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Leadership statistics – London Business School BSR


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A lot of research has been done on Leadership. Have a look at some interesting statistics on leadership development, job promotions and women in power in this Business Strategy Review report.

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Leadership statistics – London Business School BSR

  1. 1. LEADERSNIPSRarely has so much ink and wisdombeen dedicated to such an abstractand mercurial science. We present achoice sample from the deluge.© Copyright 2012 London Business School
  2. 2. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEW 1Brains of BusinessResearchers at the UKs ReadingUniversity are examining thebrains of business, military andother leaders to betterunderstand what makes themeffective
  3. 3. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEW 2Leadership wisdom“When the effective leader isfinished with his work, thepeople say it happens naturally.”Lao -Tzu, Chinese
  4. 4. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEW 3Job moves40% of job moves can beinterpreted as a promotion, thesame number are a movelaterally and 20% are a movedownwards.Monika Hamori, IE Business
  5. 5. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEW 4Leadership developmentIn 2009 US companies spent$12 billion on leadershipdevelopment.Sue Ashford and Scott DeRue,
  6. 6. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEW 5Directors of FTSE-100Only 12.5% of the directors ofFTSE-100 companies
  7. 7. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEW 6Women MPsThe 2010 election meant that22% of UK MPs are women. Inthe German Bundestag it is33%; in the Dutch parliament,42%; the Rwandan parliament,56%; and the Swedish,
  8. 8. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEW 7Executive decisions64% of executives who left acompany on Fortune’s MostAdmired Companies ranking leftfor a company not on theranking.Monika Hamori, IE Business
  9. 9. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEW 8Talent shortagesNearly 60% of companies faceleadership talent shortageswhich impede performance.Sue Ashford and Scott DeRue,
  10. 10. BUSINESS STRATEGY REVIEWThis report was part of Business Strategy Review,Volume 22 Issue 2 – 2011Subscribe to Business Strategy ReviewWorld-class thinking, World-class writingReceive EXCLUSIVE content including in-depth business reports onglobal business, distilled digests of academic research and interviewswith business