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Animals unit 5 pdf


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Ways to classify animals

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Animals unit 5 pdf

  1. 1. Unit 5 : Animals Teacher :Mª José
  2. 2. We can classify animals by what they eat. Herbivores These animals eat plants Sheep Carnivores Omnivores These animals These animals eat other animals eat plants and other animals. Lion Spider hedgehogs chicken zebra Tiger Vultures Fox Wild boar
  3. 3. We can classify animals according to how they are born Oviparous animals Viviparous animals Oviparous animals are born from eggs Viviparous animals are born from their mother´s womb Birds , insects, reptiles and fish are oviparous Mammals are viviparous
  4. 4. Animals move differently because of their environments In the water Animals swim In the air Animals fly On land Animals walk Animals jump Animals run Animals crawl or slither
  5. 5. We can classify animals by their skeletons Vertebrates Vertebrate animals have got a spine Groups Mammals Birds Fish Reptiles amphibians
  6. 6. Mammals Characteristics Mammals are viviparous Mammals have four limbs Mammals´ body have hair Mammals move in different ways Zebras walk on their legs Dolphins swims with their fins Bats fly with their wings
  7. 7. Birds characteristics Birds are oviparous Some birds can fly wings Birds like hawks can fly feathers beak Birds have beaks and wings Birds´ body has feathers Penguins cannot fly
  8. 8. Most fish are oviparous Fish characteristics Fish live in fresh water eggs Fish live in the sea Fish have fins and scales fin scales These are fish Sharks eels seahorses