Past simple rule formation pdf


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past simple rule formation

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Past simple rule formation pdf

  1. 1. PAST SIMPLE OF “TO BE” (SER,ESTAR) AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE I was = I wasn’t was I? You were You weren’t were you? He, She, It was He, She, It wasn’t was he/she/it? We were We weren’t Were we? You were You weren’t Were you? They were They weren’t Were they? I was in Almería yesterday. She wasn’t at home this morning. Were they in Paris last week?
  2. 2. Complete the sentences with WAS, WERE, WASN’T, WEREN’T Were 1. _________ you at the party? was 2. Picasso __________ a famous artist were 3. Anna and I ____________ in Barcelona last year.
  3. 3. TIME EXPRESSIONS FOR THE PAST TENSE: LAST (=pasada) AGO (=hace) YESTERDAY (=ayer) last night 10 minutes ago yesterday last week an hour ago Yesterday morning last weekend 3 days ago Yesterday afternoon last month a week ago Yesterday evening last year a month ago The day before yesterday last Monday… a year ago… Yesterday night Ex. I played basket yesterday afternoon
  4. 4. USE: We use the past simple to talk about actions in the past: I played tennis yesterday I went to the cinema last weekend She visited Paris last summer
  5. 5. REGULAR VERBS - To form the past of regular verbs we add to the infinitive: - ed Watch - watched If the verb ends in –e -d Like - liked - If the verb is monosyllabic and it ends in vowel+ consonat Doble consonante + ed Stop - stopped -If the verbs ends in consonant + y Study - studied - If the verbs ends in vowel + y Play - played y ied - ed
  6. 6. PRONUNCIATION of –ed: There are three ways to pronounce the –ed ending: After the sounds: /p/, /k/, /s/, /ch/, /sh/, /f/, /x/ /t/ Help-ed Work-ed Dance-d Watch-ed Finish-ed Laugh-ed Mix-ed
  7. 7. After vowel and the sounds: /b/, /g/, /l/, /v/, /m/, /n/, /r/, /z/ /d/ After the sounds: /t/, /d/ close-d describe-d belong-ed call-ed /id/ live-d slamm-ed clean-ed appear-ed Start-ed End-ed
  8. 8. IRREGULAR VERBS We have to learn the irregular verbs by memory. INFINITIVE PAST To bring brought To buy bought To understand understood To drink drank To eat ate To break broke To go went
  9. 9. FORM: Affirmative Negative S + Verb in the Past S + didn’t + infinitive I played He, She, It played I didn’t play He, She, It didn’t play Wh- Questions (and answers) Yes/No Questions and short answers) Wh- word + did + S + infinitive Did + S + infinitive Where did you go? I went to Madrid Did you study? Yes, I did. Where did she go? She went to Paris Did she study? No, I didn’t.