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For Dad

Published in: Art & Photos
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  1. 1. Lonnie E. Smith, a hippie at heart
  2. 2. Some of your elders..the bunch on the right looks kind of tough.
  3. 3. It is okay Dad, I don’t know them either…
  4. 4. Just smile and nod…pretend you know them..
  5. 5. HEY, this bunch you know.. Your dad and his siblings
  6. 6. Meanwhile, the love of your life was born….Joetta Sue
  7. 7. She was quite the little doll…
  8. 8. .. …the important thing was that she actually liked to mow the yard….that sure comes in handy now that you live on a billion acres of grass.
  9. 9. The little doll grew into a beautiful stylish young lady…
  10. 10. …and you fell head over heels for her
  11. 11. Wedding Bells
  12. 12. Then your little angel was born. I was an absolute joy; I was no trouble at all….
  13. 13. I then found my own angel…BRAD
  14. 14. ..and he is a KEEPER
  15. 15. Brad Jr.
  16. 16. Grandpa Smith and Grandma Jo with Brad Jr.
  17. 17. Grandma Smith with Brad Jr.
  18. 18. ..then the world was never thesame….along came Derrick 19 months later.
  19. 19. I turned around, I had Zach, and all my boys wereteens…took me by surprise.Where doesthe time go?
  20. 20. Zach, the bee farmer?
  21. 21. One of the boys making SURE he doesn’t miss a fishing trip with Grandpa and John….nothing like eating hashbrowns and singing, “All My Ex’s Live in Texas.”
  22. 22. Zach gave up being a bee farmer to milk pretend cows.
  23. 23. A game of Uno…does Zach know you cheat?
  24. 24. You said that you didn’t care what you got for Christmas as long as it wasn’t a doll…that was a challenge, right?
  25. 25. You seem quite at home holding that doll….hmmmmm
  26. 26. Mom and Brad Jr taking a short walk on a long pier… better than a long walk on a short pier.
  27. 27. Together for a graduation…
  28. 28. I wonder what you just said..
  29. 29. I inherited my love of cruising from you.
  30. 30. Who is that CEO and his trophy wife?? Oh wait, that is my parents.
  31. 31. Wow, the look on Brad Jr’s face is priceless.
  32. 32. The porta johns in the background really add to the picture.
  33. 33. Beautiful…looks like she is about toput you in a head lock though, Dad.
  34. 34. You sure know how to garden.
  35. 35. Some people as they get older revert back to their childhood…Lonnie’s snowman
  36. 36. The Mid-Life Crisis…vroom, vroom..
  37. 37. 2 Fine Looking Young Men
  38. 38. Your grandson and his new wife, Malinda
  39. 39. At Derrick’s wedding
  40. 40. Malinda and Mom
  41. 41. Not only did Derrick bring us hisbeautiful bride to the family, we also got CHARLIE!!!
  42. 42. Charlie is fun.
  43. 43. Man can’t live by bread alone…he has tohave Mexican food every now and then too.
  44. 44. Uncle Loyd, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Pearl, Auntie Wilma, AuntRuth, Uncle Lee, Uncle Boyd (I think he is almost smiling— probably just gas pains), Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Glenda hiding in the back and Summer.Hope Uncle Boyd isn’t seeing this.
  45. 45. Maggie Jean’s 29th birthday party.
  46. 46. Good food, good times…
  47. 47. Our Lizzy and the wonderful Jason.
  48. 48. Derrick tagging along on your cruise…
  49. 49. Your Don Johnson, Miami Vice look
  50. 50. Watch out world, it is Aunt Pearl,Aunt Wilma, Aunt Glenda, and Aunt Ruth…
  51. 51. Cruising, the best vacation EVER
  52. 52. Alaska
  53. 53. You begged like a dog wantingbacon, but they just wouldn’t let you steer the ship
  54. 54. I really want to know what was said…or maybe I don’t.
  55. 55. Dad and Brad
  56. 56. The worst part of cruising, layovers at the airport.Lonnie and Derrick
  57. 57. …and waiting…..Lonnie and the masked man, Zach
  58. 58. and waiting….Derrick, Lonnie, and Brad Jr.
  59. 59. If you have a good name, if you are right more often than you are wrong, if your children respect you, if your grandchildren are glad tosee you, if your friends can count on you and you can count on them in time of trouble, if you can face your God and say "I have done my best," then you are a success. - Ann Landers
  60. 60. THE END