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Nestoria case study - The effective use of geo-data for search marketing


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A Case Study of How Nestoria used Geo-Data for effective local search marketing, using geo-location data extracted from Open Street Maps and other geodata sources to increase traffic and reduce costs for local search advertising

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Nestoria case study - The effective use of geo-data for search marketing

  1. 1. Case Study: The Effective Use of Geo- Data for Search Marketing (SEM & SEO)
  2. 2. An Introduction to Nestoria • A leading residential real estate vertical search engine – 7 years expertise across 8 countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, India & Brazil) – 3 million unique users each month – 10+ million properties advertised and indexed each month • Commercial agreements in place with over 80 of the World’s leading real estate portals – Property listings are aggregated and de-duplicated to provide an optimal user experience – Driving clicks to listings on portals on a CPC basis • CPCs significantly below those available directly on Search Engines
  3. 3. Clients: Property Portals who trust Nestoria
  4. 4. Nestoria’s Challenge • Users typically find Nestoria when searching on Google or Bing for property to buy or rent using very geo-specific terms: – E.g. ‘Flat for sale near Tooley Street, SE1’ • The residential property market is very competitive and CPCs are high – Property portals, estate agents, classified ads & other vertical search engines compete for search positions – Getting the wrong clicks can waste a lot of money! • Effective local search marketing needs accurate and regularly updated geo-data for each catchment area broken down by street name, colloquial name, area, postcode, region etc. – In Europe data can be very expensive and often omits colloquial names – In Brazil and India, it is often not available or of poor quality and very expensive – In countries like Brazil and India, new built areas are often not on maps!
  5. 5. Some Peculiarities of Geo-Data • Map data is often misleading as people: – Use colloquial names such as ‘Chinatown’ as opposed to ‘Gerrard Street’ – Use old or local names after official names or geographic boundaries change – Get confused when a long road crosses several parts of a town or city • E.g. is this street in Shoreditch, Hoxton or Hackney? – Misspell or mis-type names • E.g. ‘Bermondsey Street’ vs ‘Bermonsey Street’ vs ‘Burmondsey Street’ • Local search habits vary by country and region – Post codes may not be exact : in some countries users search according to proximity to a landmark or station • Do you know which addresses belong to which catchment area? • Geo-IP solutions only capture searchers near the searched for place not those searching for that place but from another location • Studying analytics or customer data tells you only the customers that found you, not those who found your competitor!
  6. 6. So what did Nestoria do? • Developed proprietary geo-coding technology to extract geo-data from Open Street Maps overlaying additional data sources to improve targeting and data quality: – Accessing large volumes of accurate regularly updated geo-data – Not subject to rate limits and overage fees! • Used this geo-data to conduct targeted search marketing at scale across 8 markets combining: – Nestoria’s expertise and understanding of how people conduct local searches in each geographic location – Its ability to extract colloquial names and mis-spellings – Google and Bing API expertise to create hundreds of thousands of geo- targeted keywords and Ads – Automated bid management to control costs • Targeted large numbers of less competitive ‘long tail’ searches that individually bring few clicks but together bring a lot of cheap clicks • Created geo-targeted landing pages for SEO
  7. 7. The results • As a result Nestoria was able to: – Build a market leading presence across 8 markets • Greatly increasing click volumes and reducing average CPCs • Target long tail searches including for colloquial names and mis-spellings rather than simply using official place names (e.g. place names from the Royal Mail Address File) – Build a strong market presence in India and Brazil despite the difficulty in obtaining good geo-data – Reduce dependence on high cost and rate limited geo- data sources
  9. 9. Your interest in Local Search Marketing • Lokku, the parent company of Nestoria, is now looking at ways to share its expertise and technology • If any or all of these apply: – You spend large sums on local search advertising, whether or not you have local branches or stores – CPCs are high due to competition from other local search marketers – Reducing CPCs even by 10-15% could result in substantial cost savings – You find it hard to scale your local search marketing to hundreds of thousands of keywords, including long tail keywords – To the extent that you use geo-data, you just use basic data like store addresses, postcodes, cities or official place names – You do not have easy access to all local place names including colloquial names in your catchment area • Then Lokku’s technology and expertise in local search marketing across 8 countries could benefit you
  10. 10. What does Lokku Offer? • With 7 years expertise in Geo-locational marketing across 8 countries Lokku – Knows how people search for location based services across 8 countries – Understands all the issues around colloquial names, misspellings, duplicate place names – Knows how to use this information to do effective, high-volume search advertising and optimisation – Is an expert in using open geo-data sources like OpenStreetMap, geonames, etc. – Is expert in using Google and Bing APIs to automate the creation of large volumes of geo-localised ad copies and manage these profitably – Knows how to target long tail searches by appending geo-localised data to keywords on a large scale
  11. 11. If you would like to discuss how Lokku could provide you with accurate, affordable geo-data for SEM & SEO campaigns contact us at: Email: