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L2 b media presentatio


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L2 b media presentatio

  1. 1. London to Brighton Tom Block
  2. 2. General Info... Director: Paul Andrew Williams Writer: Paul Andrew Williams Release Date: 1 st December 2006 Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller Tag Line: Innocence has Nowhere to Hide
  3. 3. Some more random info... London to Brighton (2006) was written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams. It has been nominated for 6 awards in the past and has won 6 awards also in recent years. The main characters are the same as another film written by Williams, Royalty (2001). the characters names are Derek (played by Johnny Harris) and Kelly (played by Lorraine Stanley) The film is not based upon a book or novel.
  4. 4. Yet More Random Info... London to Brighton had a budget of just £80,000. That’s about the same as the catering budget for a major Hollywood film! The film was funded by the UK Film Council and the 4 production companies listed on IMDb are: Steel Mill Pictures Wellington Films LTB Films Limited The UK Film Council The main Production company was Steel Mill Pictures.
  5. 5. Awards... BAFTA's – Nominated for the Carl Foreman Award for the Most Promising Newcomer British Independent Film Awards – Nominated for the Douglas Hickox award and the Raindance award. Won the British Independent Film Award for Best Achievement in Production.
  6. 6. Awards Continued... Dinard British Film Festival – Won the golden Hitchcock award Edinburgh International Film Festival – Won New Directors Award Evening Standard British Film Awards – Won the Evening Standard British film award
  7. 7. More Awards... Foyle Film Festival – Won The Festival Prize London Critics Circle Film Awards – Nominated for The ALFS Award Raindance Film Festival – Won The Jury Prize
  8. 8. THANKYOU