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Poor power points


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ideas for good presentations

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Poor power points

  1. 1. Poor PowerPoints
  2. 2. Colour• Don’t use similar colours for the text and background.• Don’t use too many different colours either!
  3. 3. • Don’t use lots of d ifferent types of fonts.• AND consistent be with the size of text .• D o n ’t u s e too many f e a t u r e s e it h e rDon’t put too much writing in blocks. It can be really, really boring forpeople to read lots and lots of uninteresting text about nothing inparticular and there isn’t really any point in writing about nothing andmaking someone read it and making them bored of reading it, is there?So don’t do it, at all, ever!
  4. 4. AnimationsD on’t H ave too m any
  5. 5. Spling and grandma• Mayk shore yoor spling is crekt• Yoos. Full stops in the. rite places• put capital Letters oN names and titLes and the at the beg ning of sentences.• Spellcheck ur work to remove the squiggly red and green lynes.
  6. 6. D on’t u s e too m any p ictu re s …
  7. 7. … and m ake s u re p ictu re s are ap p rop riate
  8. 8. Presenting your Slideshow• Don’t read every word on the slide• Use the bullet points as prompts for you to explain further• Don’t copy and paste text• Make sure you can pronounce the words• Use the notes section as a reminder to yourself
  9. 9. If in doubt…•Make sure your slides all look the same •Only use one or two pictures per slide, fordecoration or to illustrate your point.•Use an easy font to read e.g. Comic Sans or Arial•Only use animations to make a point•Make sure your points are brief•Use a Design Template to ensure consistency