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At London Business School we develop leaders across all experience levels who are
equipped to meet your most diverse recruitment needs. Find out more about our students' profiles and how easy it is to find and recruit great potential

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Recruit our talent - London Business School

  1. 1. Guide to recruitment Hiring world-class talent from London Business School Career Services
  2. 2. Contents Welcome Why recruit from London Business School?03 Why recruit from Our students benefit from London Business School? outstanding teaching,04 Student and programme innovative leadership profile table development programmes08 Your recruitment options and a capital city location10 Connect with our student clubs renowned for its strong international links and11 Contact us corporate connections. Our faculty are at the forefront of global business research, creating You want the best talent and we London Business want the best for our students, thought-provoking and challenging programmes that attract the best School offers an so recruiting from London Business School is simple business students from around the world. unparalleled source and straightforward. With programmes in New York, of global business Rigorous selection criteria across Hong Kong and Dubai and our programme portfolio means that, exchange partnerships with top talent. We look as a recruiter, you can be confident business schools in India, China, that much of the initial work has forward to partnering already been done for you. Once Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa and across with you to fulfil your on their chosen programme, our Europe, we attract a global student Career Services team gives students body and world-class faculty to the recruitment needs. a thorough understanding of key School. The result is a campus of business skills. This includes working exceptional diversity and strength on a new model for integrating – over 2,000 degree students each leadership skills development with year join the School from more coaching, experiential learning than 170 countries. Our alumni and career preparation alongside community consists of over faculty-led teaching and research. 35,000 globally-focused This unique combination produces professionals worldwide. graduates who are ready to have an immediate impact in any new venture or organisation they enter. Individually diverse, but united by world-class education, our students and alumni possess the leadership skills and international vision to drive your organisation forward. Whatever your business, and whether you seek recent graduates, mid-career professionals or strategically focused senior leaders, London Business School’s Career Services team is your first port of call. Welcome Fiona Sandford Executive Director, Careers and Global Business at London Business School to your guide to recruitment Recruit our talent +44 (0)20 7000 7400 careerservices@london.edu02 London Business School Guide to recruitment 03
  3. 3. Student and programme profile tableAt LondonBusiness School MiM MBA MiF MiFwe develop leadersacross all experience For recent graduates with less than one For individuals who are looking to For individuals wishing to advance their For individuals wishing to advance theirlevels who are year of full-time postgraduate corporate make a vertical shift in their career path, career or change their area within finance. career or change their area within finance.equipped to meet work experience or with less than two change industry or job function,your most diverse years in a nontraditional business role. or develop an entrepreneurial toolkit. Full-time format Part-time formatrecruitment needs. Class profile Class profile Class profile Class profile Duration 12 months Duration 20 months Duration 10 to 16 months Duration 22 months Graduation date July Graduation date February, May or July Graduation date July Graduation date Throughout the year Format full-time of graduating year Format full-time Format part-time Study location London Format full-time Study location London Study location London Class size 162 Study location London Class size 118 Class size 83 Average work experience 1 year Class size 406 Average work experience 6 years Average work experience 7 years Female % 33% Average work experience 5.5 years Female % 20% Female % 19% Female % 33% Nationalities represented Nationalities represented Nationalities represented Nationalities represented Europe (including UK) 52% Europe (excluding UK) 27% Europe (excluding UK) 37% East Asia 24% Eastern Asia 18% Asia 21% UK 16% Europe (excluding UK) 22% South Asia 18% USA / Canada 15% South Asia 12% South Asia 18% Americas 10% Latin America 11% USA and Canada 9% Latin America and Caribbean 12% Australia / New Zealand 1% UK 9% Eastern Asia 7% USA and Canada 11% Africa / Middle East 1% Africa / Middle East 9% South-East Asia 6% South-East Asia 8% Australia / New Zealand 8% Latin America and Caribbean 5% Central Asia 3% 60 Middle East 4% Australasia 1% 30 Africa 2% 50 UK 1% 25 Australasia 1% 40 25 Central Asia 1% 20 30 40 20 15 35 20 15 10 30 10 10 25 5 20 5 15 Pre-programme 10 undergraduate specialism Pre-programme sector 5 experience Pre-programme sector experience M anagement / Business 25% Corporate Pre-programme sector Engineering / IT 20% sectors 45% Corporate experience Finance 31% sectors 58% Economics 19% Consulting 24% Finance 42 % Accounting / Finance 15% Corporate Consulting 0% sectors 63% Humanities 7% Mathematics / Sciences 7% Finance 37% Social Sciences 7% Consulting 0% Experience table Experience table Experience table Experience table Senior manager Senior manager Senior manager Senior manager Mid career Mid career Mid career Mid career Early career Early career Early career Early careerThis class data correctas of September 2012. Recent graduate Recent graduate Recent graduate Recent graduateFor the latest class statistics London Business School Guide to recruitment 05
  4. 4. Student and programme profile table Executive MBA Executive MBA EMBA-Global Sloan Designed for those who want to Designed for those who want to For dynamic professionals who are highly Designed to prepare experienced senior accelerate their career into general accelerate their career into general ambitious and have, or aspire to have, managers for their next career challenge. management or move beyond their management or move beyond their transnational responsibilities. technical or functional specialism. technical or functional specialism. London class Dubai class Class profile Class profile Class profile Class profile Duration 20 months Duration 12 months Graduation date December Graduation date December Duration 20 months Duration 20 months Format part-time Format full-time Graduation date July Graduation date July Study location London / Hong-Kong Study location London Format part-time Format part-time / New York Class size 52 Study location London Study location Dubai Class size 108 Average work experience 16 years Class size 78 Class size 54 Average work experience 10 years Female % 21% Average work experience 10 years Average work experience 11 years Female % 24% Female % 21% Female % 24% Nationalities represented Nationalities represented South Asia 22% Nationalities represented Nationalities represented Europe (excluding UK) 21% Europe (excluding UK) 41% Middle East 41% Europe 35% East and Southeast Asia 15% Asia 22% Europe (excluding UK) 18% USA / Canada 32% North America 12% UK 18% Asia 13% Asia 19% Latin America 10% Australia / New Zealand 7% USA / Canada 12% Africa / Middle East 4% UK 10% USA / Canada 4% Australia / New Zealand 6% Australasia 4% Australia / New Zealand 8% Africa 4% UK 6% UK 4% Africa / Middle East 2% Latin America / Caribbean 2% Africa 4% Central / Latin America 2% Middle East 2% 35 50 50 30 25 40 40 25 20 20 30 30 15 15 20 20 10 10 10 10 5 5 Pre-programme sector Pre-programme sector Pre-programme sector Pre-programme sector experience experience experience experience Corporate Corporate Corporate Corporate sectors 61% sectors 56% sectors 59% sectors 80% Finance 30% Finance 35% Finance 32% Finance 18% Consulting 9% Consulting 9% Consulting 9% Consulting 2% Experience table Experience table Experience table Experience table Senior manager Senior manager Senior manager Senior manager Mid career Mid career Mid career Mid career Early career Early career Early career Early career Recent graduate Recent graduate Recent graduate Recent graduate06 London Business School Guide to recruitment 07
  5. 5. Your recruitment optionsWhether you are looking to fill Recruiting global talent Brad Vernepermanent, internship or project for UK positions Time Warnerpositions, we make it easy for you We believe it is now easierto find and recruit great talent. to recruit international talent into positions in the UK from “Working with the Career ServicesLooking to find outstanding London Business School. team has always been a positivetalent to fill current vacancies? experience. They are very proactive,• ccess our free online recruitment A Following the immigration reforms introducing potential candidates to systems 24/7 to search student that took place in April 2012: us that would be a strong fit for our and alumni CVs, create a various divisions, including Warner customised downloadable CV 1. When you recruit from London Bros, Turner Broadcasting, HBO book, post a job to the School Business School using a Tier 2 and Time Inc.” community or contact students visa, you are recruiting from within and alumni directly the UK and so the government• ttend a campus recruitment A cap does not apply evening – in October, January and May 2. he UK Border Agency have T committed to removing the• rrange an individual company A requirement for the Resident presentation on campus. Market Labour Test (RMLT) for recruiting graduates fromBuild your brand amongst UK educational institutions,our students and alumni therefore reducing cost• onnect with our student clubs C to sponsor an event or host 3. his more streamlined and T a student career trek unrestricted sponsorship• articipate in our educational P process is only open to speakers’ events where senior graduates of UK Universities managers can connect with and Business Schools. our students• ecome a London Business B School Corporate Partner.To view the most up-to-date For more informationCareer Services calendar, about recruiting globalaccess our free online talent for UK positionsrecruitment systems or visit – up for our Recruitment immigrationNewsletter visit – Post jobs, search CVs Your and create targeted CV books via our free online recruitment systems, or recruitment meet with our students and alumni at one our various recruiter events throughout the year. options08 London Business School Guide to recruitment 09
  6. 6. Connect with our student clubs Contact usLondon Business School is Professional Clubs Nordic Club Lewin Li Contact us to discuss how youhost to an astonishing variety Business and North American Club MBA2011 can recruit our students andof professional, regional, sporting Government Club alumni, and build your brandand social clubs. Testament Portugal Club within the London Businessto the globally diverse nature Consulting Club Russia Alumni Club School Community. “The Hong Kong Finance Trek wasof our community, they offer Emerging Spanish Club an invaluable and eye-openingstudents and alumni exceptional Markets Club Fiona Sandford experience. I was able to learn morenetworking and leadership Energy Club Sports Clubs about the skills required to join such Executive Director,opportunities. Connecting with Entrepreneurship Club Basketball Club a dynamic and challenging industry Careers and Global Businessclubs is an extremely valuable and witness bankers’ enthusiasm Email: fsandford@london.eduway for you to increase brand Family Business Club Cricket Club for, and insights into, the growingawareness and visibility Finance Club Cycling Club Asian economy, which confirmed Stuart Jagotaround campus. Healthcare Club Football Club – Men my decision to return to my home Head of Employer Engagement Impact Consulting Golf Club town for the next step in my career. Email: Men’s Rugby Club The trek was instrumental for me to India Business Forum secure a rewarding internship in a Mairi Shrosbree Industry Club Rowing Club bulge bracket bank in Hong Kong.” Events Manager Investment Running Club Email: Management Club Sailing Club Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7437 Marketing Club Salsa Club To contact one of our Sector Media Club Snow Club or Programme Managers directly Military in Softball Club please visit our website – Business Club Squash Club Out in Business Swimming Club Partners Club Table Tennis Club Private Equity and Tennis Club Venture Capital Club Ultimate Frisbee Club Real Estate Club Volleyball Club Responsible Business Club Women’s Football Club Retail and Luxury Women’s Touch Goods Club Rugby Club Sports Business Club Social and Skills Technology Club Development Clubs Turnaround Acting and Creative Management and Communications Club Restructuring Club Art Connection Women in Board Games Club Business Club Film Club Regional Clubs Music Club Africa Club Photography Club Asia Club Poker Club Australia New Public Speaking Club Zealand Club Student Association Brazil Club Volunteers Club China Club Wine and Cheese Club Eastern Europe / CIS Club French Club Student German Austria If you are unsure To contact our and Switzerland Club who to contact or student clubs visit – Hellenic Club for general enquiries, India Club please contact Israel Club contact-us Italian Club clubs Japan Club Korea Club LatAm Club Middle East ClubStudent club list is correctas of January 2013.10 London Business School Guide to recruitment 11
  7. 7. London Business SchoolRegent’s ParkLondon NW1 4SAUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0)20 7000 7000Fax: +44 (0)20 7000 Graduate School of the University of London