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Anali's TED Talk Review

  1. 1. Handspring Puppet Co.:The genius puppetry behind War Horse A TED Talk Review by Anali Lambrechts.
  2. 2. The Presenter’sBasil Jones and Adrian Kohler of Handspring Puppet company share the stage for this TED Talk.
  3. 3. What it’s about This talk is about the thought process and execution that went into the making of the puppet equine’s for War Horse. The speaker’s also share a little history of puppet’s and how they work.
  4. 4. Delivery Method’sThe speaker’s maintained the audience’s attention by changingup the pace and center of focus. Utilizing the following method’sof presenting: -Quiet live demonstration. -Live demonstration with explanation. -Theory explanation. -Witty one line remark’s. -Anecdotal Stories, that were usually funny.The speaker’s were able to transition from one type to anotherseamlessly and not in a predictable pattern, keeping theaudience wondering what would be coming next.
  5. 5. The Ted Commandment’s The speaker’s implemented almost all of the TEDcommandments. The single most important one portrayed was tomake the complex plain. Putting how puppet’s work in layman’s terms so that all of the audience could follow along and understand the process.It is difficult to tell if the speaker’s went over their allotted from an online video. Which leaves a little bit of a grey area for this criteria.The speaker’s also did not comment on any other speaker’s talks. Though this was also not a requirement.
  6. 6. Dynamism I gave the gentlemen a 4 for their dynamism. Their speech was wonderful, well thought and planned. It hadbeen practiced between all that appeared on stage. Their tone of voice and manner of speech was respectful and polite. The information was conveyed in an interesting manner,and used stories from the actual journey to make the puppet’s toprovide some background information for the audience. To keep it human.
  7. 7. Dynamism ImprovementIt felt very much like a practiced speech though. What could have been done to improve it would have been more inflection to voice to give it more feeling, or emotion.
  8. 8. Dynamism ImprovementThere was lack ofgestural movementas well. Thespeaker’s spent themajority of the timeat the podium, withtheir body mostlystill. They did showhow the hyenaworks though.
  9. 9. Tips from Nancy Duarte The forefront tip they used was the inclusion of story. And not just including stories, but walking that fine line of balance toexplain how the puppet’s worked, then using stories to bring the topic home. To make it more personable to the audience. They also used a clear framework, starting with introducing a concept andbuilding upon that adding layer upon layer until we have all of the information.
  10. 10. Compared to Sir Ken RobinsonAll of the speaker’s: -Used funny anecdotes to break up theory. -Made quiet time work for them. (Not filling every moment with words). -Use of stage, and spacing to emphasize their different messages. -Were able to capture, and keep the audience interested throughout the entire presentation. -Convey their information in an organized and logical sequence.
  11. 11. ContrastSir Ken Robinson speech’s are formatted as if it were a one onone conversation you were having with him. He did not useany live demonstration’s, but made use of all the stage spacehimself. He made use of large hand gestures and his stories tomake you feel as if you were in his living room for a dinnerparty instead of the venue.
  12. 12. Contrast Both of Sir Ken Robinson’s speeches are unique as well. The talk on Changing Paradigms has a illustration to accompany the audio. This way of delivery enhances the message of addressing the root’s of ADHD in the classroom and radically changing how our education system changes.
  13. 13. ContrastBasil Jones and Adrian Kohler speech was more formatted likea lecture, with the purpose being to educate the audience onsomething they had created. They personally hardly moved onthe stage, preferring to stay near the podium. This brought aconstant reminder what you were in a large lecture hall.
  14. 14. First Tip For Classmate’sThe single most important tip I can offer from this is to makeuse of quiet time. Let the audience pause for a moment, thinkabout what you said, and react to it.It is akin to swimming; if you are constantly under water orgetting the information, then there is no time to come up forair and process it before you dive back down into the material.
  15. 15. Second Tip For Classmate’sAnother crucially important tip is to start your presentation offwith a bang. To have that great hook. In the case of this TEDTalk, it began with jumping right into the demonstration withthe hyena puppet.This served two purposes actually; introduced the topic andhow it worked on a small personable scale before jumping intothe meat of the talk and caught the audiences attention withhow it moved. It had them wanting to learn more right off thebat.
  16. 16. Handspring Puppet Co.:The genius puppetry behind War Horse A TED Talk Review by Anali Lambrechts.