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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. TEAM:E Pluribus Unum Final Project TEAM: Estelle Grace Márquez Nathan Alyn Verónica García Jorge Alberto Güereca Duarte Pablo Antonio Martínez Ramírez December 6th, 2011
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONBelow we will see a little analysis of the questionsmade to the teachers respondents which wentrealized in a middle level public school
  3. 3. The answers gave it for the teachers, were very good as demonstrated to have a big knowledge about the office that they do as educators Q-1 = 86% What should be teach at School? Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values
  4. 4. Q-2 = 95%Which is the role of The Teacher in the Classroom? Support, Facilitate or Be A Mediator
  5. 5. Q-3 = 76% Which is the role of the children in The Classroom?To Be Active, Participative, Collaborative, Builder of His Own Learning
  6. 6. Q-4 = 81%Which must to be the final purpose of the Education?That the kid be happy, Learn to think, Be Autonomous, And Learn to fend for Himself
  7. 7. Q-5 = 76% What kind of strategies must the teacher apply to achive the learning on his Students?Active Methods, Relate The Content Context In Which Children Live
  8. 8. Q-6 = 90% What Must To Be Evaluated On The Learning?Participation Of The Children And Results, Knowledges, Skills, Behavior and Learnings From The Childs
  9. 9. Q-7 = 86%Which Evaluation Instruments Of The Learning Must Be Used? Checklists, Records, Watchlists, Tests, Etc...
  10. 10. Q-8 = 81%Should Be Evaluated Only The Learning Products Or Learning Results? No, Processes Too
  11. 11. ConclusiónFinal conclusion obtained from the team, is that all the teachers, are very well informated as educators since some of them do not have apedagogy, they are very focused and have the principal and right idea of how to teach. Also, their Teaching Techniches are focused tosocializate as we could seen on the description
  12. 12. Krashen´s theory This theory haves 5 hypothesis1.- Acquisition lenguage hypotesis2.- Natural order hypotesis3.- Monitor hypotesis
  13. 13. 4.- Input hypothesis5.- Affective filter hypothesis
  15. 15. COMMUNITY LANGUAGE LEARNINGIt takes its principles from the “Counseling Learning Approach” developed by Charles A. Curran. It was created especially for Adult Learners who might fear to appear foolish ; so the teacher becomes a Language Counselor , he understands them and leads them to overcome their fears . It follows Krashen’s Monitor Theory (Affective Filter Hypothesis) and the Cognitive Theory where the human mind is active .
  16. 16. TOTAL PHYSICAL RESPONSEWhen teacher ask for place, student points with their fingers The silent wayTeacher corrects the students mistakes with a finger sing and staying quitGRAMMAR TRANSLATION METHODTeacher pseaks first on the second language, and after he translates in to the natal language
  17. 17. DIRECT METHODTeacher uses objects , materials and sings to teach new words or meanings to the studentsThe class is almost all the time talking, and it becomes in a talkative( teacher goes focused in oral practice)GRAMMAR TRANSLATION METHODStudents complete exercise about fill blanks on parts of texts
  18. 18. 2:00 – 2:10 Preparation of the materials for the class.2:10 – 2:15 Introduction to the theme “Body-Parts” and explain the evaluation way of the day.2:15 – 2:45 Grammar exercise in the notebook as the blackboard about the parts of the body.2:45 – 3:10 Mimicry games and conversation between studentes and teacher about daily themed related withs parts of the body.3:10 – 3:25 Feedback3:25 – 3:28 Homework3:28 – 3:30 Farewell and exit of the classroom
  19. 19. May try to don´t speak Spanish in the classfrequently.Try to explain unknown words to the students withmimics,signs,etc.Do every kind of exercises to understand fine theword.Make the classes more dynamic.
  20. 20. Thanks For Your AtentionTEAM:Estelle Grace Márquez NathanAlyn Verónica GarcíaJorge Alberto Güereca DuartePablo Antonio Martínez Ramírez