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High Budget vs Low budget


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High Budget vs Low budget

  1. 1. Paramount Pictures is a film and television production/distribution studio, and it’s ranked as one of the largest film studios. It started in 1912 and have produced hundreds of films. Their in come is over $300 million. They produce all kinds of films for different ages groups. List of high grossing movies: Friday the 13th Bugsy Malone Top gun Forrest Gump Titanic Mission Impossible Wars of the Worlds Shrek Iron man Transformers Indianan Jones
  2. 2. Walt Disney Pictures is an American film production company, owned by The Walt Disney Company. Founded in 1950 as Walt Disney Productions, the division is based at the Walt Disney Studios and is the main producer of live-action feature films. It took on its current name in 1983. Walt Disney Pictures is classified as one of Hollywood's "Big Six" film studios. Their first film was in 1928with Mickey Mouse in steam boat Willie. List of famous films: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Adventures of Pinocchio Bambi Cinderella Cool Running's Toy Story Narnia series High School Musical Tangled Holes WALL-E
  3. 3. Paranormal Activity: $15,000 Pirates of the Caribbean:$300 million
  4. 4. Paranormal activity: $193,355,800 The film made- $ 193,340,800 Pirates of the Caribbean: $963,420,425 The film made- $960,420,425
  5. 5. Paramount Pictures- This company is a house hold name, because I don’t think anyone has not seen a movie produced by them. Also they have produced massive films that everyone would have seen, for example Titanic, Forrest Gump, Transformers and Shrek. As you can tell from just this list there is something for everyone which means more people will have seen the logo. Lastly they have produced films that have done very well with awards which suggests that even more people will see them, and as a result the company is well known. Walt Disney Pictures- This company is another house hold name because it has been around for so long that every generation will have seen a movie by them. The only problem with this that they mainly make children’s, but people say “your never to old for a Disney movie” which suggest that the films that they make are just so entertaining that everyone can watch them. Also everyone has grown up with these movie’s which suggest that the movies could mean more to them because it reminds them of their child hood. This is what makes the company so well known.
  6. 6. The obvious difference is the budget it’s self. By having a bigger budget, this means that the money will be spent on well known/ award winning/ professional team for a movie. For example from Pirates of the Caribbean the actors in the film are well know eg. Johnny Depp and Kira Knightley. To have actors like this you have to pay a lot of money to get them to do it. Also the production and quality will be better because they can have better equipment. While the Low budget they aren’t as well known. For example I don’t the audience knows who katie featherston is. But in terms of institutions normally if a film is a low budget the audience wouldn’t have heard of the them, because they aren’t as big as the others. Also the film wouldn’t of gone into the cinema for example Another Earth, nobody that I have asked has seen or heard of this film and the budget of the movie was $150,000. However Paranormal activity is an unusual one only because the institution that produced the film, made the film popular. Normally a High budget film will put their film into the cinema’s because they can pay for it while the Low budget can’t afford it because they don’t have enough money.
  7. 7. Both of the institutions that I have chosen both make a lot of money. Both institutions realise films regularly. Both make entertaining movies Both suit their audiences
  8. 8. Paramount Pictures: Bugsy Malone Top gun Forrest Gump Titanic Mission Impossible Shrek Iron man Transformers Indianan Jones All these films were very successful because, I think that they are all one of a kind I have never another movie just like them. Also the institutions can pay for it to be in the cinema and have adverts on TV which helps promote their movie. Walt Disney Pictures: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Bambi Cinderella Cool Running's Toy Story Narnia series Tangled Holes WALL-E These films were all very successful as well because of the same reasons as Paramount Pictures, but also because I think that they have aimed at their target audience really well. Also because each generation have seen these that they make the next generation watch it because it’s so good then they all fall in love with the movie again.
  9. 9. Paramount Pictures usually produce any type of genre. For example Shrek is an animation for children, Iron man an action, Titanic romance/ disaster film and Forrest Gump a drama. This institution is pretty much for anyone. Walt Disney Pictures is mainly children’s movies. For example Toy story which is children’s and a animation, Cinderella which is also a children’s and an animation, and Holes which is a children’s movie. Finding out what genre institutions produce is important when considering who you would like to produce your movie because if you are making a children’s film then the institution which would be suitable for you would be Walt Disney Pictures, because that’s what normally what movie they like to produce. However you wouldn’t go to Blumhouse productions because all the films that they make are scary films, so your children’s film wouldn’t do very well because you picked the wrong insitution.
  10. 10. Paramount Pictures audience is basically anyone because they produce so many different types of genre which will appeal to different types of audience. This is reflected through their film choice because they pick different types of films which are different genres and different audience guide. Walt Disney Pictures audience that they appeal to is children because of the movies they make. For example they may make film with different genres but most of them will be a PG so their target audience can watch it. The films that they produce do not have any strong language so children can watch it. They don’t have much gore in their films so children can watch it. This is defiantly reflected through their film choice because most of them are animation and the same audience guide.
  11. 11. Overall I think that Paramount Pictures is better because it has been going for longer, which shows dedication and a lot of work to keep it going for that 100 years +. It makes different kinds of movies for everyone which means they produce movies that everyone can watch not just for one type of audience. This shows that they are a lot more versatile because they can do more than one things.