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Artist pp

  1. 1. Creation Of Our Artist
  2. 2. Artist BiographyName: Kalisha B (I decided that this would be a goodname for our artist as it suits the R&B genre as well as itbeing a female artists name.)Age: 22 (I decided that this would be an appropriate agefor our artist as from the song in general such as the lyricsand audio, the viewer will be able to tell and pick out theartist to be quite young.)From Brooklyn, New York. (I decided that my artist wouldbe from Brooklyn because of the main focused idea of itbeing mainly surrounded by African Americans. I alsochose this because it would be clear to the viewer that theartist has been brought up in this area.)
  3. 3. Costume/Hairstyle/Look: I have decided to dress my artistin very feminine and stylish clothing. Some of the clothesmay be slightly provocative to suit the R&B genre. We cansee this from the influence of artists such as Rihanna, KeriHilson, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce. The artists hair willbe very fashionable. It will be short and we have been byKeri Hilson through her hairstyles. We will make it veryfunky to make her stand out more. We will vary herclothes throughout the video by having a few outfitchanges so that we can see the real genre of the songand artist.Examples of outfits Kalisha will be wearing are, playsuits,crop tops, heels, skirts etc.
  4. 4. Album TitleWe have decided to make the album title as: DreamingAwakeThe original song name is called Save Me and is from thealbum Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj.Song names:- Forgetting You- Helpless Through Love- This Is It (No More)- Let It Go- Dreaming Awake- Save Me- Don’t Need You