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Harry potter


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Harry potter

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  2. 2. As soon as the film starts it comes up with the production logo of Warner Brothers, so straight away we know who has done the film. We think that they didn't use title of directors and actors because they wanted the audiences full attention on what is happening in this scene because its crucial, but it could also add to the mystery part of the genre, however another type of genre of the film is young fiction so by having the titles could bore them and they wouldn't be fully into what is happening. The genre is established straight away because as soon as the film starts playing you get the hint of mystery and fantasy because its kind of like a dream because this wouldn't happen in real life.
  3. 3. At the start of the opening the background music is very mystical to give the impression that everyone is mysterious. Then as soon as the first character speaks the music changes into a more lower tone. This is to let the audience know that something magical or amazing is happening for example when the cat changes into a human the music changes. Throughout the opening the music is very much the same because it fits with the genre of fantasy. Foley sounds are not used much in this clip since most of the sounds are something to do with magic and therefore have to be added on with editing. By using these sounds effects it add more to the idea of magic and the unrealism of the film.
  4. 4. The themes of the opening are mysterious and magic At the start of the scene you have no idea why they are there or what they are doing which adds to the mystery. The characters talk about Harry before the audience even get to see him. This reels the audience in and makes them want to found out why he is so special, why he has a scar and why they are leaving him on a doorstep. These also add to the mysterious side of the opening. Magic is the biggest theme associated with the opening showing an owl, pointed hats, a flying motorbike, a device that can take light, a cat that changes into a human and a few others. This theme is used a lot because the main focus of the film is about a boy that becomes a wizard. Both of these themes add to the genre of fantasy and the idea of unrealism.
  5. 5. The some of the main characters are established at the start by magically appearing for example Dumbledore comes out of no where and is dressed in unusual cloths but we relate these clothes to a wizard , professor McGonagall transforms from a cat to a witch and Hagrid comes into the scene from a flying motor bike. From each entrance adds a different effect; Dumbledore appearing from no where which creates a mysterious effect and from McGonagall transforming thing gives a sense of magic. These both tie in with the genre because it shows that something mysterious is going to happen, and creates an enigma because we want to know why they are there. As an audience we are more into the film because its like nothing we have ever seen before which creates a fantasy effect. All the characters are attached to the baby which gives the idea that he is special and important to the film.
  6. 6. This establishes the setting by having the road sign to say where it is, but also by having the owl on the sign adds the fantasy genre. By having the setting done at night time adds to the enigma, because as an audience it creates a sense of what are they doing there and what will they do. This links to the genre because they are in a normal English street but there is magic happening which links to the genre of fantasy. This makes the audience intrigued because they feel like they are part of the film because its in a everyday scene.
  7. 7. The whole of the start on this opening scene is making us question and wondering why, mainly because we want to know why they are in the middle of a village when they are different because they do magic. When Dumbledore takes all the lights in to that magical lighter of his we are asking why is he doing that. By having all of these mysterious enigmas the film has now got the audiences full attention. It links to the genre because its not real life. Also they are all talking about this baby and you only get to see it at the end which creates suspense because we want to know who he is and why he is so famous.