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Citizen input presentation Lombard Residents


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Citizen input presentation Lombard Residents

  1. 1.  What is the ADA? Why audit the facilities? What is your role as a resident?
  2. 2.  What is NEDSRA? What are NEDSRA programs and services? Who is eligible for NEDSRA programs andservices?
  3. 3.  Recreation Accessibility Consultants, LLC John McGovern; Shelley Zuniga; Terry McGovern; W-T Engineering’s Family of Companies:◦ W-T Land Surveying◦ Brusseau Design Group◦ Innovative Aquatic Design
  4. 4.  Site Evaluations Transition Plans Project Reviews Inclusion Process Policy Development
  5. 5.  Became effective Jan. 26, 1992 Provided comprehensive civil rights protections toindividuals with disabilities in the areas of:◦ Employment◦ Public accommodation◦ State and local government services◦ Telecommunications
  6. 6.  Title II is the section that governs the parks andrecreation services that are provided through localpark districts and recreation departments. Facility access Program access
  7. 7.  Where renovations are being planned, accessneeds to be a part of the plans. Many of the parks and facilities were developedbefore wheelchair access was in the mindset ofdevelopers. It’s the right thing to do.
  8. 8.  Requirement of the law to invite resident input. We can measure, but we need real life practicalinput from those affected by access issues.
  9. 9. EWF needs maintenance
  10. 10. Entry to play component too high
  11. 11. Noncompliant benches
  12. 12. No access to football fields
  13. 13. Ramps and Transfer Systems to play areas
  14. 14. Accessible park site features
  15. 15. AR to ball fields
  16. 16. Noncompliant door hardware
  17. 17. Emergency egress does not connect to the AR
  18. 18. Exterior accessible route - slope
  19. 19. Parking stalls - slopes
  20. 20. Reach ranges – 15-48”
  21. 21. Good directional signage
  22. 22. Properly designed restrooms
  23. 23.  Citizen input Analysis Implementation by the Lombard Park District!
  24. 24. THANKYOU