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Ozlem edizel


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Ozlem edizel

  1. 1. H. Özlem Edizel Cities Institute BACKGROUND This PhD study looks at the interface between mega-event led regeneration and sustain- able development by using comparative analysis between a successful mega-event led regeneration project and a similar scale regeneration project that was triggered by an unsuccessful mega-event proposal and was implemented despite losing. It will use an integrative approach in which built environment/landscape, social structure and stake- holder organizations are studied together, in two different regeneration cases incorpo- rating mega-event strategies. This poster presents a visual summary of a part of the literature review of this PhD study which focuses on understanding mega-event phenomenon. The literature review consists of three main parts. The current review focuses on the mega- event phenomenon. This process primarily con- sists of reviewing secondary sources. Literature review aims at understanding the key debates around mega-events and determin- ing the missing and/or less studied aspects. WHAT IS A MEGA-EVENT? IMPACTS OF MEGA-EVENT HOSTING MEGA-EVENT DEFINITION AND CLASSIFICATION Diversity of events makes it difficult to provide a single definition for them. The categorization and definition of mega-events changes according to their rationale, political economy and location. Mega-event impact studies are classi- fied under five categories. Impact types are not always discrete and ex- clusive, and are increasingly combined. Type of event Example of event Target attendance/ market Type of media interest Mega-event Expos Olympics World Cup (Soccer) Global Global TV Special event Grand Prix (F1) World Regional Sport (e.g. Pan-Am Games) World Regional/ National International/ National TV Hallmark event National sport event (e.g. Australian Games) Big City Sport/Festival National Regional National TV Local TV Community event Rural Town Event Local Community Event Regional/Local Local Local TV/Press Local Press CONCLUSION Understanding the mega-event phenomenon re- quires an understanding of its definition and con- ceptualisation. In order to conduct the research effectively, it is im- portant to clarify which type of events can be classi- fied as “mega” and what type of impact studies have be made so far about mega-events. This will help to find out what is missing or less studied in the literature in terms of urban regeneration and community engagement impacts. Moreover, this part of the literature re- view will be used to clarify the second case study area (the first being London 2012 Olympic Games/Regeneration area). STAKEHOLDER ORGANIZATIONS SOCIAL STRUCTURE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Sustainable Cities & Competitiveness LITERATURE REVIEW Mega-event Phenomenon Urban Regeneration ECONOMIC IMPACT ANALYSIS OF MEGA-EVENTS SPATIALTOURISM POLITICAL & GOVENANCE SOCIO- CULTURAL Roche, M. (2000). Mega-events and Modernity: Olympics and EXPOs in the Growth of Global Culture. London: Routledge.