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CR systems offer more flexibility for your medical facility


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CR systems offer more flexibility for your medical facility

  1. 1. CR Systems Offer More Flexibility For Your Medical Facility
  2. 2. Computed radiography systems, or CR systems, are designed to capture, convert, store and deliver digital medical images. The problem many medical centers face is that they have perfectly good imaging equipment, and the cost of a complete overhaul to digital imaging is cost prohibitive. Instead, you can use your current imaging hardware in conjunction with CR software, and obtain the digital images you want at a reasonable price.
  3. 3. A CR system allows you to take a medical image using a medical plate. The data collected on the plate is then converted to a digital image through the use of a scanner. CR software can then be used to optimize the images to your specifications. For smaller medical clinics, size of equipment is always a consideration. CR systems are available in a range of sizes, including compact, so that any medical facility can find the CR system to meet their specific needs.
  4. 4. CR systems are available for specialty practices as well as for general purposes. Orthopedists, podiatrists and chiropractors will find a CR system suitable for their unique purposes. Many CR systems are designed for use in the patient's room, making it especially functional for use in the emergency room or intensive care unit.
  5. 5. Speed and image resolution are major factors when it comes to deciding which CR system you will use in your medical facility. There is CR software available that allows you to process anywhere from sixty to seventy-six imaging plates per hour, improving your office's productivity. Multi-frequency processing and flexible noise control are also available on certain CR system units. With quality CR software you can also expect image resolution of ten pixels/mm regardless of image plate size.
  6. 6. Some medical facilities, such as veterinary or military, have a need for portable systems. There are systems available that can be used in any location and still maintain optimal handling. There are many ways that one of these systems can save money for your medical office. One of those ways is in the type of electrical connection needed for the device to operate. Certain systems will run on a standard electrical outlet, saving you the expense of rewiring and outfitting exam rooms and making it easier to get up and running with your own computed radiography system.
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