Ambassadors go forth...


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A tail of three and a bit Ambassadors

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Ambassadors go forth...

  1. 1. Ambassadors go forth A tail of three and a bit Ambassadors ...and the new features of Confluence 4 and JIRA 4.4
  2. 2. Three Amigos BenHelen OlleValerie Sam
  3. 3. Where have we come from? Developing Blogging Tweeting Team leading Conferencing Coaching Community Training User groups Video interviews
  4. 4. Mission Impossible Get the world hooked on Atlassian... ...without selling anyone anything...
  5. 5. So how do we do this???
  6. 6. Our not so secret weapons...
  7. 7. Managing the ambassadors... Daily task list Weekly reports 90 day goals Events planning Meetings... and more meetings.. Avoid drowning in email.. Expediting and dealing with issues...
  8. 8. Could be very boring...
  9. 9. Use the power of JIRA... Luke
  10. 10. May the JIRA be with you... Ambassador project Simplified issue type to Task Enabled Greenhopper plugin - shipped with JIRA by default from now on
  11. 11. JIRA 4.x has become easier... Improved overview Easier install Well managed updates Unified overview Simple editing of issues Autocomplete JIRA queries Visual Workflow designer Greenhopper bundled
  12. 12. JIRA admin unified overview
  13. 13. K.I.S.S. Use simplest workflow possible Only create issue types you need Use labels to help you find issues - common labels could become issue types ...
  14. 14. Our workflow does what?? See what your BOfH has done to your workflow “Can we make a quick change to our project?” “Sorry, Dave did that workflow... I dont know what it does... He is not back until next week!” Visual workflow editor to the rescue !!
  15. 15. Workflow editor saves the day...
  16. 16. JIRA queries now not so scary...
  17. 17. Easier searching and reporting Type in what you want JIRA suggests the right things you want Save your query... … use those in Confluence
  18. 18. Report on specific week Type with help from auto-complete:project = AMBASSADORS AND assignee = jstevenson AND fixVersion = "Week 31" ORDER BY priority DESC Press the search button! Get URL for XML feed: xml/temp/SearchRequest.xml?jqlQuery=project+ %3D+AMBASSADORS+AND+assignee+ %3D+jstevenson+AND+fixVersion+%3D+ %22Week+31%22+ORDER+BY+priority+DESC&tempMax=100
  19. 19. Some feel JIRA is still fiddly... Too many fields Lots of irrelevant information Not sure what to fill in... Not a great user experience!
  20. 20. New way to edit an issue Simplified issue editing form Drag and drop to customise your own form Only add what’s important Raise issues quickly...
  21. 21. Editing an issue is simple...
  22. 22. Greenhopper is even easier...
  23. 23. Greenhopper for daily task list Picture of greenhopper wallboard as appetiser...
  24. 24. Even Darth uses Greenhopper
  25. 25. If you still think JIRA andGreenhopper is too much... …show your issues in Confluence
  26. 26. JIRA New features demo
  27. 27. Confluence 4
  28. 28. Communicate with confidence Communicate with Confluence Ambassadors have their own space Everyone has free run (except for deleting the whole space !!) Audit trail keeps people honest Really drives collaboration
  29. 29. Telling people who I am My Confluence home page Contact details / my location Recent documents / edits Planning activities
  30. 30. Making daily stand-ups more fun Talk about things we are learning Help each other priorities Identify dependant activities Talk to each other as human beings...
  31. 31. Boring status meetings......just say no
  32. 32. JIRA Issues gadget for Confluence Show any list of issues you can in JIRA Uses a XML source URL easy to use...
  33. 33. Work in progress
  34. 34. What I did last week...
  35. 35. Report on specific week Type in:project = AMBASSADORS AND assignee = jstevenson AND fixVersion = "Week 31" ORDER BY priority DESC Press the magic button! Get URL for XML feed: xml/temp/SearchRequest.xml?jqlQuery=project+ %3D+AMBASSADORS+AND+assignee+ %3D+jstevenson+AND+fixVersion+%3D+ %22Week+31%22+ORDER+BY+priority+DESC&tempMax=100
  36. 36. Confluence for 90 day goals Simple to create tables Emoticons to make goal status easy to see Could also use status field Simple to understand for a wider audience
  37. 37. Wiki Markup is dead, long live Wiki Markup Seperate Wiki markup editor is deceasedWiki markup is still alive and kicking and better than ever
  38. 38. New editor in town
  39. 39. Confluence editor demo
  40. 40. Team Calendars People related events - Holidays (yay!) Events – lets get planning JIRA tickets – oh, we are launching today, yay ! Sync with Google (iCal) Calendars
  41. 41. Team calendar demo
  42. 42. More new stuff in Confluence 4 Context sensitive menus Table editor toolbar Embedded powerpoint presentations Macro browser Macro keyboard shortcuts Status Macro
  43. 43. The big picture Using JIRA project dashboard for overview Thinking of usuing JIRA wallboard plugin
  44. 44. Back to dogfood-ing... Raising issues with Confluence “Give Feedback” button Bonfire Raise issues quickly in JIRA
  45. 45. Bonfire
  46. 46. Whats next for the Ambassadors Customer interviews / case studies Online promotion, blogging, tweeting Conferencing and community events University outreach – bridging the skills gap Atlassian user groups
  47. 47. A small tour around Europe !!
  48. 48. UK Atlassian user groups Bath / Bristol group starting soon Possible Reading group London kick-off planned Looking for willing customers to run groups Your user group needs you!
  49. 49. Taking beer to the community
  50. 50. … and cool T-Shirts
  51. 51. JIRA 4.4.x Easy admin, workflow editor, simple issue form, easy upgrade,Confluence Powerful new editor, team calendars, gadgets, Email mentionsAtlassian user groups need youAmbassadors marching all over Europe #LondonAPE
  52. 52. Thank you For everything else there is GoAtlassian YouTube channel
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