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Lessons learned in doing lots with few people



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Lessons learned in doing lots with few people

  1. 1. Lessons learned in doing lots with few people. Ed Freyfogle - UK Scale Camp - 4 Dec. 2009
  2. 2. About us:
  3. 3. About us: 4.5 full time devs, 0 ops, 0 IT support Operate in 5 markets, 4 languages, ~ 2M UU/month Mountains of data updating continually Relationships with most major European media groups Present data in many different ways: html, whitelabels, rss/gpx/kml, API, widgets, etc, etc.
  4. 4. Work Smarter, Not Harder Do less, better NOT Do more, more quickly
  5. 5. No Fires Bad news is fine. No surprises! Love your automated tests Clear development/testing/launch process
  6. 6. Speaking of Processes… Have a process hiring, speed day, ops tasks, mundane/repetitive work Adapt the process as you need, but be explicit One bad way is better than two good ways
  7. 7. Make your team easy to join Make documenting easy - wiki, autogenned doc pages, don’t doc things that don’t need it Clean interfaces between systems Interns - highly effective if good (ie well hired) and well managed
  8. 8. Stand on shoulders of giants Reuse, don’t reinvent But not always ….. (not invented here versus not understood here) Make time to give back
  9. 9. Get other people to do your work
  10. 10. Things not to skimp on Formal training Events/Conferences “fun” projects Hardware
  11. 11. DO LESS, BETTER!!!!
  12. 12. Learn more About me: @freyfogle About Nestoria: @nestoria
  13. 13. Questions?