Customer satisfaction of bsnl


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Customer satisfaction of bsnl

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONIn today’s intensely competitive, rapidly changing and highly complexenvironment characterize by diminishing customer loyalty, the need to bemarket –focused and customer centric is more critical than any other time inpast. It is highly imperative for every organization to retain and use valuableinformation about their customer to enhance their business strategies andproduct and service offerings. Today, the key focus area of much organizationis identification of a link between customer satisfaction and performance.However, satisfaction as the confirmation of expectation has started to beconceptualizing almost as a threshold for customers. The delivery ofsatisfaction is the minimum the customer expects. This project is totally focusing on the consumer preferencestowards different sales promotion techniques means which sales promotiontechnique is mostly preferred by the customer in the city of Indore (MadhyaPradesh). As the sales promotion techniques are used for the marketing of theproduct so the research has done in the area of marketing. Today every firm is facing the situation of cut throat competition.So it becomes very important for every firm to promote its product otherwiseit cannot survive in the market. These techniques are used in the marketing ofproduct in the last stage which is called retailing.The customers are very important and play a crucial role in any process ofmarketing. Today, customers are the kings of the market because thecustomer loyalty and customer preference are built by the products and theservices offered to the customers and they seek for the more benefits andmoney’s worth for the amount they spend. That is where the concept ofcustomer preference and consumer behavior comes because the customersmake the marketers to rethink about designing the products and services.They have to think about the market segmentation, market strategies,consumer behavior, consumer’s tastes, consumer’s lifestyle etc also. Manymarketers are smart enough to understand consumers’ needs, wants anddemands and perform beyond their expectations i.e. they delight them. It
  2. 2. provides them growth, profitability and creativity with lot of inventions.A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FOR BSNLPRODUCTS AND SERVICESPrimary ObjectiveA study on customer satisfaction for bsnl products and services and its role inbuilding brand equity for the companySecondary objective To ascertain the Customers preferences of Land line and Mobile Services. To ascertain the Customers Satisfaction level for Mobile services as well asLand line Services. To analyze the Customer opinion and satisfaction with specific reference toBSNL. suggest some guidelines to BSNL in order to provide better focused Toservices. To determine the status of brand awareness and brand loyalty in order toconcludeabout brand equity. To learn about the brand attributes and their preferences in BSNL.SCOPE OF THE STUDYThis research study is useful for BSNL to understand the expectations andrequirementsfor Customers and can serve them in a better way.
  3. 3. DETAILS OF COMPANY1 Particulars of organisationIncorporated on 15.9.2000, vide Registration No. 55-107739, dated the 15thSeptember, 2000and became entitled to commence business with effect from 19th September,2000.2 Date of incorporation:The Company (BSNL) took over the .business of providing telecom services andnetworkmanagement throughout the country except the metro cities of Delhi andMumbai of theerstwhile service providing departments of the Govt. of India, i.e., theDepartments ofTelecom Services and Telecom Operations i.e. 1.10.2000 pursuant to an MoUsignedbetween the BSNL and the Govt. of India.3 Type of companyGovernment Company under Section 617 of the Companies Act, 1956.4 Administrative ministryGovt. of India, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,Department of Telecommunications.
  4. 4. 5 Objectives of the companyAs set out in the objects clause of the Company’s Memorandum of Association.Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. formed in October, 2000, is Worlds 7th largestTelecommunications Company providing comprehensive range of telecomservices in India:Wire line, GSM Mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN, VSAT,VoIPservices, IN Services etc. Presently it is one of the largest & leading publicsector units in India. To be a lead Telecom services provider. Build customers confi dence through quality and reliable services. Provide bandwidth on demand. Contribute towards:o National plan target of 10 crore subscriber base for the country by 2010o Broadband customers base of 20 million in the country by 2010o Telephone in all villages.o Implementation of Triple play as a regular commercial proposition.Research Methodology:DATA SOURCE:In this study Primary data and secondary data have been used. Secondary datahave been collected from Internet.RESEARCH APPROACH:Primary data have been collected through surveys. Personal interviewtechnique has been used for conducting the survey. Data collection has beendone through the use of structured questionnaireMethods used in Primary data collection are-1. Observation method2. Personal interview3. Telephone interviews4. Mail survey5. Questionnaire methodMethods used in secondary data collection-
  5. 5. Secondary data can be obtained from internal sources as well as externalsources.Internal sources-1. Sales record2. Marketing activity3. cost information4. distributor report5. customer feedbackExternal sources-1. Government publications2. journals3. publication of trade association4. books5. magazines6. newspapers7. Annual reports8. research reports9. InternetData collection Techniques Used in Research-Primary data collection Technique1. Personal interview2. Questionnaire methodThe widely used method especially in case of surveys. It is used to obtainobjective & qualitative data. The list of questions is sent to different units ofpopulation to get their response to obtain standardised result that is tabulated& treated statistically to reach at particular solutionBSNL CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONInternal sources-1. Marketing activity
  6. 6. 2. Distributor feedback3. Customer feedbackExternal sources-1. Books2. Magazines3. Newspapers4. Internet-Data presentationAfter data collection, the role of survey is classification & tabulation of data.Data is classified in tabulated form for sake of effectiveness. This tabulateddata is then presented in graphical & diagrammatic forms like bar diagram,column diagram ,pie charts....Development of hypothesisHypothesis is generally considered as the principle instrument in the researchprocess.The basic aim of the development of the research hypothesis is to study theinformation in the present and then analyse the flows in it and rectify thesituation to gain the advantage in future. Hypothesis made generally enablesthe researcher to analyse the population parameters.A hypothesis is a proposition that attempts to explain a set of facts in a unifiedway. It generally forms the basis of experiments designed to establish itsplausibility. Simplicity, elegance, and consistency with previously establishedhypotheses or laws are also major factors in determining the acceptance of ahypothesis. Though a hypothesis can never be proven true (in fact, hypothesesgenerally leave some facts unexplained), it can sometimes be verified beyondreasonable doubt in the context of a particular theoretical approach. Ascientific law is a hypothesis that is assumed to be universally true.The hypothesis defined must have following characteristics1. It must be clear and precise2. It must be capable of being tested3. It must state the relationship between variable4. Hypothesis must have limited scope and must be specific5. It should be simple and understandable and must not have any ambiguity6. Hypothesis must be consistent with the known facts7. It must be in accordance with the time allotted for carrying out the research
  7. 7. Analysis of dataAnalysis of the data is carried out after classifying the given data andpresenting it in to various forms as discussed above.The analysis is carried out by defining the suitable hypothesis and applyingvarious statistical tools as listed below1. Chi-square test2. T-test3. F-test4. Z-test5. ANOVA.The test is applied as per the requirement of the research and the nature ofthe data collected.The data is collected in qualitative and Quantitative form. The table values arecompared with the calculated value to arrive at the conclusion. And based onthese conclusion the various recommendations are drawn.Study on customers Satisfaction:Designed QuestionnaireBharat Sanchar Nigam LtdName : - _______________________________________Age____________________Gender:-Male FemaleOccupation: -______________________________________________________________+1. Are you aware of BSNL Services?Yes No2. Which of the following Landline Services you are using currentlya. BSNL b. Tata Indicom c. Reliance d. Airtel.e. Any other please mention.3. How familiar are you with BSNL Servicesa. Very familiar (use on regular basis).b. Some what familiar (use it only some times).c. Familiar but never used it.d. Never heard of service before.
  8. 8. 4. Rate the Performance of BSNL1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Very Poor Excellent5. Do you find difficulty in "Consumer service Centres" of BSNLYes No6. Have you asked For duplicate Telephone bills when the original bill is notreceivedYes No7. How frequently do you wait in queue for your queryMostly Rarely NeverYes No9. Rate the BSNL on the following groundsExcellent Good SatisfactorY Poor Very PoorBRANDExcellent Good Satisfactory Poor VeryPoorQualityAffordabilityAvailabilityServices10. Do you use any other services if yes then compare them on the basis offollowing parameters BSNLExcellentGoodSatisfactorY Poor Very Poor11. How satisfied are you with the Tariff plan of BSNLa. Highly satisfied b. satisfied c. Neutral d. dissatisfied
  9. 9. e. Highly dissatisfied9. How satisfied are you with the network of BSNLa. Highly satisfied b. satisfied c. Neutral d. dissatisfiede. Highly dissatisfied12. How satisfied are you with the cost of BSNLa. Highly satisfied b. satisfied c. Neutral d. dissatisfiede. Highly dissatisfied13. Rate the last three services that are provided at BSNL Service centre OtherExclGoodSatisfactoryPoorVery Poor14. How long are you using the BSNLservices?Less than 1 year 1 - 3 year 3 - 5 year5 - 10 year More than 10 year15. How do you recommend BSNL services to others1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1016. Rate the treatment given at the BSNL Customer Service Centre1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Very Poor Excellent17. Rate the BSNL service Centre as far as organizing is concerned (Layout ofthe ServiceCentre )1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1018. Compared with others would you say that BSNL isa. Much better b. Some what better c. About the samed. Some what worse. e. Done to know (or) Never used.
  10. 10. SUGGESTIONS➢ From the research study, it has been found out that the Customers are veryparticular about the Quality of the Telecom services and hence they want BSNLto increase the Quality of BSNL services by providing the Customers with someValue added services (Plans & schemes).➢ BSNL may also introduce some sales promotion such as cash discounts;Quality discounts hence the promotional activities would further strengthenthe market share of the Company.➢ It seems that audio visual advertising specially new advertises of BSNL ontelevision plays an important role to come in focus in front of customers, whileoutdoor adds like on state transport buses, banners while in case of printadvertising in newspapers also shows good response from customer. Socompany can strengthen its presence by Focussing on such types ofadvertisements.➢ Basic strength for BSNL is Availability and trust of the customer on the sameplatform company should make efforts to be in leadership position becauseTelecom sector today is very competitive due to presence of strong players &entry of new players.➢ Company can also promote performance of Franchisee’s by giving goodprofit margin on sale of products & services which will be helpful to increasesale as distributor & retailers are close to end customer &they are well awareof customer’s requirements & expectations.➢ BSNL service in the respected area always seems to be successful in winning
  11. 11. customers trust by providing good service on the same platform company cangrab more market by providing some Value added services, schemes, plans inrural areas.Because all the private players are capturing market on the basis of Valueadded services & affordability.➢ BSNL SIM cards should be made available in retailer shop, because afterstudy it found that when customer want to purchase BSNL SIM then he/shehave to approach BSNL exchange in the area.➢ Sometime customers have to wait for some days on application for servicebut private players provides service on the same day of application, so effortsshould be made to provide service within a day. Because the extensive time lagbetween submission of application and receiving of a telephone connectionhad made some respondents switch over to other service providers.➢ College going students and also some professionals switch to other servicesdue to attractive plans of private players. The attractive plans are like free calls& mobileinternet played an important role to grab market so BSNL shouldfocus on such plans to attract the customers.➢ Today most of the customers are using mobile internet (GPRS/WAP/MMS).But BSNL is not strong in such plans to attract the customers due to lowinternet speed & more charges compared to competitors so these plans shouldbe made available at affordable rate & good speed.➢ When customer apply for BSNL broadband service then he/she have to waitfor about 10-15 days to get service so most of the customers specially needycustomers do not prefer BSNL broadband so effortsmust be taken to provideservice as soon as possible.➢ Most of the customers are not aware of all type of plans & schemes soawareness is low regarding the plans so BSNL should make the efforts to thelarger extent to the customer.➢ BSNL may reduce the monthly rentals of landline service.Conclusion:
  12. 12. BSNL being a public sector, in order to thrive and excel, have to understandabout the Customers expectations.They also have to understand about their competitors and their nuances inunderstanding their Customers.Since Communication industry is a very competitive one it is high time for BSNLto understand about their Customers in Landline as well as Mobile services.Wibliography 1. 2. 3. 4.