Asus A8 Jn ,Asus A8 Jp , Asus A8 Jr , Asus A8 Js , Asus A8 Jv , Asus A8 Le , Asus A8 M , Asus A8 Sc , Asus A8 Sr , Asus A8 Tc , Asus A8 Tm , Asus F8 0 ,Asus F8 0 Cr , Asus F8 0 L , Asus F8 0 Q , Asus F8 0 S , Asus F8 , Asus F8 P , Asus F8 Sa , Asus F8 Sn , Asus F8 Sp , Asus F8 Sv , Asus N8 0 ,Asus N8 0 Vc , Asus N8 0 Vn , Asus N8 1 , Asus N8 1Vg , Asus N8 1Vp , Asus X8 0 , Asus X8 0 Le , Asus X8 0 N , Asus X8 0 Z , Asus Z9 9 , Asus PDFmyURL.com
  3. 3. Z9 9 Fm , Asus Z9 9 H , Asus Z9 9 J , Asus Z9 9 Jc , Asus Z9 9 Jn , Asus Z9 9 Jr , Asus Z9 9 Sc ,Ple ase No t e ● No rmally, a new Asus F8 0 S battery is hard fo r yo ur no tebo o k to charge as they have never been fully charged befo re. So metimes yo ur no tebo o ks charger will sto p charging a new battery befo re it is fully charged. If this o ccurs, remo ve the battery fro m yo ur no tebo o k and then place it back in. This may happen several times during yo ur first battery charge. This is perfectly no rmal. ● Always charge asus lapto p battery in a well-ventilated area. ● It is reco mmended that Asus F80 S bat t e ry which is warm to the to uch after charging o r discharging, be allo wed to co o l befo re use. This will pro lo ng battery life. ● To pro lo ng lapto p battery life, please either remo ve the battery when it has been depleted o r pro mptly recharge the battery if po ssible. ● Do no t expo se the battery to mo isture o r rain. ● Do no t dro p, hit o r o therwise abuse Asus F80S battery as this may result in the expo sure o f the cell co ntents, which are co rro sive. ● If the battery will no t be used fo r a mo nth o r lo nger, it is reco mmended that the battery be remo ved fro m the no tebo o k and sto red in a co o l, dry, clean place. ● Please no te, yo ur Asus F80 S bat t e ry can beco me ho t while charging. Ho wever, please pay special attentio n if the battery pack beco mes excessively ho t. This may indicate there is a pro blem with the charging circuit o f the electro nic device. Please co nsult a qualified technician if necessary.Ho me | Acer Battery | Apple Battery | Asus Battery | HP/Co mpaq Battery | Leno vo /IBM Battery | Dell Battery | So ny Battery | Fujitsu Battery | To shiba Battery | Samsung Battery Co pyright © 20 11 Batterymag.co .uk. All rights reserved. Designated trademarks, pro ducts & brands are the pro perty o f their respective o wners. PDFmyURL.com