Bringing Future Scenarios to Life - Trevor Haldenby at the 2014 World Future Society Conference


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Introducing emerging trends in transmedia storytelling and participatory entertainment, the session will explore how new approaches to building story worlds, spreading story content across media, and engaging customers and audiences as co-creators can bridge the gap between science-fiction storytelling, scenario planning, and open foresight practices.

These ideas will be explored using case studies of ByoLogyc, a transmedia future scenario, and DIY Days, a participatory design workshop series.

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Bringing Future Scenarios to Life - Trevor Haldenby at the 2014 World Future Society Conference

  2. 2. ByoLogyc CEO Chet Getram at #WFS2012
  4. 4. I design experiences that bring futures to life for audiences who want to explore, interact, and play a part.
  6. 6. Major Research Project:
 Bringing the Future to Life: Pervasive Transmedia Scenarios
 Winner: 2013 President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Research (ISBN 9780992146405)
 Additional Research Publications: The Future of Human Creativity in Design — with Kelvin Kwong, Martin Ryan, Tom Wujec Where in the Future: Locative Software in 2018 — with Emma Westecott, Gabe Sawhney Visualizing Emergence — with Greg Van Alstyne, funded by GRAND-NCE MDes Strategic Foresight + Innovation
  7. 7. project/where-in-the-future
  8. 8. THE
  9. 9. Gamifying the Drivers of Change with ARUP Foresight + Innovation
  10. 10. Elenna Mosoff Theatre Director Trevor Haldenby Futurist David Fono Game Designer Byron Laviolette Play Theorist
  11. 11. Our Areas of Expertise Game Design & Game Theory Strategic Foresight Experience Design Theatre Production Transmedia Storytelling Worldbuilding Emerging Technologies Ethnographic Research Lateral Thinking Event Execution and Management Talent Management Team Facilitation
  12. 12. CC Nathan Shedroff
  13. 13. How can we use storytelling, multiplayer making, and experience design to do a better job of engaging the futures?
  14. 14. Rafael Popper, How are foresight methods selected? (2008)
  15. 15. Jessica’s five-year-old daughter Chan is in the other room, screaming in broken Mandarin at the Paint-Like-Me app on her tablet as it struggles to customize thousands of open- content art history lessons into one just right for her. NuLook picks up on the tantrum, briefly confused by the presence of another language, and instantly switches the interface on Jessica’s phone into a swirl of Chinese characters. Jessica sighs. These new tools of design may be inclusive, but they can be frustrating as hell when your kid is a different kind of artistic genius (in a different language) every three months. And this is only the beginning. In an era of open- source education, Chan’s curricula and diploma are as likely to be influenced by her family members, future global competitors, and Global Happiness Index score as by grades Written Scenarios! What might happen in the future?
  16. 16. Public Domain: Department of Defense Trinity nuclear test, July 1945
  17. 17. Public Domain: Department of Defense Gravitational Experiment, August 1967
  18. 18. NASA Ames Research Center
  19. 19. Photo by pauliki (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
  20. 20. Pervasive / Augmented / Alternate Reality Games
  21. 21. the-reboot-of-transmedia-content/ Transmedia STORYTELLING
  22. 22. Spreadability vs. Drillability Continuity vs. Multiplicity Immersion vs. Extractability Worldbuilding Seriality Subjectivity Performance 7 Core Concepts of Transmedia from Henry Jenkins
  23. 23. Build a STORY WORLD, not a single narrative. Spread the STORY across MEDIA ECOLOGIES. Engage AUDIENCES and PARTICIPANTS as CREATORS and CURATORS, not Consumers. The 3 Design Rules of Transmedia Storytelling
  24. 24. Build a FUTURE WORLD, not a single scenario. Spread the SCENARIO across MEDIA ECOLOGIES. Engage STAKEHOLDERS as CREATORS and CURATORS, not just Clients. The 3 Design Rules of Transmedia Scenarios
  25. 25. The global leader in human-centred lifestyle biotechnology. @ByoLogyc
  26. 26. By Nathan Shedroff, CCA MBA Program. Licensed under Creative Commons
  28. 28. ByoLogyc CEO
  29. 29. A dystopian story about the future of synthetic biology told across four “tentpole” live performances, each representing an archetypal image of the future.
  30. 30. BRX We've set up this clinic to offer you a free ByoRenew 2.0 pill. ByoRenew 2.0 acts as a "vaccine" against BRX, protecting you from the inside out. In order to beat BRX, we need consumers like you to be smart and responsible about protecting yourself. Coming here tonight to take ByoRenew 2.0 was the right choice. We've also created the SCD (Sanitation & Containment Division), a special operations arm of ByoLogyc dedicated to isolating BRX in the Toronto community and ending its exponential spread. AT THIS POINT, WE DO NOT BELIEVE THAT BRX IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS OR FATAL. AND IT IS SPREADING BRX is a virus created by the online terrorist o known as EXE. They created BRX by sabotaging revolutionary drug created by ByoLogyc that has th change the world. But while ByoRenew heals and mutates and destroys. By now, as many as twenty th worldwide are infected with BRX. Many of these Toronto, the centre of the outbreak and home to global operations. Symptoms of BRX are wide- unpredictable. Chances are that you already kno who is an unwitting victim. BRX? BYOLOGYC IS HERE TO HELP WHAT IS BRX is difficult to diagnose, as symptoms vary substantially between patients. This is a result of ByoRenew's unique XNA-based architecture that enables it to adapt to fit the needs of individual users. Are you experiencing nasal congestion? That could be BRX. Are you experiencing a seizure? That could be BRX too. Evidence suggests that BRX most commonly targets the brain, producing symptoms that manifest throughout the nervous, endocrine, and endocannabinoid systems. But don't worry too much, the dangers aren't as extreme as they might seem. You may only experience personality distortion, blurry vision, a craving for high-calorie food items, and fatigue. BRX: SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS
  31. 31. ADVENTURE (Evacuee) POWER (Paramilitary Member) ACTION (Resistance Member) 4 Different Tickets 4 paths through the story... PRIVILEGE (Board Member)
  32. 32. Join the ranks of ByoLogyc, and play a part in humanity’s better tomorrow.
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  34. 34. $21,000
  35. 35. THEATRE Performance Social storytelling Environment design
  36. 36. GAMES Interaction Design Reward Structure Guided Exploration
  37. 37. COMMUNITY Reward existing fans with a remarkable trip down the rabbit hole.
  38. 38. TAKEAWAY Build shareable, personalized artifacts that extend the experience.
  39. 39. Download my Major Research Project:
 Bringing the Future to Life
  40. 40. ByoLogyc Experiential Scenarios Design Fiction Transmedia Design Science Fiction Alternate Reality Gaming Future Jamming StorytellingForesight Tangible Futures Interactive Theatre An Ontology of ByoLogyc
  41. 41. ByoLogyc StaffSTORY ParticipantsEXE Anarchists
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  43. 43. Explore the ByoLogyc: Shadowfall Interactive Infographic:
  44. 44. “The Mission Business gave us a view not only into what we want from our new technologies, but why we want it. ! It’s one thing to read a science fiction short story about the future or a comic book based on science fact that explores the human implications of science, but it’s very much another sensation when someone hands you a science fiction prototype and asks you to put it in your mouth. ! That’s what imagining the future can do. It’s the role that science fiction prototyping can play in the design of the future, the design of all of our tomorrows.” Brian David Johnson, Intel’s Futurist reviewing Shadowfall for Computer Magazine
  45. 45. The Future of Open Science a vision video for Synbiota, the open-source synthetic biology platform
  46. 46. Lance Weiler’s participatory design workshops. (Formerly DIY Days)
  47. 47. INSTITUTE at USC Transmedia
 world building as essential 21st century design skill.
  48. 48. WHAT’S NEXT? Experiential Futures Consulting with TMB Research into Visualizing Emergence at OCADU Transmedia Rewilding of Canada’s Arctic Rebooting Frankenstein for 200th Anniversary
  49. 49. TMB Design Fiction Prototypes and Transmedia Stories