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Using the flip cam and uploading to youtube


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Using the flip cam and uploading to youtube

  1. 1. Using the FlipCam and Uploading to YouTube Lori Ward Assistant Professor, ESL Northern Virginia Community College- Alexandria
  2. 2. Checklist • Before Recording – Reserve the FlipCam & the tripod – Understanding how to operate the FlipCam – Acquire an additional memory card (perhaps) • During Recording – Understand how to operate the FlipCam • Toggle to Video • Record/Stop • After Recording – Return the FlipCam/Use memory card to download at home – NOVA Gmail – Access YouTube account & making your *** private – Downloading the videos to YouTube – Let students know how to view the videos
  3. 3. Orientation – Front of FlipCam Record button On/Off button Play buttonButton to toggle between camera and video functions
  4. 4. Orientation – Back of FlipCam Lens
  5. 5. Orientation – Side of FlipCam
  6. 6. Inserting and Ejecting Memory Card
  7. 7. What to Know Before Recording
  8. 8. Location of Controls
  9. 9. Selecting a Memory Card
  10. 10. Toggling Between Video and Photo Modes
  11. 11. Reserving a FlipCam – Contact Aimen or Art Lin to reserve a FlipCam in advance (a week?) of when you’ll need it. • Alexandria campus, Bisdorf, room 337 • Email: al_is& • Phone: 703.933.8372
  12. 12. Step 1 after Recording: Downloading to YouTube • Log in to MyNOVA and then click on your Gmail acct
  13. 13. Step 2 after Recording: Downloading to YouTube a) After you log in to your NOVA Gmail, then click on MORE b) Then click on YouTube
  14. 14. Step 3 after Recording: Downloading to YouTube b) Sign in with your MyNOVA username and password – the same that you use to log in to Blackboard c) Note – If you have a personal Gmail account, you will need to click on SWITCH ACCOUNTS after signing in. a) After you select YouTube, then you may be prompted to sign in.
  15. 15. Before Recording: Zooming and Recording
  16. 16. After Recording: Playing Back Videos
  17. 17. After Recording: Downloading to Your Computer
  18. 18. Preparing to Use the FlipCam
  19. 19. Preparing to Download Videos to YouTube