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Making using OSM data simpler - OpenCage Data


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Presented by @freyfogle at the OSMPLUS conference on 10 June 2013

A description of our experiences trying to use OpenStreetMap data at Nestoria, the difficulties we faced and how hey formed our motivations for starting OpenCage Data, a new service to make custom data extraction simple and affordable

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Making using OSM data simpler - OpenCage Data

  1. 1. Clearing the technical hurdleEd Freyfogle10 June 2013
  2. 2. Nestoria
  3. 3. Nestoria
  4. 4. The most expensive thing I ever bought
  5. 5. Nestoria India
  6. 6. Thanks, but no thanksuncertain, expensive pricingprovider specific formatour way or the highway attitudetime consuming and opaque process
  7. 7. OSM to the rescue!© OpenStreetMap contributors
  8. 8. RTFM
  9. 9. Hard to get the overview
  10. 10. Full-time job to keep it
  11. 11. I just want the data
  12. 12. a happy ending
  13. 13. not just India
  14. 14. Using OSM dataPro● good data● getting better all the time● no costCon● high learning curve● variable quality
  15. 15. using mapsEasy Difficult
  16. 16. using mapsEasy Difficult
  17. 17. using mapsEasy Difficult
  18. 18. using dataEasy DifficultCustomDo it yourselfHire a freelancerPredefined downloads(Geofabrik, ThinkGeo, etc)
  19. 19. number of Nestoria partners using OSM0 of 80
  20. 20. announcing ...OpenStreetMap data when you want it, in the format you want it @opencagedata
  21. 21. The data you wantIn the format you want, refreshed when youwantSimple and affordable pricing● subscription model● cancel anytimeFrom a reliable long-term partnerOur offer
  22. 22. Make using OSM data asimple, transparent, andaffordable process fororganizations.Our Goal
  23. 23. Pricingthree factors determine price:● Volume of data● Frequency of update● Format (standard or custom)payment monthlydiscounts for repeat customers or if willing tocommit for longerpay in major currency of your choosing
  24. 24. Pricing
  25. 25. start mid-Juneseeking beta customers willing to be casestudies in exchange for major discountmay change pricing after beta, beta customerswill get lower priceWere in beta
  26. 26. is it clear and simple enough?will this help take OSM mainstream?is pricing too low or too high?what can we do better?Feedback desired
  27. 27. Thanks! Freyfogle @freyfogle
  28. 28. Many thanks to the organizers of OSMPLUS and the OpenStreetMapcontributors and communityPhotos with thanks from