Prototype and test


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Prototype and test
Design Thinking
Stanford Univeristy

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Prototype and test

  1. 1. Prototype and Test Design Thinking Lola Garín
  2. 2. Problem Statement Mother of an 18-year-old about to start the university abroad needs a way to trust her daughter and to feel more confident because both parents have already make the decision and they believe it is the best for their daughter
  3. 3. Create an open website called . The student would update all the settlement information and everybody could post ideas in the different sections First Idea
  4. 4. Prototype
  5. 5. Testing What worked Both the mother and the daughter loved the idea What could be improved Usability The mother is not used to working on the Internet The daughter is not willing to share all her information Questions Who would develop the website and how? Ideas They could explore ready made solutions Different permissions for each section could be created
  6. 6. Open and calm conversations with all the stakeholders Second Idea
  7. 7. Prototype
  8. 8. Testing What worked The daughter could not imagine some of the fears What could be improved More time to talk to everyone Questions The mother was afraid thinking that nobody would understand her Ideas Share more information