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Bed and Breakfast Solution for Joomla 2.5 - Brochure 2012


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Bed and Breakfast Solution for Joomla 2.5 - Brochure 2012. Visit our web site at or contact us in order to start your next real estate project.

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Bed and Breakfast Solution for Joomla 2.5 - Brochure 2012

  1. 1. Bed And Breakfast for joomla 2.5Vertical Markets Solutions
  2. 2. latitude 26 Media Agency - Social Networks Strategy website Vertical Markets solutions Latitude 26 develops custom grade solu- tions using CMS like Joomla or magento commerce for shopping cart solutions. Latitude 26 is a media agency specializ- ing in developing vertical markets solu- tions for the Real Estate and the Yachting Industry. All our solutions are integrated with the main social networks in order to extend the syndication of information. Bed & Breakfast Solution2 Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla
  3. 3. Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 3
  4. 4. The Bed & Breakfast solution for joom-la was designed to answer the needsof bed and breakfast businesses. Itallows to present the property as wellas individual rooms. Each room hasits individual availability calendar. TheBed & Breakfast solution is integratedwith 15 social networks through APIsand generates high quality propertyPDF brochures and monthly magazines. 4 Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla
  5. 5. unmatched featuresThe Bed & Breakfast solution for joomlagives the possibility to Bed & Breakfastoperations to manage the presentationand promotion of the property as well asthe different rooms offered . The solu-tion allows to maintain the reservationsand includes an individual availabilitycalendar for each room.Nowadays, publishing property listingson the company’s web site is not enoughto reach potential buyers. A good mar-keting strategy is to reach propectswhere they are most likely to be.Furthermore, extended features in termsof RSS Feed and XML feed generationallow your listings to be syndicated to alarge array of sites automatically : Vast,Oodle, OlX. As well, an xml feed compli-ant to the yahoo/trulia standard allowsyou to syndicate your feeds to all thesites following this standard.All our applications are integrated withsocial networks through APIs: Facebook,Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Scribd, Issuu,Slideshare, Docstoc, Boxnet, Wordpress,Blogger. Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 5
  6. 6. advanced real estate solution Bed & Breakfast Vacation Rentals for joomla 2.56 Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla
  7. 7. advanced application architectureThe Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 2.5 is delivered with several modules and slideshows topresent the properties in different styles. Each listing through the listing parameters can use a dif-ferent image slider. We add new features every month as part of an upgrade service plan.Detail property pages in the frontend use an exclusive 960gs grid system. Each block can renderpredefined modules making it very flexible in terms of settings and layout.Modules from joomlart, joomlaxtc, gavick, rockettheme were integrated with our applications. Thewidgetkit from yootheme has also been integrated in our solutions for ease of use.A data dictionary allows to publish or unpublish the fields shown in the data maintenance screens.Furthermore, a forms builder allows to customise all the predefined forms included in the applica-tion. Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 7
  8. 8. high quality pdf brochures generation high qualityThe Bed and Breakfast solution includes an exclusive high quality pdf magazinesPDFs generation php5 library. You will be able to generate high generationquality brochures for every listing through a maintenance screen orcronjob. As well it is possible to generate a catalog which includes print ad design service The Bed and Breakfast solution is integrated with Theall current listings. The PDF generation uses templates and over Realty Network. Through an xml feed respecting the adobe50 parameters for the layout: over 80 fonts, colors, document size Latitude 26 graphist team offers a service of print ad indesign workflow, we can import the listings in high qual-can be adjusted. Pages can include background images. Flexible design providing high impact visuals for your listings. ity real estate magazines we produce each month. The mag-design allows to match any layout and the company’s graphical azines are then distributed to a very large audience aroundcolor chart. the world to maximize the visibility of your listings.Latitude 26 offers a customization service where we can take yourexisting graphical chart and customize the templates which willbe used by the application to generate the PDF brochurecatalog and listing flyer. Brochures. All PDFsdocuments includes QR code generation.8 Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla
  9. 9. Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 9
  10. 10. integrated with main Social networks Bed & Breakfast10 Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla
  11. 11. The Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 2.5 isintegrated with social networks through APIs:Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Scribd, Issuu,Slideshare, Docstoc, Boxnet, Wordpress, Blogger.It allows to post listings status, new listing info,property sold, automatically through cronjobs ormanually through the integrated social networksscheduler maintenance screen. Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 11
  12. 12. Integrated with the Realty networkThe Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 2.5 is integrated with The Realty Network through an Adobe inDesign workflow integration. It generates an xml feed which is syndicatedto a master server from the client website. We use this xml file to generate high quality monthly magazines in PDF format (and soon in iPad apps monthly magazines). It increasesthe visibility of your listings through this additional exposure.12 Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla
  13. 13. The Bed & Breakfast Solution for joomla 2.5 wasdesigned for bed & breakfast businesses who wantto put in place a turnkey application. The applica-tion architecture allows to have multiple proper-ties and answers the needs of companies managingmultiple bed and breakfast operations. There are 2administration areas. The front-end administrationarea is accessible by agents to manage the propertylisting. The backend administration area allows thesite administrator to maintain and setup the otherfeatures. Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 13
  14. 14. professional Bed & Breakfast solution running on joomla 2.5We develop all our solutions with professional grade application design and features. We focus our attention and expertise on clients who need to implement a powerful and flexible solu-tion. Our vertical markets solutions run on the CMS joomla 2.5 in order to benefit from great templates design. The Bed & Breakfast solution was entirely rewritten from scratch for thenew version joomla 2.5 and its new API. Our vertical markets applications provide turnkey solutions . The application is preloaded with validation tables and main information requestsforms. A client could use the application “right our of the box” or elect to modify some of the maintenance screens. The Vacation Rentals solution includes a data dictionary coupled witha maintenance screen builder. It is a matter of publishing or unpublishing the fields which are not needed in a particular project without any coding.14 Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla
  15. 15. All our solutions are integrated with the joomfish (falang) transla-tion component in order to manage a multilingual site. We createddirectly in our application maintenance screens for the translationwhich updates joomfish (falang). It is much easier that way to main-tain the translations. Bed & Breakfast solution for joomla 15
  16. 16. Contact us for your Next project.We believe that sustainable growth can not be maintained without a high quality of service. - London, UK: +44 (0)20 7078-4226 - Crans Montana,CH: +41 (0)27 483 1220 - Miami,Fl,USA: +1 (305) 394-9652